Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | July 12, 2010

Thorny Situation Solved!

OMG! It worked! Yesterday I commented that my boy Bubba Lee needed one more thorn to complete his mission. Well, He is done! I cleared the top right corner of my Frontier and not just one thorn appeared, but many thorns. I’m gonna save some of them there for anybody that is on the thorn clearing neighbors mission. Have at em! Woot!

Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | July 11, 2010

Frontierville Hints


As you know I’m loving Frontierville. The lovely Frontier has won me over. If you have a Facebook you really should give it a try…and I mean more than logging on clicking a few things, running out of energy, then quitting. The game has challenges that are really challenges. A lot of thier challenges make you rely on your friends and neighbors to accomplish them. But, even if you don’t have many neighbors there are ways to get around the different challenges. One I just discovered this morning.

I needed to feed one more of my neighbors horses. So luckily my friend had a hungry horse and I headed there to feed it. Wah La! I completed that challenge. Whenever, I complete a challenge I head home to see if there is a new challenge before I go clicking random things. So, I headed home and checked then headed back to my friends farm. Lol! The same horse needed to be fed again! Therefore, I now know if you have a challenge requiring to feed or harvest numerous items and they are few and far between you can get multiple hits off the same item! Woot!

I also learned early on to check out those rare animals and crops to see if they are ready when you head to your neighbors farm. For instance. The one poop that is hard to get is the one from a donkey and the one from a horse. To get a horse you have to get your first one through your email. Then you have to purchase them with tons of coins and horseshoes. So, There arn’t many horses around! But, there’s a horse and donkey collection so if you ever see a horse or donkey in need, click it! You need several clicks to get those rare items needed to complete your collections.

Here’s a couple more hints: Don’t get rid of all your trees, grass, thorns, or cactus. There are quest coming up that you will need them to complete the requirements. I was stupid and got rid of all my thorns and my son only needs one more to complete his mission. I found a suggestion online this morning that I’m going to try. Hope it works for real! I also suggest that you pay attention to what they are giving extra bonuses for each day. You can really make alot of progress on your collections if you concentrate on the extra bonus items. Good luck guys. Have fun farming and taming the wild wild west!

Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 30, 2010

I Lost Bubba Lee!

Playing Frontierville has been nothing less than an adventure. When Billy Ray (my hubby) arrived I knew that things were gonna change. I just didn’t know how much. Before I knew it I was in the family way…and then next thing I know my dear son Bubba Lee arrived. The blessed event was noted with gifts, good weather, and more chores to complete. Bubba Lee had to work on a school house, chop some wood, feed some animals, and clear some thorns. Everything was pretty easy for him to accomplish, except, clearing thorns was a problem since there wasn’t any. Then, while playing music and chating on cpbudsandme I started to load Frontierville and found that it was being a lil slow. As I watched each component of the game load I saw that there were some thorns back in the woods that I couldn’t see. So I quickly clicked on Bubba Lee and sent him into the forest to clear the thorns. Unfortunatly, the game quickly loaded after that and somehow I had clicked on my avitar and poor Bubba Lee was lost in the woods! I didn’t know what to do so I started chopping down the trees in a quest to locate my poor lost child. As I did no less than 6 bears jumped from the woods and tried to eat me, the crops, and my chics. Using all the energy I could muster I scared each of the bears away. Sobbing, that I might never find Bubba Lee I went to my photo album to look at his picture…maybe some lost child posters might work??? Then, I clicked on his picture to edit it and low and behold he came walking out of the forest as if nothing had happened! I’m so grateful to have sonny boy back! But, he still needs to clear another thorn. OMG! I can’t send him back to that bear den!

Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 25, 2010

I Got Married!

That’s right I got married! I’ve been playing a brand new game on Facebook that came out on June 9. It is called Frontierville. I was one of the very first pioneers and my spouse finally arrived and married me today!

Frontierville is a fun game. It’s similiar to the other farming games on Facebook but there are twists. You start out with a small plot of land that you need to clear and create a thriving town out of. Right away you realize that this isn’t Farmville because letters start to arrive from your true love and future spouse. There are tasks you must fulfill at different levels. You need to make special purchases at the market, plant different crops, and kill varmits! All while you are trying to build your cabin, barn, store, and chicken coop. A lot of this game is also dependent on your friends help. You pop over to their farms and help with their critters and crops.

Well now that my spouse has arrived I get to stand in the shade and yell, “Honey, it’s your turn to feed the chickens!” I wanna shoot him with the rifle when he yells back, “Yes, dear…gumble, grumble.”

Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 19, 2010

Member’s Mystery Rooms

The Adventure Party is a lot of fun…especially for members. There are two rooms and one reward that members get. I know…it’s just not fair that non-members don’t get these. So, let me show you what they are like.

The first room is really cool. If you go to the beach and step aboard the little boat there you will instantly transport to 2 large ships that has a canon adventure. If you stand on the platforms and wait for a few seconds, the canons load and you can fire huge snowballs at the other ship. They put holes in the ships and then you need a jackhammer to repair them. It was quite shocking to me when I transported to the ships. I really wasn’t expecting the Poof-o-matic action that I experienced. It’s weird though, cuz there are no doors to lead you back to the beach. You have to use your new phone thingy.

The next room is up the ladder in the forest. It’s the same room as last year that had the magically growning venus fly trap plant thingy. Members do get a cool outfit for free there.

Well, have fun at the party! I hope I see you there!

Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 18, 2010

Piercing~The Right of Passage

Alyssa (sis) got her ears pierced yesterday. She turned 13! When I turned 13 I got my ears pierced too. I think it’s a right of passage in our household. So what’s a right of passage? It sorta means that your parents or community consider you old enough to enter the next phase of your life. It also shows that you are leaving part of your life behind…Other rights of passage we are familiar with are weddings and graduations. Both of these celebrate an end to an era and a beginning of a new one. The apache tribes had a ritual for girls when they became women that includes painting their bodies and performing different dances and prayers for a long period of time. In Africa a right of passage for girls is a horrible thing…ewww…don’t wanna think about that!

So…I saw this dude named 10gdurr on Club Penguin with a strange earring type object in his penguin ear? Idk what it was but I thought perhaps the next cool thing for penguins will be precious jeweled earrings…or a piercing to show our right of passage into a new phase of our status. Perhaps, this strange ear jewelry is achieved through one of the missions. Hmph! I will probably never know since I hate missions.

Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 10, 2010


Time flies…guess I’m down to only posting once a month? Gosh, I’m so sorry. Life seems to have taken over my life. I went on CP yesterday. Nobody there…There was a stupid glitch saying Ice Palace, the best server of all, was full, but it wasn’t. I will try to answer everybodies questions soon. Wow, I’m tired. Just got back from a trip to Florida yesterday. Idk why I’m so tired.

Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | May 9, 2010

To All the Mother’s of Little Monsters

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of lil monsters. Hmmm…Happy Mother’s Day Mom! That’s right I have been a lil monster here and there. I’m sure my Mom has had the thought where did this child come from??? I love you Mom! Thanks for putting up with me. So all you Kings and Queens that think you wanna have some baby penguins one day, just remember that they might turn into monsters.

Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | May 8, 2010


The Midevil party is underway and it’s really cool. The mazes underground for members are pretty easy, but I love the prizes you get, especially this noble horse. It’s so sweet. I can’t wait to see all my buds at the party. Woot! There’s lot’s to see.  A new clothing catalog has some really elegant gowns for the ladies, and some knightly wear for the guys. There’s a new pin hidded…and at the end of the 2nd maze there’s a toothbrush pin???Simply doesn’t seem to fit in. But then again, there’s also a toothbrush and a cup of coffee floating in the lava there. So strange…

Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | April 23, 2010

Earth Day Celabrations Have Begun

Head on up to the mine and start planting the CP garden. It’s amazing what a lil fertilizer and water does for a few seeds in a snowy feild! After you grow some yum yums and find all the trash around the island head into the recycling plant and change trash into useful items…Don’t be like the one dude that was in there just seeing how much litter he could toss around the room. What a mess!

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