Ask Cord

Kk, so some things just happen. seems like u have a lot of probs and qs. so here’s a new page. ask cord a q and she will try to answer it. plz take my answers and advice at ur own risk. plz no silly questions. stuff u really want help with or dont understand. or just random things u need answers too. plz leave only questions in the comments on this page. i will b deleting all comments here that r not questions, or relevent to the questions asked. srry but i will get confused if i don’t. i will try answerin them all….but i have my limits.



  1. cord do u think i copied lunas story? is it really that similiar????? THE NAMES ARE SIMILIAR TOO?! HOW SO?!?!? pleease im feeling really sad and i was gonna work really hard on this story..but wats the point if someone thinks im plagarizing (cough lemon cough)? i knew copy write applied…i didnt copy it! I DIDNT! I STARTED WRITING THE STORY BEFORE LUNA POSTED IT!! I DIDNT KNO HOW SIMILIAR IT WAS GOING TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIDNT!!! AND LEMON SAYS IM PLAGARIZING AND IF I AM THEN WAT IF IT GETS PUBLISHED AND LEMON WILL HAUNT ME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE?!!?! HUH?! AND I WANTED THIS STORY TO BE GOOD!
    REALLY GOOD! IVE BEEN WORKING SO HARD!!! WAT A PUT DOWN I MEAN U KNO??? WAT A DAMPER ON MY ALREADY MISERABLE AND SUCKISH LIFE, YEAH?!?! YA THINK?!?!? IM MISERABLE HERE IM BALANCING THE DESPERATENESS OF MATEO AND THE SADNESS OF PLAGARISM AND THEN THE FRUSTRATING FRIENDS ON ONE PLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the overreacting and paranoid always-

  2. Dear paranoid,
    i dont think that u copied luna or luna copied u. its just a coincidence that they are similiar. although they r similiar they are far from being the same. i think you both should work hard on ur stories. i predict they are both going to be very good in different ways.
    from a lover of stories,

  3. but i still think i shouldnt post it! lemon will keep acusing me of plagarism and i wouldnt stand for that…
    so im leaving vampire and fantasy behind and im going to start a different stream of stories…

  4. *cries* well im not posting my story anymore..i dont want ANYONE taking anything from it..i’ve worked hard on mine..and it’ll probably never get published *sobs*

  5. Dear authors,
    please publish each of ur stories. write them then when they are done publish it on ur sites. mayb u could even pic a day to post them so there will b no more qs bout them both bein original. iv enjoyed both of em and would like to follow them till their conclusion.
    may neva know the endin,

  6. did i offend luna in some way?
    its not my fault i hadnt known it was going to be so similiar! of course if i argue no ones gonna take my side, so i guess ill just say this:
    i cant help it if our stories are similiar. i had no way of knowing that would be true until you posted your story. unfortunately, you posted yours before mine and we got into the misunderstanding. luna, i didnt mean to make my story like yours. i had no idea! i know u read me passages, but thats all i knew. and i didnt have anything like those passages, so i didnt expect it to be so similiar. im sorry. ill just stop posting my story and ill finish up the first part of the newest story…
    im not sad i guess im just disappointed…i didnt know how…uhh…alike our stories were. i had no way of knowing, which ive said for the four hundreth time…
    peash out and mwas-
    ps, please no opinions besides cord, im scared they mite make me feel worse

  7. dear disappointed,
    i think there r similarities. i don not see the stories as being the same at all. i wish that ya’ll would finish them. post them on a certain day and then there will b no more q’s. if they turn out bein similiar than so be it. they will b two stories bout vampires. just go for it. this could also be a challange for both of u to come up with the most possible unique story u could possibly create. do yall think u could finish them by say october 1? post them on that day and let us stop bein in suspense?
    from the referee,

  8. i’m a huge loser. what can i do about it?

    praying for a cure,

    ~Name ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. dear prayer,
    just be urself. Ur not a loser.
    the one and only,

  10. cord! help! ever since u left people have quit! listen to this:
    emo, peyton supposedly, luna, viv and thats it…
    i dont intend to quit, so dont worry about me, but i really hope they come back. cross your fingers with me!
    when you’re gone sets the mood-

  11. dear cord,

    dawn and cord jr have been fighting l8ly, and this is my prob….im stuck in the middle. dawn and cord jr have been arguing just a tad but i dont wanna pick a side. i like em both…equally. wat should i do?


    stuck in the middle

  12. oh and 2day dawn told me that in was special to her and then she made this AWESOME blingee for me ๐Ÿ™‚ that made me so happy inside

  13. i meant I not in

  14. dear left alone,
    its really sad to me that so many ppl keep quittin. roc told me he was quittin. i will miss him so much. blamed it on age and school. said he didnt blong on cp no more. anyways i guess everybody WILL quit someday. ill cry everytime they do too. i dont think that luna could really quit yet. shes still adicted. the others idk. lets just stick together. cuz i dont wanna b all alone.
    lone survivor

  15. dear stuck in the middle,
    stop worryin. don’t pick sides. just b happy that ur not fightin too. fightin takes way too much energy and neva really gets u no where.
    clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right

  16. im never gonna quit! EVER! and if i never get to meet you, i’d have a friend of mine meet you for me. ๐Ÿ™‚
    ps, if i were to never meet you, then id send my friend erin (she has the same first name as me).

  17. sorry but i did quit..and im not coming back.

  18. dear cord-oneechan

    ppl make me so mad! i cant trust ju or soph anymore! (ya stg already talked bout it but IIII need help) u see, soph is laways like lau sometimes, giving me this look. then in tmm im ichigo so im the kitty and she keeps doing this cat wack and it annoys me. plus shes also very m-m-mean *eyes water up and sniffs* and it hurts ot talk bout it. but i need help. lau is constantly doing these things that bug me, like baking up soph. the otha day doll said that ju said that i liked her betta than doll cuz ive known her longer. wat a big fat lie! cord this is really hurting me. they just keep annoying me!ju with her stupid pump it song… soph with her constant bugging! THEYRE DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!! doll is really the only one that i can trust.. on and niki too! sophs saying that i copid her AND JU cuz i put bubs on my blog… now i think ill just take them off….. and i think ill delete anything of TMM cuz laus saying ppl keep copying her…. *tears run down cheeks* i told ma wat was happening, she said to talk to soph but i already talked to lau a long time ago and i think that talking isnt enough… they make me feel like they dont wanna be my friends… wich they probaly dont cuz im such a loser and nobody wants to be my friend cuz i have anger issues and stuff. plz help me cord-oneechan!

    from= feeling-a-bit-sad-every-now-and-then

    PS= unless ur going to help me, nobody cept cord is allowed to answer. i think it would just hurt me even more.

  19. oh and srry cord bout making the comment so long*sniffs* im sorry for bothering u too

  20. Dear seein red,
    o dawn, dawn, dawn,
    calm down. ur like talkin a mile a minute and im not sure if i got this prob right. is this the same fight that was goin on bfor? is this new fight? heres wat i think. yall r way too concerned bout bein the same yet bein different. idk if that makes sense. grrrr. idk how to resolve ur issues. if u think u got anger issues. lets start there. ask urself wat is really makin u angry. is it the bubs or is it somethin else. then figure out a way to take care of the problem so u wont b so angry. its really hard to b friendly to someone that is angry all the time. so first lets get rid of the anger then mayb u will b more approachable. im not puttin the blame on u. so dont get me wrong. but i dont think any of u r gonna get along until u resolve the anger. once thats gone mayb u can talk.
    yellow is a cheerier color,

  21. cord, cord, cord!!!!!
    i need some advice,
    one day i had stg but nother day some1 took it and now i took it bak and i think their mad at me,
    what should i do?

    imagination monkey

  22. also,
    like lets say im writting stg in a test or my journal or folder, then suddenly some1 comes and says U DONT SPELL THAT LIKE THAT and im like grrr y r u looking at wat i’m doing? but ppl keep doing it constantly and constantly on, it makes me sad to know I DONT HAVE PRIVACY IN MY OWN WORK!!!!!!, i dont wanna mention names though,

    imagination monkey

  23. oh yea and ppl r also like thats the wrong answer or thats wrong,

    imagination monkey

  24. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ srry for some mqny probs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  25. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ srry for so mqny probs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  26. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ srry for so mqny probs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ well not that many

  27. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ srry for so mqny probs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ well not that many ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  28. again srry for some many comments

  29. dear vandalized,
    im srry that ppl r takin ur stuff. its hard to keep stg like papers and test private when ur in a room full of wanderin eyes. keep ur eyes on wat ur doin and dont look around. then u can never b accused of steelin their stuff. and if eyes wander ova to ur paper try slidin a blank sheet of paper ova wat u have written. u can keep movin it down as u go.
    from, works in private,
    ps u must b really smart for ppl to wanna copy ur stuff.

  30. did i do that? i dont think i did cuz i dont sit even close to u…. and did i steal from u? its ok if u want me to delete the bub no matta how dificult it was for me to put them up…. stg kept happening… but if thats the case then ok ju ill stop.

    and cord wat makes me mad is the constant bugging! she calls me like everyday wen im trying to do hw, she keeps “crying” wen i supposely do stg wrong at her, and shes so annoying!!!!!! THATS WAT MAKES ME ALL RED AND STUFF! plus sometimes she makes fun of me…..

  31. lau, how can ppl look at ur tests if we have blinders? blinders r big binders that keep from ppl seeing ur test, its probably ur work, u shouldnt listen to those ppl. listen to ur self, is it gabriela? or nicole? mayb if they tell u its wrong it might b right…u neva know.

  32. NO its not in reading or in l.a or in mrs.fernandez class

  33. dear cordially,
    do i call u cord or cordially? and and and im new to xat. and this blog thing. my mom made me go online to little virtual worlds cuz she wanted me to make some friends…
    anyways, i wont go into detail bout that, but could u fill me in about this stuff? like…just tell me wats going on an’ all?
    id appreciate it…hope to get to kno u better

  34. dear virtual world visitor,
    welcome to cord’s world. lol. idk wats goin on really. we like playin club penguin. we used to just play club penguin. then some of us made blogs and i put chat on my site. then it was like now we play cp and we chat. some of my friends arent aloud to come to chat so i only get to play cp with them. i miss playin cp if i only chat. so, u will find me both places. i get confused when im doin both at the same time. therefore, im confused alot! to get to know me better its best to go to my archives and work ur way backwards through my blog. it might take foreva but there’s quite a story there bout cordially. u can call me cord or cordially. most ppl call me cord. its lotz easier to type!
    hugs, to my new friend,

  35. nice to meet ya breeze? and welcome to cord’s world!!!!!!!!!!!! woot woot

    IMAGINATION MONKEY ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜› 8) ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. sumone called me a nerd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!isn ‘t that mean. a random penguin comes up to u and says”HEYY GREEN!!!!!BYE NERD!!!!”. ITS SOOO MENA

  37. dear green,
    thats mean. ur not a nerd!

  38. i like it wen ppl call me nerd!! they’re telling me im smart!! ๐Ÿ˜€


    nerd 4eva

  39. lol me too! like ello!!! UR A SMART PERSON!


    ps: i think me a soph r getting betta

  40. hi cord,
    i looked at ur past archives and u seem great..hope to see u more often. and the email is real, so feel free to email me. if u want, we can exchange emails. *shrugs* watever u want. im open. cuz my mom says i am. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. dear cord,

    u know that program u use to make on screen vids, i think its called hypercam (weird name), well, i wanted to ask u if it was safe. i downloaded it on my parents’ desktop and it turned out fine, no viruses or antg, it was still normal but i wanna know if anotha computer has stayed the same before i download it into my lapto. has antg happened to ur comp??


    soon-to-be-vid-maker ๐Ÿ˜€

  42. dear future producer,
    as far as i can tell hypercam is safe. i will say this remember when i had the trojan zlob? it infected my computer right after i loaded the hyper cam. i guess nortan fixed it cuz its gone now. i neva knew wat it did to the computer. it did run a lil slow for a while i guess. im gonna buy the registered version if i keep makin vids. idk. good luck with ur movie. i find the whole process very complicated and confusin so dont think that i can give u alot of advice, cuz im still learnin.
    from, future you tube star,

  43. oo!! kk thx ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. Dear Cord,
    What’s the difference between a registered and an unregistered Hypercam? And do you use Hypercam 2, or just Hypercam? Should I ask my parents before I download Hypercam? Is it a procedure that may not be safe for a Gateway laptop? Well, I hope you can answer this.

  45. Oh and, is it free, or do you have to buy it?

  46. dear breezin through the qs,
    registered hypercam means that u pay for it and then u dont have that unregistered hypercam showin in the upper left of ur vids. im using hypercam2. i think that reg hypercam isnt available anymore if i remember right. i always recommend askin ur parents bfor u download any programs like that off the computer. im no expert so id know if u could mess somethin up or not. and u deff dont wanna mess nothin up unless ur an expert on fixin stuff. i have neva used a gateway laptop so i cant answer any qs bout that. srry.the whole movie makin process is complicated so idk how many qs ill even be able to answer on it until i get betta at it.
    sincerely hopin to make many movies,

  47. dear cord,

    i โ™ฅ reading! WHO DOESNT? but errr some ppl (im not metioning names) r making their stories pass protected! THAT MAKES ME MAD!!!!!! ugh! and its unfair to evryone that doesnt know the pass. like i really wanna read a new story somebody made but theyre just making it pass protected cuz they have to finish anotha story! that neva stopped ME!help plz… even tho idk how this is a q.. its more of a protest aint it?

    MS. not-trying-to-rat-out-doll

  48. i was gonna tell u the pass at school! and i was waiting for u to get on msn but then i had to go and right now u were on and u said gtg!

  49. Dear anti password protected,
    i too get frustrated when somethin that is on a public site is password protected. however, its the option of that site’s owner to do this if they wanna so i guess i have to go along rather i wanna or not. to me it seems like its alot of work to make posts then to keep em secret from most ppl. idk. i dont think ill eva do that unless its a special message for someone that i cant contact otherwise.
    from, risks lettin the world see my thoughts,

  50. dear mom,
    I have this confusion that is driving me crzy i was hoping u may help……
    so there is mark and ricardo……..i made those names up so…….i met ricardo a long time ago and we were very good bf and gf everyone thought we were a good couple……but then that ricardo went on vacation and during that vacation i met mark he was so sweet and i can tell he loved me so we got together…..after some weeks i broke up with mark and ricardo came and we went as normal…… i feel like if me and ricardo is not a very good relationship and its sorta not working out mark came bac and hes starting to like me again but im still with ricardo what do i do??
    -ur grown jr

  51. wat r u gonna b for halloween?? on cp??? and reel life??idk for cp cuz im nomember!!(still grr cp)
    mayb a wizard… anywayz im gonna b a witch in reel life.

  52. bluumoo2: stop talkin bout me!!!!god yani freakin annoying!~~~ NOTEBOOK IS ON THIS SATURDAY ON ABC FAMILY. WATCH IT OR ELSE!!!!!!! its my fav movie ever. it makes me cry everytime i watch it~~~ so sad…. i love it though. seriously watch it. im watchin it with Russell which will prob be kinda akward considering it has some MATURE scenes but its not my fault cause he was comin over anyways and then i found out and i was like im watchin this whether u like it or not. im gonna go buy the movie i think this weekend. i love it more than anything… SADNESS. and by that i mean the movie. im bored GO ON CP PLZ! bya

    ~love Katie~

  53. dear grown jr,
    ricardo and mark will not b the only boys that u cant decide ova. soooo, mummy says that u shouldn’t commit urself to just one boy yet. see both ricardo and mark. but, u must tell them that u will not b with them exclusively. and then if someone else comes along that u wanna see u can tell them the same thing. when the right boy comes along u will know. then u can tell all the otha hopefuls that u have made ur decision.
    hugs tight, with tears in my eyes, my lil girl is growin up!

  54. dear concerned ova costume,
    on cp i will make up some crazy outfit outta stuff so that i dont look like nobody else. last year i liked the ghost with the headphones and silver surfboard. i will experiment with my clothing items until then and find the one that most suits this years mood. in real life i wont get to trick or treat! no fair! guess ill b dressed as the girl on the porch givin out candy.
    hugs and sincerely,
    deprived of trick or treat candy

  55. dear notebook lova,
    the book and the movie r both very good. iv had the pleasure of readin and seein them bfor.
    from notebook lova

  56. dear cord,

    how did u make ur header?? its really cool


  57. dear header admirer,
    i made it on paint. if u want to make a custome header make sure that ur blog design will alow custom headers. then when u make urs make it the size it should b. then u just insert it sorta like a post. its not really too hard.
    thanx for the compliment,

  58. Dear Cord,
    I’m confused with myself. So you now I love Mateo right? Well, now I’m starting to think I like my best friend Anthony. He confuses me. He looks at me all friendly, and I try to look at his eyes but he looks away before I can, so I’m not sure if he likes me or not. And Mateo makes me feel invisible, or so I’m not sure. So I’m torn. Anthony’s always been my best friend, and Mateo has just walked by. Mateo is hot funny and smart. Anthony is funny cute and fun. I’m not sure if I’m looking at the hotness on Anthony, or just his personality, but I’m torn. Should I keep my heart set on Mateo or should I try someone who already seems to like me?
    Romance is Confusing-
    P.S. I’ve always seemed so devoted to Mateo, and like I said, Anthony’s my best friend. I am sooooooo unsure what to do…HELP!

  59. dear torn between two lovas,
    follow ur heart. sometimes the best romances start from the best friendships. cuz if ur honey cant b ur friend it will neva work.
    hugs from,
    cupid must b in the air

  60. Love love LOVE!!!!! I don’t believe in love. I’m not exactly the one that believes in much anyway, but I still don’t like the idea of love. I think it’s too painful for me and I don’t wanna hurt anyone or anyone to hurt me…is that bad? Does that change anyone’s idea about me?

  61. dear non-believer,
    how can u not believe in love? and y do u think that love means hurt? love starts when u r first born. ur parents automaticly experience this love for u. they dont know y or where it comes from but its there for this stranger breeze that was just born. and that love goes both ways. u love them bfore u can even comprehend wat love is. they r more than ur lifeline they pocess ur heart. then love expands to the world around u. for me i love the quiet time of the mornin right before the birds begin to sing. i love when someone notices that i have great legs or hair. i love my cats. i love jeff, my real life guy. now do any of these cause me pain? well to enjoy the early mornin means i sit alone in the dark at my computer and listen to the house asleep and it means that i go to bed early sometimes cuz iv been awake 5 hours before anybody else. when i get complimented on my hair or legs (by far my best features for sure) sometimes i feel pain that they didnt notice my great personality instead. iv loved lots of cats and gotta admit there’s pain when they disappear or get hit by a car or somethin, but does that mean that i wish id neva had em? No way. and jeff. we argue sometimes, sometimes, i miss him, and sometimes im hurt sometimes….pain? wats that song? pleasure is pain? let’s just put it this way. sometimes pleasure is worth the pain. cuz, if ur tryin to live a life without love ur missin so much. when ur ready to love a special someone it will happen and u will open urself up to disappointment, heart break, and yes…some pain. tennyson said this…”it is better to love and have lost than to never have loved at all”. wise words. makes it crystal clear that love conquers all and love is the only influence in life that makes life really worth living.
    head in the clouds and feet on the ground fallin in love everytime i turn around,

  62. Cord-
    Whenever I go on cp i check your igloo b/c its the best designs i’ve ever seen. I try to make my igloo amazing like yours, but i can’t get enough money. Did you use the million-coin cheat? And if so, do you buy like 10 things of everything?
    Tips would be nice.

  63. dear extreme iggy make-over lova,
    thanx for the compliment i love to decorate.
    i do not cheat to make coins. i play puffle round-up mostly cuz im vry good at it and can make bout 1000 coins in 2 minutes. i like to buy bout 30 of anything that i think will make a good multi-design iggy. for instance when rockhopper sold the rare flower pots i bought 30. at the time i had no idea wat id do with them but i thought i could use them for writin things on the floor like zac did with cord. then the roses started growin in em and i was like smart move! so, i buy multiples of almost everything in hopes that sometime in the future i might wanna fill an iggy with em. i also work extra hard makin extra coins BEFORE new catalogs come out. then once i buy wat i want i try to get my coins back to where they were before my purchases. i think i’ll make a vid soon of how i make coins extra fast in puffle round-up and that should help u see how easy it is.
    hugs from rich and likin it,

  64. ooook!!!! im confused.

    i believe in love.. OF COURSE I DO! cuz if i didnt then i couldnt understand anything on tv or on yt like the CCS series! aww CCS was a really sweet and great anime! it used to be on tv but err i gess they dont put it on anymore… but love can hurt too rite? like u love somebody and yeah u think they love u but then they dont or then ur bf and gf but then u learn he loves somebody else more.. so is love a friend or an enemy?

  65. dear confused,
    love is a friend, it can hurt, but the pleasure out weighs the pain. not only would tv make no sense but how many songs would there be without love?
    with love,
    mp3player addict,

  66. true.. many of all those tv shows and animes and mangas would make no sense at all! and lol.. almost all the vids i have in my faves of yt in CCS r mostly songs bout love. i cant help them i just love them!




  69. dear expected to rave and rant bout somethin,
    luv is a big emotion. when it hits ya ur gonna say whoah. so we will let u comment and get mad and say stg if u wanna.
    anotha comment from,

  70. idk if this is a q……….

    homework…. h o m e w o r k…. y does it exist? we already do work at home and like…. y we have to bring skool to our homes! it RUINS weekends and wastes our time! AND THEN WTAS NEXT!?!?!?!? THE TEACHER DOESNT CHECK THE STUPID FREAKING PAPER WE HAD TO DO ON THE DEBATE OF OBAMA AND MCCAN THAT I WATCHED THE WHOLE HTING! I STAYED UP TIL 10 OR LATER!!!!! ELLO!!!! I WAS STARNG AT THE SCREEN NOT EVEN UNDERSTANDING HALF OF IT!!! oh pudding! i feel like ripping the teachers up! i mean ya ya blah blah blah i love them but cmon! if they love us, they give us FUN hw!

  71. i know!!

  72. dear debate watcher,
    good for u for watchin the debate. can u plz tell me wat they said and whos for this and whos for that? this is y i think we have homework. did u eva watch little house on the prarie? they always did homeworks, chores, blah blah blah. well on little house there was only one teacher for every grade. i dont think she had enough time to get everything accomplished in class. so she sent it home. it’s her fault!!!
    homework grades r important so do wat u gotta do.
    homework hater,


  74. cord make me a modersaortor

  75. Personally, I think that reminds me of the schoolhouse lady in Holes.
    They burned down her beautiful schoolhouse that that black guy…Phil was it? Well he fixed it. Kissin’ Kate Barrow. She was beautiful, but she didn’t like the mayor’s son.
    P.S. Be considerate of the teachers’ feelings. It’s not exactly their fault. It’s the diocese fault. The diocese is the boss of the principal and the principal is the boss of the teachers and the teachers are the bosses of the pupils. Understand? So it all goes back to government and what the governer/president? wants children to be taught.

  76. dear holy theory,
    i think i understand.
    from taught bcuz of president,

  77. dear cord,

    soooo, in my school we need to get AR (accelerated reading) points! these AR points, affect ur report card grade, reading of course, and i dont want a 2 in effort!! i want a 1!!!!! (its rated 1-3 [i think] and 1 is the highest). so the last day to get AR points is THIS friday, oct. 17!!! and since im in gifted i need 20 points!! wanna know how many points I have!?!??! 2.8!!!!!! so im reading this book that gives me 8 points but thats not enough!! ill have 10!!!!! i donnt know wat to do!!! ill get a 2 in effort and my mom’ll get mad!! :S the book im reading has 207 pgs and im by pg 63!!!!! with this new grade level im in, its getting hard to find time to read.



  78. Dear A R achiever,
    i am vry familiar with ar points. we have them here in virginia. i sorta feel like its so unfair to make u read books only on a certain list to get the points. thats sorta like burnin books or somethin to me. here’s the deal. u r not goin get the 20 points u need by friday unless u read non stop btween now and then. if u really did put the effort into gettin em then dont b ashamed that ur gettin a 2 instead of a 1 for effort. as for ur mom, she will always b proud of u for givin it a try. now u know how hard its gonna b to keep up. so xplain to ur mom that u didnt realize how hard it was gonna b to finish so many books for the points and that u will continue to do ur best to b a 1 even if sometimes u dont make it there. then, by ur next deadline for ar points work as hard as u can to finish them up early! that way it wont b so frustratin to try and make most of em at the end. keep readin the book ur readin now and mayb u CAN get it finished by friday and take the test and pass it with flyin colors. dont give up cuz u cant make any points that way. whispers….cord has a secret too. many books that r on the ar lists can b found on tape or cd. so if u see tapes or cds for books on ur list its a good way to make fast progress. still check the book out and follow along with the tape or cd. ud b surprised at how fast u can get em finished that way. thats one of my secrets!
    from just finished HUSBAND by Dean Koontz and it was awsome….didnt use a tape,

  79. i did A R points too and one of my friends said that the way they finish their goal so fast is because they read reallly easy books below their level but they read ALOT of them. it might not be the smartest way (i didnt do it) but after you reach your goal, read the books at your level. you probably dont want to do that but ia what some ppl do. it was a little bit hard for me because my teacher gave me a goal of 32 points. BUT YOU CAN DO IT DOLL!!!!!!!!

  80. tapes??? where can u get the tapes??

    are the AR points nationwide??


  82. our county library has alot of the tapes. im goin there tomorro. cuz i need a book!!!!! and i like the county library best. and i can walk there!

  83. *sigh* this is wat i mean…so much hw, not enough time to read ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i hav nooo idea wat im gonna do. and we get AR books from our school library and the public library has AR books but they dont say the level and ive never seen tapes at the pub. library but ill ask my mom to take me cuz its far for me to walk there ^^ + im not old enough to walk in the streets. im only allowed to walk in my building -.- thats so unfair…not even in my complex!! and it has to b with an adult i know. -.- super unfair. i have a bunch of hw and i have to study for 2morrow’s testsssss

    byeeeeeee!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  84. dear cord,

    i AM VERY SERIOUS AND UPSET TODAY! and now I WILL NOT CALM DOWN! CUZ IM SUPER ANGRY! and a little sad. ok heres the story=

    so u know… doll was gonna delete her blog and all… and well i was on IM with her and like well….i was NO NO NOO!!!!!! U CANT DELETE UR BLOG!! and she said she wanted more hits and stuff. well i said that i would go some blogs telling ppl to go to HER blog instead of MINE cuz i DO NOT tell or ASK ppl to go my blog unless its really upsetting me. did i spell upset ing correctly? ahhh doesnt matter. so i went to urs (of course!) and to others telling then to go to dolls blog so evryone can see it and say no no no DO NOT DELETE UR BLOG! well since shes not and all i thought she was gonna tell ppl how caring i was.. or at least i thought i was being caring and kind to her… and and then Vos made a comment and well… i guess getting ppl to go to her blog wasnt as good as giving her ideas… and well… she just really gave me a lousy thnx. she said i was awesome and stuff…. well… that sorta made me *voice goes dry* sad. *cries* EACH TIME MY FRIENDS TO STG FOR ME I ACTUALLY DO STG NICE FOR THEM IN RETURN!!! LIKE A BLINGEE OR I HELP THEM! and she said thnx dawn, ju, cord and ESPECIALLY(especially is in BOLD) Vos. t-thats just mean to me!!! i just just just….. just thought she do stg nice like tell evryone wat i did… i guess im not important anymore…. i guess im just a pain in evryones neck hu….well… i guess ill just leave evryone alone and well…. not help them so i dont get hurt.. again and again….. and like….. the sakura thing.. it didnt make me very comfortable…. srry cord… i know.. im very annoying…

    from *sniffs and wipes tears* an not very important annoyance

    ps. i HATE my mas new doctor!! he KICKED me outta the room just cuz i was playing DS!!! ugh i HATE that dude!

  85. hi cord im swampert and my real name is andrew!

  86. Dear dissapointed,
    I’m sure Doll appreciates u tellin everybody to show their appreciation for her. Sometimes u get caught up in the moment and somethin else comes from that initial gratification and that’s wat doll was doin when she said thanx to vos. i love everybodies blog for diff reasons, just like i love their penguins. so don’t cry. b glad that u helped keep her blog alive.
    cord’s hard to annoy

  87. hiya andrew,
    remember how i used to always get confused if u were a boy or girl? lol, now i’ll neva get confused again.
    well, ill neva get confused about that anyways,
    cord stays confused

  88. *growls* im in a bad mood! ok so ppl kept calling this mornin. niki called so she could go to my blog, and u couldnt imagine how mad i was cuz i went to sleep late. then lau and soph called me to ask meif we can make this model that were doing out of play-do and i was HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW? ugh! and then i had to keep going up and down the stairs! and niki was like bugging me to go see the comments she left me!and like the card doll made since she had one of the pics i have in sakura wonderland i was just a bit suspicious if she copied that one. and then lau keeps putting me down like u dont own the pics and blah! geez! i dont think i have ANY friends! oh and then the blender exploded and my dad burned his hand wen it exploded and UGH! CANT I HAVE A SIMPLE PEACEFUL SATURDAY!???

    ok whew. too bad ma didnt put me in yoga.

    …….. maybe i should just stop helping.

  89. dawn im ur friend! dont worry.
    yoga help me calm myself…

  90. fine then if u dont want me to call u ever again i wont ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and i was just asking

  91. um its not that ju… cuz imagine if ur enjoying a sleep and then.. RING RING RING!!! wouldnt that sorta annoy u? w.e…. and like its ok call me as much as u want! not like itll make a difference. and wat really bugged me is how u keep puting me down. and like wen i say that its wen u know like… like say u dont own the pic or anything. i was just curious! wat bout TMM? u felt like ppl copied u! jeez. and i am NOT fighting. just having a creative discusion

  92. dear hates saturday am ding a lings,
    isnt it just awsome that ur friends r thinkin of u first thing in the mornin? take a nap.

  93. Dear Cord,
    I’m not logged in, it’s still Bo.
    1. I miss you!!! I had YET ANOTHER project and I finished, but I’m having an early party with my friends this weekend for my birthday, so I’ll drop by on Sunday to wish you a happy birthday (yes I remembered!).
    2. I told someone that I didn’t like Matthew (Mateo) anymore. Well, that was true…for like two days. I fell in love with him alllllllll over again! JUST ‘CAUSE I SAT WITH HIM DURING LUNCH AND TALKED TO HIM IN COMPUTER LAB (I think it’s weird that we have computer lab…)! Isn’t that shallow? Well, I need to get my feelings straight.
    And it all boils down to one thing for me:
    Is he worth it? Answer it if you can.
    In Love in my Lover Forever-

  94. To the birthday girl,
    i think that if the only reason u fell in love with him again is cuz u sat by him in computer lab…that’s shallow. so ask urself if its really a true love feelin or a idk hes cute makes my palms sweat feelin. then if its true love, it’s worth it. thanx for the bday wishes!
    from the bday girl

  95. cord did u e-mail me at cause i went on and it said friendship ballons from caroline.

  96. cord u NEEED to go to this web it is so fun

  97. I didn’t just sit by him he was my partner.

  98. wow wait cord is ur b-day october 26? CUZ LIKE OMG!!! THATS MY MAS B-DAY!!!! but grr shes sucha snoop! she found her present already!

  99. Dear Balloon reciepient,
    That would be me.

  100. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ dear cord,

    im sorta in a bad bad mood! nobody asks dawn anything… should i delete my ask dawn page? oh and could u go to my blog as soon as u can? thnx

  101. Dear moody one,
    idk do u like doin the ask dawn page? if so leave it, if u dont then take it off. i like it. and thanx so much for the awsome card! and everybody else that has sent cards and greetings! its been awsome openin em all. i lave ya’ll!
    returning from an awsome post by dawn…go see it!

  102. Dear Cord,
    A boy in class a few seats away won’t leave me alone. He’s always calling my name to show me something and I’m always dismissing it nonchalantly. Finally, I started telling him to leave me alone. I saw how my harsh words affected him and I felt awful. I apologized and he started up again. So, I decided to fight back. “Watch this,” he said. “Oh, yeah. That’s great.” I would say sarcastically. “You can do better?” I would nod and it went on. I think I was flirting. I don’t like boys, pretty much at all. I also have sort of space issues. Everyone thinks I’m weird so that’s why I’m sort of anti-social at school and all. I don’t want him to like me, and I hope he doesn’t now. What do I do to avoid this problem?

  103. Dear anti-social boy disliker,
    if u dont want the dude to like u theres not much u can do. he will like whoeva he plz. if u wanna avoid the guy then just continue to talk to him in as little words as poss. always act extremly busy and distracted when he starts buggin u. u dont have to b mean bout it…just make it obvious that ur way too buzy for trivial stuff.
    from, no expert on avoidin ppl,

  104. hi i am bord blah blah blah blah …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………blah hi bye

  105. Dear blah,
    don’t b bord, do something constructive like clean ur room, do ur homework, brush ur teeth.
    get a life,

  106. hm…. i have some issue with halloween. today my whole sides,arms, and legs hurt. ouch. and is my becky soul story really not that scary? i guess im more of live-in-the-bright-world-and-not-great-at-telling-scary-stories type.

  107. i have a question about a relationship that im in and i dont know what to do i really like this girl we have alot in common and she says that she loves` me but i dont want to end up hurting her if i tell her that i love her back so what should i do?

  108. Dear in pain,
    ur story was good, how far did u walk on halloweeen anyways? mayb we should b gettin more exercise?
    cord hurts a lil too

  109. Dear afraid to speak ur mind,
    just tell her wat u thinkin. u’ve always had a way with words. i’m sure u can find the perfect way to tell her u love her. some ppl say love hurts…so idk but just b prepared. good luck.
    remember cake heals all,

  110. dear cord
    i left cp for some time but theres someone who i really miss every time i go on cp shes not on i want to leave her or note or something but i can never reach her what should i do??

  111. dear missin a girl,
    theres a cppl of things u could do. everytime u log on and shes not there send her a postcard (i really wish cp had one that said i miss u and one that said im mad at u but we wont get into that!) b my buddy or hi there is probably a good choice. i know its too bad u cant say wat u really wanna on them but she will think of u. try diff times of the day. mayb she usually is on at a diff tim than u r. if all else fails if u know any of her friends and they r on. tell them to let her know u miss her. then when u find her just hug her real tight and enjoy bein with her.
    missin alot of buddies i neva get to see,

  112. dear cord,

    i know this is a weird question but…have u ever been banned??


    eager to know

  113. Dear Eager,
    Cordially has never been banned. I try to never put myself in the position for someone to report me. I did say a version of a bad word once in my excitement. Luckily i guess i wasnt reported. thats the only time that iv done anything bad i think.
    thats not a halo on my head i promise,

  114. dear cord

    oh god i hate mondays.. Y??!?!?! CUZ I HAVE DUM TESTS AND MUSIC!!! omg music is torture! how do i go thru it?

  115. dear rainy days and mondays always get me down,
    i also hatz mondays. i mean how can the weekend go by sooooo fast????but, like my best friend angie always says. you just get through it and u dont even know how u did it. its really not gonna kill u and then its ova and u can look bac and b proud cuz u did survive it. trust me tuesday is as close as friday was.

  116. ok so here i go:

    dear cord,

    ok i ALSO hate music! its my worst subject!!! id rather be stuck doing 500 math problems then be in music (thats just an xpression)!!!! and i have this “BIG” test tomorrow on music that we have to play “Santa Claus is coming to town” on the recorder but idk!! and its like 9:30 pm!! how am i gonna practice now!??!???!

    music(the subject)-hater

    oh and anotha thing:

    dear cord,

    ok so for my bday dawn gave me a club penguin mancala game. Soo blah blah blah i enjoyed it, i loved it, cant stop playing it buuuut on the back of the box it says: Enter the secret code IN THE BOX for more fun in the Club Penguin website.

    Sooo I did look in the box for a “secret code” but there seemed to be NO secret code, soo i kept looking and looking. oh and the thing where it said that was covered by a white paper!! im like ??? soo i wanted to ask u if i email club penguin or stg, i havent even told my parents, i only told dawn and ju.


    wants secret code soooo badly.

  117. wow lots of Q’s

  118. plz help me



  119. Dear code looser,
    just tell the truth. mayb cp can help u. give it a try. mayb with receipt they can tell u. idk. good luck.
    cord is codeless

  120. Dear Plzz repeater,
    the side bar is for links. go to ur links page and thats where u add them. i still need to put some on mine and delete some blogs that well ppl dont post on. i will have to remember exactly how to do it. if u have probs. ill try to go into more detail.
    hugs, link lover,

  121. ummm ok Can i have ur email address? Is it too personal to ask?

  122. dear mailbox stuffer,
    of course u can have my email. It’s
    i personally dont mind givin it out,

  123. dear cord,
    omg im soooo confused!!!!!!!!!! with myself AGAIN. i dont WANT to like mateo but i think i do but im not sure. i dont kno y im asking u this, cuz i really dont think anyone but me can answer it. but i just…..idk maybe wanna get it out???? give me some advice to deal out my thoughts
    confused lover-

  124. dear confused lover,
    i think u answered it here. u said u dont WANT to like mateo. so that means u must. i think. just try not to rush things. and yes, im sure gettin it out helps.
    deals out advice,

  125. um cord.. i dont know if people are going to be mad at me or not.. cuz im gonna marry peace.. i just hope not.. but what if people are mad at me then they hate me and then crash my wedding then i get stuck under the cake and DIE?!?!?
    -Panicked Person (hehe.. Luna)

  126. dear panicked bride-to-b,
    when is the wed? i doubt u will get stuck unda the cake. calm down. when is the wed? hugs luna….and peace. good luck.
    runs to buy gift,


  128. dear trigger-finger -happy,
    patience is how u get dinograwl back. just wait for her to show up and then explain. i can give u a suggestion of how to prevent it in future. i always put the cards over on my left side of the screen and move the part where u delete someone just off the screen so i dont hit it by accident. i can still see everything else on their card that i need.
    accidents still happen,


  130. cord thanx for the advice but i cant find her. i went around ice palace (her fav server) and i kept going “DINOGRAWL R U HERE” its just no use ๐Ÿ˜ฆ im sorry dinograwl ;(

  131. dear cord,
    yay i finally got on cp! but in card-jitsu ( OR W.E ITS NAME IS) how do yooh get the belts? ive like beaten 7 ppl and nada! help me plz!

    MS. belt-less

  132. you just have to win alot and at the end of one of the games he will apper and give u a beklt

  133. dear dawn,
    im srry it took so long to get bac to u but flip pretty much said wat u gotta do. i believe its a point system of some sort and not based on how many pengs u beat like a first thought. u just gotta keep playin. i cant seem to get past blue. its way to crowded for me too.

  134. dear cord,
    theres this person that never does their hw!! can u believe that? and they never gets in trouble xcept this 1 time!!!!!!!! but other ppl do like me this 1 time i forgot about this thing we had to do so i got a note home -.- but she on the other hand wen she is missing stg she just asks me or some1 else to let her c it and then she copys it-.-. thats like soo not fair!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and i used to sit close to her so i saw wen our table captan checked hw she just changed the date so no1 would notice cuz captains DONT READ IT for some reason so she always got away wit it. idk if she still does it cuz i dont sit close to her anymore

    but any advice?


    a friend is in need of advice
    what can we do?

  135. um… thats not me rite? and to tell yooh the TRUTH! being a captain isnt that easy! theres always sumone that doesn do their hw! :O GABY DOES THAT!?!?!?!? I AM SOOOOOO MAD RITE NOW!!! HOW DARE SHE DISRESPECT ME!!! im gonna be soooo scary now im gonna rip her! but bak to my q,

    cord, r yooh an only child? being one sucks! y? cuz even tho a sis or a bro can bug yooh till death, at leats ur not alone like me. im always so lonely and stuff. i have nobody to go with me on rollercoasters or to sleep with. im all alone in that pink room! do yooh think theres a chance i have a faternal twin sumwhere in this universe but we got seperated for sum reason??? i hope so! ๐Ÿ™‚

  136. Dear Here’s watcha do,
    1. Tell her to do her own hw and dont show her urs.
    2. Continue to do urs. She’s not learnin wat she really needs to know. Don’t lower urself to her level and cheat.
    3. If she gives u a hard time tell her cheating is not allowed.
    4. Ask her how she studies for tests??? or is she copying stg there too?
    5. learn from the table captains mistakes. if u get to b one pay attention to fine details.
    from i really dont believe in cheetin,

  137. dear siblingless,
    i am not an only child. i still have no one to go on rollar coasters with, cuz im the only one in family that likes em. if im lucky enough to have cousin with me at amusement park then they might share a car on the coaster with me. I doubt that u have a twin anywhere (but mayb somebody looks like u in theis world) i suggest lovin ur buds like a sis or bro. enjoy the benifits of bein an only child…like more quality time with ur family…good luck. and u neva know. one day u could still find out ur gonna have a baby in the house!

  138. not gonna happen… the baby thing i mean ๐Ÿ˜€

  139. Neva say neva

  140. i didnt say neva! i said *coughs* ” not gonna happen” and its tru

  141. cord dont call me TRIGGER-FINGER-HAPPY evr again and plz plz help me spread the word of i have not been getting a lot of viewers so how can u help? -jacknovozin

  142. dear happy,
    everybody should visit ur blog. some things u gotta give time though buddy. so, keep postin and they will come.
    ur happy friend,

  143. ok cord form now on plz just call me jack ok i know u like givin nams but im ur buddy on cp ok so call me jack ok

  144. o and thanx for the advice cord ill try

  145. ok dawn to get more belts talk to sensei and do compotition mode A-LOT be sure to check out

  146. dear jack,
    jack, jack , jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack!

  147. ok cord im acually ok with you calling me stuff lol and by the way
    dear jack,
    jack, jack , jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack! is funny


  149. Dear Fugelent (idk if i spelt it right) Jack,
    Well, it’s too late to take it back soooo….i recommend stayin away from the beans for awhile.
    From It doesn’t smell like roses round here,

  150. cord i was kidding tehe funny though

  151. Dear cord,
    I am really mad, because i got on chat room have a little fun on doodle and i accidentilly scribbeld on peoples doodles. So they keep reporting me and i didnt do nothing! Cord you have to help me plz i beg of you help me plz!!!

    ~love jacknovozin

  152. dear jack,
    after observin the transcripts it was determined that u in fact put a bad word in the long list of letters. they did a semi right thing. but i think it was and accident?

  153. dear cord,

    um…. did u go shopping on black friday? do u like um… the jonas brothers? uh… have u ever puked on thanksgiving? y am i asking this stuff i shall neva know

  154. dear stuff for me to answer,
    i did go to jc penney’s on black friday. it was a waste. we only got like 2 things and wasted like 30 minutes standin in line to pay for em. i think jonas bros r kk. not my favorite band. but i thought it was cool they were the entertainment at 1/2 time for dallas/seahawks game on thanksgivin. when do u think they got to eat turkey? and i cant say that iv eva puked on thanksgivin but one year i had strep throat and couldnt eat cuz it hurt too bad. i ended up in the emergency room that night cuz i was so sick.
    stuff u did get to know,

  155. ooo the er…ive never been there but it sounds unsanitary rofl jk jk was it fun? hmmm maybe im jk but still was it fun?

  156. dear fans,
    what should i do? i feel alone. i feel sad. is this just a seasonal thingy? will it go away? iv always tried to b nice to everybody and still pplz thinks im mean. how come? am i mean? am i nice? do i stink?

  157. no ur not mean ur nice and u dont stink and eventually the sadness will go away, ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  158. do you still miss me and hate me?
    comment me back ON MY SITE!!! thanksss soooo much… ps happy national hug day! hugs

  159. dear cord if u want me to go any further and give you advice ull need to go to my blog under ask me whats wring ill help k and u r not mean at all

  160. you are NOT NOT NOT mean! you are fun nice friendly caring helpful and all the rest whoever says you are mean must be angrier than scrooge on christmas eve. dont ever think you are mean because you arent. were here for you…well most of us…and we love ya! hugs ~flip~

  161. *looks around* i know my advice sounds like a joke but u know wut helps me wen i feel like that? plush toy therapy. yesh, i admit it. i talk to stuffed animals. who else can i talk to? if its bout my friends, im not gonna go up them and say= “look, u hurt my feelings and i was wondering wut i could do.” … no that would b stupid eh? ur nice, sweet, loving, caring, helpful, ummm cordially, funny, and special! we dont find sumone like u evryday. well, i dont. talking to plush toys helps make u think and calm down.. y? u can throw them at the wall if they make u even more upset. see? u can do that with ppl now can u. ur nice and uhhh… no u do not stink. we here for u

    group hug from dawn and plush toys ( plush therapy includes hugs, yesh, it does)



  163. lolz flippy. ive neva thrown them against the floor. but does throwing them against the bed and biting their ears and maybe even trying to rip them apart sound as plushie abuse? i think so lolz. well anyways, bak to my q.

    dear cord.
    cord.. y do i always fight? i mean.. i suppose its cuz i stand up for my friends. but this jerk posted a comment on my post for veterans day saying i showed too much patriasm or w.e that word is. is it true? im not from the US but i like to respect it… i guess i just dont get hu? it makes me feel stupid now. that jerk also seemed like he wanted u to quit. im tired of these darn ppl showing up in my life! maybe i should never again in my life post about these holidays in the us. i should just shut up rite… i should just wear a shirt that says= IM A WEIRDO, wear a clown wig, and wear tacky shoes. y do ppl always oofend me even if i dont know them?i was always scared that those ppl would come up in blogs. daddy warned me about it. but i didnt listen. it has made me a bit meaner and strict but im tired of fighting. but i must fight. i wasnt made for the peaceful side. samurai… number one of possibilaties of future jobs. am i really weird? i guess i should have never gotten obssesed with animes and stuff. i think i should dig a hole, get in it, and put a rock over it so ill be forgotten. i suppose i did get carried away with all those pics and stuff. but ive seen other ppls blogs and they also put tons of pics and stuff! im always the target. =( no more happy sig for me.

    =( =( ๐Ÿ˜ฅ dawn ๐Ÿ˜ฅ =( =(

  164. Dear frowny dawn,
    1. possibly u always fight cuz ur a vry strong oppionated you lady. u feel compelled to stand up for wat u think is right…and there’s nothin wrong with that. just b prepared for ppl to fight back.
    2. y would someone say u show too much patriotism? theres nothin wrong with showin respect for ur country and ppl that r willin to risk their lives to protect it. b proud that even though ur heritage is diff that u appreciate ur home now.
    3. Ppl offend u for the same reason i said in #1.
    4. always listen to ur daddy.
    5. idk if ur weird but id say ur deffinatly unique.
    one of ur fans,

  165. =3 heritage is diff were me is from. but me happy i see fam again in winter vacation! =\ daddy can be annoying sumtimes but i still love him. and… I AM UNIQUE!!!! btw, wuts oppionated?

  166. dear from otha heritage,
    i might not have spelt it right. but opinionated is when u have an opinion about many topics. such as anime characters from japan. u know how much u love em. well believe it or not thats an opinion. lol, they r cute.

  167. poor dawn…

  168. yeah an opinain i dont know if i spelled it right but an opinain is what you think of something compared to what someone else thinks! like, cord’s blog you may think it rocksbut other people may think it stinks. (only people without a brain would think thisd blog stinks!)

  169. cord cord cord! i want snowflakes falling on my blog! -.- idk how to put them! heeeelp me!!! i cant be snowflake-less!

  170. dear falling for flakes,
    on ur dashboard go to appearance and select extras. u’ll c it. u get to have em till january 4 so don’t waste any more time!
    from one who wants to c a blizzard!

  171. Cord the people on ur chat only 1 person on ur chat acually, keep sayin im a nerd! her name is emy_bemy_not_dead_n_e_more! plz help!

    -sad (jacknovozin)

  172. Dear sad on chat,
    plz try to ignore bad comments no matta where they come from. i will speak with emy bemy. ur not a nerd! hugs tight.
    cord who says ignored is betta than hurt.

  173. thanks cord hugs


  175. dear belated xmas wishes,
    np. ur welcome, and happy holidays. i hope u have a great new years.

  176. dear cord,
    today i went 2 toysrus and boguth a cp toy. BUT then i got home riped it open , took the coin out and went on cp. THEN i typed in my coins code but it keeps saying wrong code!
    any advice?

    i wanna unlock stuff but it doesnt let me

  177. dear code buster,
    idk wat toys u got but the old toys won’t unlock items in the new catalog and the new toys won’t unlock items in the old catalog. I think this is ttly unfair and i recommend that anybody that got toys should complain to cp. i think that the codes should b universal to wateva cataloge is currently available. For instance say u got 10 cp toys for christmas and there are only 3 items u dont have in the old catalog. r u supposed to donate ur coins to charity? no i dont think so…so u could really get ripped off if u cant use them when u wanna. plus, wat if somebody goes out today and buys u a cp plush toy for ur birthday that is in june. wat if the catalog that has the codes for that toy is gone when they give u the gift in june? sooo r u only supposed to get part of ur present? i think if enough ppl complain then cp will see the error in their ways.
    from would like a cp coin bank and a place to cash em in when i wanna
    ps does anybody know where the code is for the large card jitsu box of cards? i dont see one anywheres

  178. i think its in back of the sticker sheets IF it has and thanks

  179. dear cord,

    me and muncky made a u tube channel 2 gether (btw which is XlauariX). But every time I load a video it says it failed. Every single vid I laod. Do u need a special program? Or is it tha my vids have to many kb? It should have a lot of kb. Ive seen vids with 10 mins. Mines r only 2 mins. So do I need a special program?


    u tuber

  180. oops when I wrote It should have a lot of kb I meant it SHOULDNT

  181. dear utuber,
    i sent u an email. let me know if it helps.
    cord….yawns its 10:30….almost 2009

  182. dear cord,

    i got ur email. but how do u change the file from a movie maker file to a wmp file???


  183. dear confused utuber,
    i hope im tellin u right, cuz i always get a lil confused by the whole process. go to file, then select save movie project as…this will save it to ur computer, save in your vids, then when u go to upload to utube select the file saved in ur vids, warnin….it takes a long time for it to upload to ur utube account and then longer for it to actually show up on utube…good luck, if u still have probs ask heatbolt, hes been makin a cppl of vids a day!
    from i need to make another movie…hmmmm….

  184. ok thx cord

  185. dear cord…

    ive been attacked by laziness.i cant do anything like work….. ugh….. help.. me….

    lazy person

  186. dear relaxation specialist,
    im right there with u. vacations tend to make us lazy if we r not extremly active doin excitin things…in which case u get tired afterwards. sunday is the last day of vacation for me so this is wat i plan to get myself ready to face monday… wake up early, finish projects iv started, get organized so im not rushed monday am, and then ill just b ready for um that dirty word….work…ugh … help… me…. lol we will get through it.

  187. i have also been attacked by laziness…the only thing ive been doing for the past 2 weeks is be on the computer ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i just noticed that yesterday i asked my aunt to get me water and the kitchen was right there. i havent done excersice either…i put on jeans ,yesterday, that always fit me & they zipper didnt go all they way up ๐Ÿ˜ฆ wat have i done to myself?? I HAVENT EVEN FINISHED HOMEWORK THATS DUE 2MORROW!! nahh, ill do it l8r its only 1 question….he?

  188. lets take a walk right now even if its just to the kitchen to get more candy!

  189. hi buddy ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ :} tonge out :{ nose touch :] :[ sad

  190. dear cord,

    my aunts left back to venezuela yesterday. i miss them soooooooo much that i cant stop crying…i miss them sooo much!! do u have any tips to get rid of my sadness?? plzzz im crying right now just thinking about them…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ plz cord i need advice on how to not be sad ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    sad…. :[

  191. dear full of sadness,
    it’s sometimes difficult to get ova sadness. It can seem so overwehlmin. when im sad i try to do somethin upliftin…like helpin others, workin in the garden, or painting. then u need to focus on y goin back to venezuela is the best thing for them. their home is there, other family that they left behind and missed?, jobs, and stuff…just a guess, but i know they left somethin there that needs them back. they will miss u as well. u will always miss someone u love if they r not with u.
    hang in there,

  192. Dear Cord,

    I have a problem. People on CP have been really mean to me. They make fun of me and laugh, i don’t know what i did or why they just turned against me. I was there friend yesterday but i came on today and the whole thing turned around. The people who are doing this are BearDog, Dippy, and Miles. I was never mean to them at at infact i was very kind. They started by calling me bird lady because they thought i looked like bigbird. So i reported them. However, I am really confused on what to do. I got off CP because i didn’t want anything else to happen. They kept laughing at me when i tried to tell them how i feel and that it was very cruel. I am sorry to bug you but i really need some advice. What would you do?


    Queen (Depressed Jess)

  193. Dear Bullied,
    actually i think u already did the right thing. First u reported them, because bullies can b cruel. Next u just left and went on to do somethin that didnt cause so much pain. i too was upset by people that i thought were my friends last night. i spent most of my evening in tears. to finally pull myself out of it i went in search of the true meaning of friends. I guess some friends in the garden of life have thorns…best not to handle them unless ur vry careful. check out my chicken soup for today.
    from there are thorns where there r roses,

  194. Thanks I am glad i am not the only one who gets bullied.

  195. Dear Cord,
    I just started my period today….how do i tell my mom?


  196. Dear Scared of Becoming a Woman,
    The best thing to do is just come out and say it when ur alone if that would make u more comfortable. Your mother has been having her period for a long long time and she has probably already noticed signs in u that u were approaching this day. It shouldn’t make u embaressed…it’s just part of life. If you have any questions bout it she’s also a good person to ask them to.
    Congradulations to cp’s newest young lady,

  197. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ hi cord i need some huge help insted of talking now i need you to check my blog i posted befor saturday for you

  198. Before*

  199. anonamis ur pregnant! how old r u

  200. :O SHES PREGNANT???????!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


    (abo is a little dude thats an onion, and hes not well… uh, nvm)

  201. no i dint think so

  202. no i dont think so

  203. whos pregnant? nobody said that… mayb we need to have a talk bout the birds and bees.
    cord is confused

  204. wat the heck?

  205. =| there was a comment above mine wich i was commenting bout that. but then AGAIN. nobody reads the comment before MINE and makes ME look like a IDIOT. gee, thnx for making my weekend start awful.

  206. Or am I just imagining things? cuz SUMONE did say that. =| now ill just go and dig a hole and live in it for the rest of my life. thnx u for making a fool out of me.

  207. Dear imaginin things,
    im confused too.
    cord is always confused

  208. dear cord,

    is it possible to be so stupid that you dont know how stupid you are ? stupid enough that you might have a mental illness is there like a test or something that you can take?


  209. dear flighty,
    i guess u can b oblivious to ur own stupidity. i dont think stupidity is a mental illness. some pplz just lack common sense or memory skills and they might appear stupid. i really doubt if anybody is truely stupid. cuz we all have knowledge and bein stupid would mean that we didn’t have knowledge? gosh, this q is complicated. if u think u fall into the stupid catagory just try workin on ur memory and reasoning skills then hopefully u wont do stupid stuff…i dont know if u can take a test to truely see if ur stupid but i always say im dumb but im not stupid. which means that i sometimes do dumb stuff but i know perfectly well that i have the knowledge to do the right stuff.
    ur dumb friend,

  210. dear cord

    why are friends so supportive? even when you act like a jerk or mean they are still there helping you whats the point?


  211. well, friends r supportive cuz theyre real, true friends. if they werent, they would b mean bak to u and hate u and never speak to u maybe. those friends that would do that to u r fakes. those who r there to help u really care about u. they mite get upset sumtimes wen u fight, but they still care bout u. they care so much that they would support u forever and ever and wouldnt dare to break a friendship like that.

    from- onion-head-luver-been-in-many-friend-fights

    PS. but u shouldnt hear my advice. its sorta stupid since nobody goes to ask dawn. cords advice is more… professional? yeah, it is =(

  212. dear supported by friends,
    i think u should listen to the onion-head-luver-been-in-many-frien-fights. her advice ttly rocks and not at all stupid.
    hugs your good friend,

  213. thank you to both of you

    ps your advice is awesome ive been there just never had a question to ask

  214. Do you know how many bans before i get ban forever?!

  215. Dear Been Banned Before Can I Be Banned Again?,
    I am not sure there’s an exact limit according to
    “Don’t talk about inappropiate stuff on Club Penguin Just one offense from talking about sex or gruesome, gory stuff can get you banned forever.”
    My best advise is to b careful about wat u say and do. If u already have multiple bans you should use extra caution if u wanna keep ur penguin.
    Hug, Bandless, Cord

  216. Dear cord, lets say that im afraid to tell someone how i really feel about them because when i asked them out the first time they said they just wanted to be my friend and ever since then ive liked them but since they already told me that we should just be friends then there wouldnt be a point in telling them how i feel about them because in a way they already told me i guess how they feel about me right? If they already know i like them would it be weird to tell them i love them? p.s. I dont even know what i asked, i hope you understood that i lost myself in the q

  217. Dear Lost in a Q,
    Preserveerance pays off sometimes. Sometimes it just means u gotta face gettin the same answer again. Friendship is the best way to start a new and deeper relationship. So, continue bein a good friend and if there is love in ur heart there’s nothin wrong with tellin em “hey, i don’t wanna loose u as a friend, but i’m feeling somethin more here…i think i love u! wanna go out sometime?” their answer may or may not b watcha wanna hear. If they say no u might answer, “kk i ttly understand. but if u eva change ur mind ill b waitin.” Then, at least u opened the door.
    Your true friend,

  218. Dear cord, if i said that to you what would you say back? fly

  219. cord,

    do u ever feel like.. copied? cuz i still have major issues on the copy thing. for example, if sumone copied u would u like them to ask u first? would u feelangry? feel honored?………… yea… moving on to next subject…

    how do u get so many hits? wenever i write stuff, like.. nobody comments. maybe cept doll and sumtimes me?

    and wut do u think would b the best homemade gift to a friend that doesnt include coking?

    from, ur-hopefully-best-buddy-the-onion-luver

  220. Dear cord, how would u explain to someone that u like them but as a friend without hurting their feelings? Fly again

  221. Dear Fly in response to your Q #1,
    If u were to say that to me I would
    1. Feel very flattered and wonder what the is goin on it’s like the 3rd time in a day I’ve been approached…
    2. I’d say y me?
    3. I’d wanna hug u and tell you that no matter how i answer ur a great friend and id neva wanna loose that.
    4. then, id have to think bout the whole thing…
    5. then, id prob have to ask someone else advice cuz i’m confused.
    6. then id tell u that theres things ud neva understand cuz i dont understand em myself, but i do love u. ur like so special. but, im taken.
    7. then id wonder if i said the right thing,

  222. Dear best buddy onion-luver,
    i dont really get upset bout copyin cuz i got my own special way bout doin things. i guess it is sorta plagerism but im not gonna sue or nothin cuz in a way im honored that my idea was liked enough that it was worthy of bein copied.
    I have no idea how i get so many hits. iv always written from my heart, bout stuff, thats fun or matters to me, i use tags that i think might draw pplz here, and then i just post every single day if possible. I also answer all the qs that pplz ask asap. sometimes, i gotta think things ova bfor i answer, but just like my posts my answers come from the heart. then i just sit back and they come. one day i’ll do post bout my hits. cuz, some of my hits come from the strangest sourses.
    and then bout homemade gifts…the best gift i got this christmas was homemade. it is a penguin made from clay, painted yello just like me. it was made for me by a true friend that didnt even know if id eva see it. when i look at it i see so much love cuz of that. so the best homemade gifts are those that u put ur love into. use ur talents to make somethin special and the recepient will feel that love and will love it foreva.
    mayb a friendship braclet, picture, or a story/poem…just give from ur heart.
    hugs, from ur onion luvin bud,

  223. dear fly with 2 q’s,
    id tell them that theres nothin more special than a friend. If i like u as a friend *which duh i do* then im givin u a special kinda love that no matter wat u did would neva die. theres nothin like a friend.
    cord with 2 answers

  224. Dear cord, what makes a good friend? Fly

  225. Dear True Friend,
    no matter whatโ€™s going on in their own life.
    A true friend sticks with you through the happy or the sad.
    A true friend goes out of their way to make you feel better when youโ€™re down.
    A true friend gives as much as they take, even if the balance isnโ€™t always equal โ€” sometimes itโ€™s more give and sometimes itโ€™s more take. A true friend respects your opinion even when you donโ€™t agree.
    Most importantly, a true friend isnโ€™t always a true friendโ€ฆsometimes people are truer than other times. Some people drift in and out of your life and sometimes they surprise you and sometimes they disappoint you and sometimes theyโ€™re everything youโ€™ve come to expect.
    I copied this from the following post. but its wat i would have said. a lil research neva hurts though.
    Hugs, Your True Friend,
    PS. A true friend would type 28 pages of a business plan just so that they could try to help u succeed.

  226. hi cord can i add on to your answer. cord’s right and i would know i have zac and anthony and there my 2 bff’s in the whole world! Well a good friend doesnt care what u look like or what u like. a good friend cares what u act like. i hope i helped.


  228. ok ok i was reading previous comments and i have to agree with paw… WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?!?

  229. Dear Cord,
    i dont get it. on cp, pplz r always like “i quit the group!” what r they talking about group? I dont like to think of cp as a group becuz first of all i really dont even kno u pplz lol, and secondly it causes too much drama. Im just bella and i hang with who i want. Does this make sense?

    from again,
    what the heck?!?!
    im still confused about all that lol

  230. Dear Cord Again,
    mmmk so i dont understand y pplz are so mean and what is going on in this crazy world. OK so i guess in real im what u might call “popular”, but i really cant stand it when people are mean or bully others. Can you? it just doesnt make any sense to me and its just really annoying. mayb i just live above that or something? I dont kno, but its so annoying and i dont see a point in it. i guess people just do it to make themselves feel better? it really is stupid. lol live above that it sounds so corny hahaha!

    what the heck

  231. dear cord,
    I don’t lke to see ppl fight and i really dont like to see u and zac fight so i really want your answer so you can get all this behind u.
    Zac’s Bff

  232. Dear Wat the Heck,
    unfortunatly groups r always gonna exist. they go by different names in different situations: in school they might b the popular kids, the nerds, or the jocks. at jobs they might b the back stabbers, kiss up ppl, or b seperated by tasks. on club penguin they usually b centered around a certain popular penguin and just go by max’s group, or cord’s group, or bella’s group. it doesnt mean ur professing memborship of that certain group if u hang out with em, but others might see u there and say hey she’s part of that group. thats y moms always tell us to watch out who we hang out with cuz if ur with the bullies *for instance* then ppl might assume ur a bully. Hope that helps,
    cord is a leader?

  233. dear above bullying,
    i think u answered ur own q. pplz prob do bully to feel superior. they also prob bully cuz someone else is different from them. they might just b bullying cuz they r jelous. wat eva i agree with u its like cuzzin its just senseless. wat is the point. we really shouldnt pass judgement on other pplz anyways.
    i hatez bullies,

  234. dear zac’s bffl,
    i hatez fights too. and this is not a fight. i dont wanna fight bout it. its just that i feel crossed and need to come to terms within myself bout wat i should do. i thought id made a decision, but in the light of day im askin myself again is that wat i really want. ull just have to b patient. its too important to jump to conclusions.’
    deep in thought,

  235. and to the person who asked what makes a true friend, just look at cord. lylas cord!!! (even tho i dont really kno u, u seem like a great friend and a lil sweetie pie lol ur the best cord)

  236. grrrr. r chu blind? i wrote that comment cuz sumone left a comment above mines. roar. even dolly saw it and shes like, half blind (no offense dolly ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) chu ppl really making me feel bad. and its bad enough with the other probs. so… can we maybe not like… talk bout it ever again? it would like help if the commet got deleted for once…. its really bugging me. *sighs* really, can chu cord, like, delete my comment? im tired of those responses to my stupidity.


  238. dear cord,

    is it ever ok to lie?


  239. Dear left a stupid comment,
    i’m not even sure wat comment u thought was stupid? here this is wat ill do…

  240. Dear hyper-for-a-friend,
    take deep breaths.
    happy me,

  241. Dear Fly,
    I’m not one to lie if i can help it. and like recently when i lied it made me feel horrible. so, for the most part idont think that its kk to lie. but a few white lies *lies that arnt black* are generally excepted as ok. For instance:telling someone you like their new hair cut when it makes them look horrible and you like cuz jeeze it’s too late now…or like when someone asks u how u r and u say ur fine when inside u r all torn up bout something, or like when u tell someone it’s the best cake u eva had when u know darn well that its a lil dry. So, although its best to tell the truth, some lies used for protection seem to b exceptable.
    from, sometimes when u tell the truth u wish u had lied,

  242. There is this guy I like (like like). but I know for sure he has a gf on cp (I don’t know him in real life). What should I do? Should I wait for them to break up?

  243. Should I try to find someone else Do you know any single penguins LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

  244. Dear waitin for a break up,
    waitin for a break up might take time. so if hes that important to u i suggest u wait. in the meantime u neva know who u might meet…(single) If you want to put a bug in his ear when ur alone u could tell him ur feelings and let him know when he becomes available if hes interested to let chu know!
    Hatez break ups

  245. Dear Cord,
    I know Im typing formal ๐Ÿ˜€ I felt like it.. Now, moving on. Okay, well every time I call this um person I get all hyper and shake-y and I don’t know how to make that stop, help?
    -Umm Luna

  246. Dear formal typer,
    That is called adreniline. Most public speakers also get that nervousness. They use it as postive energy to make their speeches better. So try to channel it into somethin positive like forming the content of wat u wanna say bfor u start the converstion. Then just keep telling urself ur doin great.
    ummm Cord

  247. cord just dso u know after u left izzy was cussin on ur chat…so u might want to take his mod powers away. i tod him to stop and he was being rude to me and kept cussing

  248. thanx flip!

  249. LUNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Luna, you need to come back on cp and stop just going on chat because I can’t go on chat and I really really miss you!!!!! Please come back!!!!!!
    Dawn, I’m really confused about what you’re saying because first your not stupid, and second, I have no idea what you said that makes you sound stupid???
    Cord, are you sure it’s okay to lie? I mean, yeah okay telling your best friend she looks fine when she looks completely ridiculous, but every time I lie, I just feel horrible. I rarely lie, but don’t you feel like when you lie to your mom to tell her you didn’t do it (just for example) you feel like you can never get yourself out of it? Like, once you lie, you can’t just go back and be like okay I did it. And I really don’t like when people lie all the time and stuff. Like, I don’t even like white lies because I want people and my friends to be completely honest with me. I mean, if your best friend says your hair looks great, when it look really stupid, you’re going to be mad that she wasn’t honest with you, right? I don’t know, and I think lying is really difficult to deal with, and it’s best to be totally honest. Do ya catch muh drift? (lol aka do you know what I’m saying)

  250. Dear Cord,
    What is the greatest present to get your best friend on her 13th birthday?

    (lol that message before was really long!)

  251. Okay so in home&careers, we were doing this sewing thing and it was really boring and stupid, and the machines didn’t work and the whole thing was just ridiculous, and I never want to sew again in my life. And that’s my story lol. By the way, if it’s 7:05 why does it say i commented at 8:05? Cord I thought u were in like Virginia or something and last time I checked theres no time difference between Virginia and NY?

  252. dear cord,

    i know you told me what makes a good friend but wat is a friend? like the true definition what does a friend mean to you?


  253. dear get my drift,
    i guess its neva kk to lie, but it happens. and i do gotta agree if u lie it grows, cuz then u gotta keep lyin to protect the first lie. and im not really sure y its sayin its an hour earlier later when u post, but my guess is that its an hour earlier where u r than where i am and its set to my time zone? just keep on commentin and dont worry bout the time!
    confused yet happy,

  254. dear definition seeker,
    you can combine this definition with the email i sent u. to me a true friend is someone tht u wanna b with, especially when ur happy or sad, got a problem, or feel bad. they r someone u neva wanna loose track of and u try to spend as much time with em as u possibly can. if u dont get to see em often (like my friend angie) it doesnt me u dont think of em often.
    ur friend,

  255. Dear Cord,
    you know how sometimes you have that text on the bottom of your chat that says, “National Peton week” or somthing? Well can you tell me how to get that?
    -Chat freak

  256. Dear chat freak,
    it’s simple… just type /s before wateva u wanna have scroll down there!
    National Cord

  257. Dear cord, what is an enemy? When someone hates you what do you say to them? How do you respond to someone telling you that they hate you and that you annoy them and that they want you to stop talking to them? from: i think i have an enemy fly

  258. Dear cord, people say : out of sight out of mind. Is that true? What does that mean? fly

  259. Dear hated and forgotten?
    My response to an enemy would depend on how i felt bout them. do u like this person? do u hate this person? i really hate no one so my response would b to just chill for awhile. let the person get ova their issues cuz they r the one with issues as far as im concerned. then, if i wanted to talk to em i would. so what is an enemy? to me an enemy is the bad guy that wants to do u harm. this means that no matter wat u do u have to assume that they might wanna see u go down. therefore b gaurded in ur actions. When pplz say out of sight out of mind they mean that they dont think bout things that arnt in their vision at the time. in other words they might forget somethin that isnt in front of their faces. thats y we have notes and photographs to remind us of stuff.
    hope this helped, they were tuff qs.
    no enemies for me,

  260. cord im confused whats down there

  261. down where?

  262. cord, do like, all blogs have a smiley face at the bottom of a page like this? = : ) cuz ur blog has one… *pokes smiley face* haha maybe its a sign of happiness,friendship, kindness, and luck ๐Ÿ˜€ . omg now i gotta see if my blog has one DX

    bye bye!
    ~Vocaloid luver

    ps. wich do u like best? cats or dogs? i prefer cats just a slight but ๐Ÿ™‚ look at this face =


    i had to put it lolz

  263. when u were talkin about the chat problem of mine

  264. dear confused,
    im confused?
    confused cord


    Neeko 24 ๐Ÿ™‚

    p.s. did my igloo win the contest?
    p.s.2 im a little crazy today
    p.s.3 do you like chocolate?
    p.s.4 i think hersheys milk chocolate is the best
    p.s.6 PC (Planet Cazmo) RULES!!
    CP (Club Penguin) DROOLS
    p.s.7 no offense
    p.s.8 im writing to many p.s.’s
    p.s.9 what does p.s. mean anyways?
    p.s.10 BYE BYE!!!!!!!

  266. its ok i found out what to do

  267. p.s means post script which means somthing else after message

  268. hiya stranger,
    ur site is cool! i will try t answer ur qs…
    1. i don’t think that ur iggy won the contest.
    2. im crzy everyday.
    3. i loves chocolate and i like geridelli chocolate best. yummy.
    4-9 i loves club penguin.
    9 ps means post script as in after the stuff
    10. bye bye
    hugs, cord

  269. dear cord,

    i just got my elective sheet today. we can have 2 electives but we have to choose 4. my choices were:

    1. Computers (i definately wanna take computers)
    2. Art (sure ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    3. Creative writing (sounds fun)
    4. Spanish (i guess ther was ntg else)

    now i wanted ur opinion on this: should i take P.E instead of Spanish?? i mean i already know spanish (and its boring) but i wanna take it kuz then i might forget it (and my geography class HAS to be in spanish…its required). and well P.E kuz i would probably be fat if i didnt have P.E already but the thing is that we have to run a mile…and well the P.E teacher is fun but she can get strict. my cousin who’s already in P.E told me that if ONE person stops running they ALL have to start from the beginning!! so i need ur opinion!! ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks!!

    miss p.e or spanish

    P.S have u ever been to ?? its a really fun website!! its like pictonary!! and when u enter the home site u dont need a password, u just put any random user name ๐Ÿ™‚ its fun! its awesome for any great artist like u!

  270. dear to speak or to run,
    if u r fluent in spanish i really dont see any reason to take it. u will get bored and is there really any point in it. i assume that it is beginning spanish. ur probably too advanced for that. pe is good for your health so of course that would be a good option. if you like languages mayb u can take french or another language. *(idk wat ur school offers). dont rule out stuff like wood shop or car mechanics! trust me its good to know how to use tools and fix cars. good luck in ur electives!
    elects to take art even though im a good artist,

  271. Dear cord, how do you stop running from problems and get the courage to face them? fly

  272. dear loaded with problems,
    everybody is gonna have problems. and if u think u can run away from them u really cant cuz they will follow u. instead of running from them realize that with them they bring good. u see, with each new problem, u learn a new lesson. with each problem u tackle, u get a bit stronger. without any problems u couldn’t appreciate perfection. so don’t run…learn, thrive, and enjoy…
    ps it helps to talk to ur friends when u got probs

  273. But then that would just add on to your friends problems and they would worry about you. So isnt it better to not let them worry? Fly

  274. dear worried,
    true friends will consider ur problems theirs even if u dont bring em to them. they will worry bout u when ur happy or sad or confused. friends wanna help so they will help u carry ur burdens.
    shares the load,

  275. Friends are awesome then. Would they listen though even it was a small problem? That wouldnt be wasting their time? How can you tell if your friend is a true friend? fly

  276. cord, r u gonna like, make more paintings? cuz if u r, can i make a request? u should make sumthing for valentines! well, dawn out =D

  277. Dear definition seeker,
    I have already tried to define a true friend a few posts ago. Perhaps u missed it. It read:
    you can combine this definition with the email i sent u. to me a true friend is someone tht u wanna b with, especially when ur happy or sad, got a problem, or feel bad. they r someone u neva wanna loose track of and u try to spend as much time with em as u possibly can. if u dont get to see em often (like my friend angie) it doesnt me u dont think of em often.
    No problem would be too small or too large for a friend to try and help you with. Helping a friend is neva a waste of time.

  278. Dear = D,
    I realize I have not drawn any new color with cord pictures lately. I just don’t seem to have enough time. I will do my best to get a valentines pic on there for special pplz like you.

  279. Dear cord, in the course of like two weeks i will be moving to a new house and today we cleaned the house the room feels like a prison cell with only one window and small closet my mom says i should be excited but instead im very unhappy. Is there a way that i could be happy? I might even have to change schools signed: totally bummed out fly

  280. Dear too bummed to be amused,
    Moving is usually exciting and depressing. U r leavin behind somewhere that is familiar and loved to go somewhere strange and foreign. Ur Mom knows that going somewhere new opens new doors for u…literally and figuratively. Already u see that ur current home is really nothing more than walls, doors, and windows. The emptiness has brought that fact to light. When u go to ur new place u will walk in and find that its nothing more than walls, windows, and doors too. U will have new opportunities there, a new room, a new neighbor, and ….mayb a new school. Just like the man in the Bank Chicken Soup Story decide ur gonna love it bfor u get there. Concentrate on how wonderful havin a new room will b, a new neighbor and even a new school if that does happen. Look around at ur current house and think bout all the things that u really dont like much there…and rejoice cuz u get to say bye bye to those things. Moving can b exciting like ur mom says if u allow it to b.
    cord moved bout 5 years ago and i love my new house
    ps. remember too that as long as u get to take ur computer and have access to the internet u still r only an enter key away from ur friends online!

  281. i moved! but countries.. haha ๐Ÿ˜€ . i thought i was gonna hate it wen i was 5 (thats wen we moved) cuz i didnt know english ( venezuela! YAY!). we had to move cuz my dads job, well, thats wut i remember, wen i first moved herei just stayed home with mom playing with my toys. but then i had to go to kindergarden to learn english. luv that kindergarden teacher! she was really supportive! eh… i didnt know the difference between blue and glue. but now i have tons– ok, not tons, but many kind and loving freinds. we still live in the house we moved in, its rented, and the 3 of us ( me mom and daddy) hope that in a few years we’ll move into our very own house. but its gotta b big with a yard. and since ill miss my old comfy house, ill take pics of it! its sorta exciting that im moving to a house where i can explore new places! but its GOT TO B CLOSE TO MY SKOOL. im not moving from skool. no uh. no way. period. my point is ( im making this too long so lemme just say wut i want), if u like to explore and meet new ppl, moving will b fun and exciting! and u dont have to lose contact with friends and teachers, call ur friends on the phone or email ur friends as well as ur teachers! get their email adresses bfore u move tho. ๐Ÿ˜€


    p.s. sorry cord if it was too long and it seems like im a snoop. i just wanna help. *gasps* i moved into this house…. *counts* around 5 or 6 years ago! ๐Ÿ˜€

  282. thanx dawn,
    does anybody else have an experience about moving?

  283. There is this lady that moved in with us and i dont like her that much but when we move to the new house she is gonna come and live there too. What is wonderful about a new school and new room? Signed: dont want to move but has no choice fly

  284. Im annoying so i dont think teachers would want to email me and im quiet around my friends so what would i email them about anyway ps last time we moved was to orlando into an apartment then to a hotel then came back to the current house and now we are gonna move to west palm beach a totally different house and we arent gonna move back because my mom is gonna sell the house or rent it out to ppl but probably sell it anyway

  285. :O UR IN FLORIDA!!!! I LOVE FLORIDA!!! lol

  286. hellos.. i have a question… if you and another person used to talk a lot but you kind of ceased talking, what happened? why did you stop talking that much?


  287. dear dont wanna move,
    a new start. when everything is new its sorta like a chance to make all the wrong stuff right. if u dont like somethin bout ur self u can loose it and nobody knows anything bout it. new rooms…well its a new placed to make urs. decorate, etc. idk just think positve and draw from ur bank. i hope u find out u like it.

  288. dear gets around,
    sounds like u have had to make these same adjustments bfor. u know that they say practice makes perfect! and ur not anoyin

  289. dear missing conversation,
    it could mean many things. usually i think it means that the other person has something goin on. mayb a problem or just stuff…ask em wats goin on and tell em u wanna help
    i miss talkin to some pplz too,

  290. I dont annoy you? Fly

  291. dear fly,
    y would you think that u annoy me?

  292. Idk but its possible that i do and you just have a high tolerance level. Theres not alot of stuff that annoys you though. Maybe i talk to you too much or something with all the questions and pc’s. I’ve never heard you tell anyone to shut up or be quiet now that i think about it. Just kinda feel like a little kid that wont shut up but no one is going to say shut up in fear of hurting the kid’s feelings or something. I think that i annoy everyone but you most of all. I would think that annoy because you accept stuff to like a certain level and i probably passed that level many times before and now you could just be accustomed or used to it by now. Kinda suprised that i dont but thats like some of the reasons i would think that. Fly

  293. Dear Lil Kid,
    First off…I guess i do have a high level of tolernence to certain things, however, if i was bein anoyed id say hey that’s enough. Or if u or anybody was anoyin me id prob just ignore u till i thought that i could take some more. im sure u have seen me kick someone on chat cuz they wont shut up or they r anoyin me. so, dont think that im just bein nice cuz even though i think i am nice im just bein myself. If one of my buddies has a prob i surely would neva say not my prob go away. so since ur my friend i try to b there for u no matter wat. stop worryin so much!
    worried that i might not have all the answers,

  294. Dear cord, you are so awesome and i guess i can stop worrying so much thanks for the help. Fly

  295. yep, u shouldn’t worry.

  296. Dear cord, do you think it was a good thing i left? Fly

  297. dear fly,

  298. Dear cord, do you think things would have gone any differently if i stayed? Fly

  299. Dear cord, when you smile is that happiness? How can you tell when you are happy? Fly

  300. dear fly,
    plz stay, of course things would go differently without you and WITH you. everybody makes a difference.

  301. dear cord,

    ok if you say so


  302. dear smiley,
    a smile is an outcome of happiness. Think about a baby. it doesnt take long for a baby to start smilin when their mom comes to pick em up or they find something funny. but seein their mom is the happiness. sometimes i think that we ignore happiness because it doesnt always show itself like anger and sadness does. u gotta remember they are all just a state of mind and how we chose to react to the feelings determines alot about how they make us feel. everybody is different so happiness for u will b different than happiness for me. lil things that other ppl overlook often make me happy. like…there’s the tree that was damaged in the hurricane (isabel few years ago) and some of it broke away. the part that was left always looked like a praying mary. weeds grew up around it and then i couldnt see it. i just saw the tree last week and someone had cleared the weeds and i could see the formation again. i got happy! i missed it. so…it doesnt have to be something that will move mountains. lil things bring happiness just as much if not more than big things.
    hope u find inner happiness,

  303. Dear cord, so it doesnt neccesarily have to come from within yourself? Can a person make you happy? Or does it have to be u to make u happy? Fly

  304. Dear cord, what is pride? Fly

  305. ok i have sooo much to say…
    1) Fly i was just wondering y ur asking all these questions about what things mean? Look on gosh that thing tells u everything lol
    2) cord u never answered my question…what is the perfect gift for ur bffs 13th bday?
    3) idk y but like last week or something mayb 2 weeks ago idk but it wouldn’t let me go on ur web page and it said like this page was harmful to my computer or something like that. once again idk
    4) to whoever said p.e. or spanish, take p.e.!! Its like the best part of the day even tho the games r played stupid and stuff lol but its more fun and exciting than spanish (I take French lol)
    5) Luna I thought I told u to get chur booty over here on cp so I can actually talk to u cuz i miss you SOOO much!
    6) there r soo many comments on this thing and I just really dont feel like reading it. speaking of reading and stuff I have some social studies hw thing about the Boston Massacre Propaganda that I really dont feel like doing lol
    7) idk what else to say, I had it but then I forgot lol………………………………………….
    ok well peace out then darlings lol
    byebye cupcake!~!*!$!~ hahaha
    8) by the way sry to anyone who really cared but I havent really had time to go on cp much and I really don’t like it anyways haha but I’ve been so busy with school lacrosse friends and everything sooo yeah lol
    ok noooooow byebye cupcakes lol ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ;0 :p

  306. ok that was supposed to be an 8 then parenthesis not a 8) lol I didnt even notice that made a face! hahaha and wow that message was long!

  307. Dear Inner Happiness,
    The happiness will come within urself. The catalist that causes it can come from a person or anything…even a damaged tree.
    Hugs Happily,

  308. Dear Fly,
    Pride is love of one’s excellence (Augustine said this). When u did ur best u take pride in that. when u accomplish something u take pride in that. U can take pride in other people’s accomplishments, such as Obama becoming our first black president, or how our nation responded to 9/11. Sometimes pride can b bad. for instance when u put too much emphasis on doin somethin better than anyone else. Then pride becomes vanity. Don’t even ask me when pride crosses the line and becomes vanity because im not sure i quite understand that myself. I do know that sometimes people think u r vain becuz u have a high since of pride in urself and ur accomplishments…usually vainity relates to pride in urself. so… when u take pride in urself don’t overate ur accomplishments, yet dont underate them either. kk so thats complicated. taking pride in wat u do, say and how u act can not possibly b bad though.
    proud to b cord

  309. Dear cupcake,
    srry idk how i missed ur q. i think that the perfect gift is somethin from the heart. therefore, dont dis qualify somethin uv made. is there somethin that they have mentioned wanting? cards, flowers, jewelry, and nic nacs r always good gifts.
    tell me more about ur bff and mayb i can help u betta with a gift.
    as to the time my page said it had a virus it might well have had one. a week or two ago i had a vulcom trojan virus on my computer…it was somethin that showed up as a 360 virusprotection thingy…i tried everything i knew to get rid of it and finally after a few days norton finally saw it and got rid of it poof! so that may have been the problem. if u ever see that message u should not access whatever it is ur trying to access even if it is my wordpress. i have no idea where it came from btw but i suspect nick was goin places that he shouldnt have.
    and yes, there are a ton of comments here. its actually the only place i ever delete comments to try and keep the page resonable at least. i cant even imagine wat it would b like if i didnt.
    cord the cupcake lover

  310. I give up now. Fly

  311. and u bnever answered my q either lalz. i didnt feel like telling u cuz then im too lazy with my lazy butt and mind but ill copy it down again=

    cord, do like, all blogs have a smiley face at the bottom of a page like this? = : ) cuz ur blog has oneโ€ฆ *pokes smiley face* haha maybe its a sign of happiness,friendship, kindness, and luck . omg now i gotta see if my blog has one DX

    bye bye!
    ~Vocaloid luver

    ps. wich do u like best? cats or dogs? i prefer cats just a slight but look at this face =


    i had to put it lolz

    lalz answer me q this time cord-oneesama!

  312. dear =^_^=,
    i think that all wordpress blogs have the smiley face at the bottom. urs does too! Sorry i hadnt answered it already. guess im missin stuff. if i eva miss a q on ask cord b sure to let me know. i try to answer all the q’s as soon as possible.
    i like cats best…sorry dog lovers. i have 2 cats sugar and shadow, shadow is not very lovable, alyssa picked her out and i think she was a wild cat before we got her. i picked sugar out and she was the most lovable cat in her litter. shes sweet!
    i like dogs too, but no offence dog lovers i think they usually stink, and they droul, and they are loud when they bark. i find those three things a lil anoying bout them…i have had some sweet dogs though and i really miss them.

  313. cord-oneesama!

    ju is being a jerk! she always is! wen we see a person that we like or anime character we pick them as “ours” and i picked one from a new show way before she did and she had a pic of her like 5 mins ago and i told her that there was no way im gonna share her cuz ju is really mean about sharing becuase wen she told me bout a new anime and there was only two girls left and i didnt like them she was all like=

    *gulps* i guess we could..
    OoO share her

    and then i told her no cuz i knew she was being selfish as always and not wanting to share and i just picked one of the ones left. so she was like well we can share and idc im sharing and i was like im not sharing cuz u dont like to share so im not sharing and then she said

    well fine then im not sharing [name]

    and i said idc because i really dont since i dont like that person anymore that much and i never really used her adn all and now i blocked her. shes gonna keep bugging me foreva and eva if i didnt. and! she always says idc and wen i talk to her on msn im the one who practicly makes up the whole conversation! and i sat with a new group of ppl today at lunch because they never really talk to me. as in ju,soph,and doll at lunch. they always turn their backs to me and dont tell me anything. im TIRED of that! do you think its time to get a new group of friends?

    help me as soon as possible cord-oneesama!

  314. dear groupie,
    is it absolutly necessary to be in a group? i think so much bout u, ju, soph, and doll that i could neva say for any of u to turn ur back to the others. im not really sure y havin an animee of ur own is so important. but, obviously it is so wat do i know? i think that having alot of friends is always a good thing. follow ur heart. thats wt everbody always is tellin me.

  315. my friend says i stress out too much about my grades. I cant help it…I have to have good grades. how can i be less stessed over school?

  316. dear over achiever,
    doing ur best and trying to achieve good grades is not a bad thing. Good grades can lead to scholarships, better jobs in the future, and a really good inner satisfaction. Good grades are something that you can take pride in. Granted the extra work or dissapointment over getting bad grades can cause stress. when ur an over achiever stress is hard to avoid. my best advice is to remain a well-rounded person and relieve the stress with exercise, play, music, and just some good chill time. good luck!
    grrr i hates 76’s.

  317. Cord,
    Ummmm, who’s Nick?
    I’m kinda the same way. Like if i get a 95 on a quiz or something I get really mad and people are like why are you mad that’s really good and I’m like no it’s not but I guess it’s because we set higher standards for ourselves or something. It’s not that I think the 95 is really bad, it’s just I was hoping to get a 100 cuz that’s that standard I set for myself. I think.
    Cord Again,
    My best friend is what you know as Sportykay49. I don’t know if you’re friends with her or anything but my problem is she pretty much has everything haha. You know what I mean by it’s hard to get someone a present if they already have pretty much everything?

  318. Flippy who is that on your icon?

  319. emma watson

  320. ummmm who’s that? lol

  321. dear fellow achiever,
    i just want an A! that’s good enough for me. grrr 76… getting someone that has everything somethin is tricky cuz wat do they need anything else for? how bout somethin that only you and her know bout. is there any like secret thing that yall have shared? i have bout everything i want and 2 of my fav gifts from christmas were a handmade penguin from a very special friend and these awsome fur lined knit socks for around the house. they r soooo warm!
    good luck,

  322. dear icon ic researcher,
    emma watson was in harry potter.

  323. ohhhhh well I hate harry potter so I wouldn’t know that lol

  324. Dear Cord,
    Where have u been on cp?

  325. Dear Cord Again,
    How do I change my icon?

  326. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeell Bella. I dont really think u can change ur icon pic thing unless u have an account. but if u do then u go to Edit Profile and then there should see a gravatar thing and then.. then it tells u evrything u have to do. ๐Ÿ˜€ I change my pic a lot

  327. dear bella/bellaboo/blondie/barbie/bellbellfries,
    ur name is so long that i cant read ur q! dawn is right bout the avitar. idk if there is a way to change it otherwise. there might b but idk.
    just cord

  328. its weird because i deleted my account and it still shows my icon…why?

  329. hmmm,
    i guess somewhere in space ur account still exists.

  330. hey cord. happy valentines day! ummm… so how are you? what the **** is a bot? comment me back at my website’s comments. ps. this is really me. i havent been on because i actually moved to california. i am currently looking for a house and am living with my cousins and family is arizona. well, i gtg. bye. ps. i love you!

  331. Dear Purple,
    Happy Valentines Day! I’ve missed you. I miss singin to you and the fun that we had. Hope that u had a good move and u find that house soon. A bot is similiar to a ninja. Some people call them clones. They can do amazing things like march around in perfect lines and repeat what ur sayin at the exact same time that u say it….how the heck they read ur mind i have no idea! they are fun to watch…and fun to watch the reactions of the penguins.
    *Throws 2 Snowballs*
    From She does ballet,
    Ps…well ps

  332. ohhh yeahhh! they have those bot things on AIM and one time I was talking to one of them with my friend and it started asking us questions like what are names were and how old we were and stuff so we were like none of ur business pal were not tellin you this stuff and we told them all this junk and it was preeeetty funny lol

  333. Dear Cord,
    Okay so in school there’s this girl who dresses crazy (like wearing yellow mustard colored leggings with like gym shorts and summer dresses with a hoody and boots and stuff that’s crazy and doesn’t match but she thinks it’s fashion or something I don’t know) and she’s kind of annoying, but she wants to be like “popular” and thinks she is so she trys to hang out with my friends and me but it’s just she’s not really our friend. We don’t want to be mean or anything like that but we just want her to stop and leave us alone. I know it sounds mean, but it just really bothers me when people try to be someone they’re not and stuff. So how do we tell her or get her to just leave us alone without being mean to her? Does this like make me sound mean? Because I’m really not, it’s just so frustrating.

  334. Dear Frustrated by Friendly Fashion Plate,
    some ppl can b anoyin. i sorta feel srry for her though just from wat uv said. shes tryin really hard to b different and yet to fit in. she wants popularity so shes tryin to stand out and team up with popular groups. she sounds vry lonely and confused. i ttly understand ur view point though. watcha wanna weirdo bein in ur group for? im glad u dont wanna b mean to her cuz it really doesnt sound like shes tryin to b mean to u. theres no easy way to get her to leave u alone though without bein mean. so u either just gotta let her hang wit chu and kinda ignore that shes there or u gotta b mean and tell her that u really dont want her around. personally even though she sounds strange id let her hang around and just let her think shes part of ur group. if ur kinda ignorin her and doin this she will prob get bored and go find someone else to hang with.
    good luck,

  335. Dear Cord,
    But umm I don’t think ur quite understanding this. SHE THINKS WERE LIKE BFFS WITH HER! She’s like always following us around and stuff and it’s really hard to ignore her cuz she’s like always trying to talk to us and stuff and we’ve tried to ignore her soooo many times but she just doesn’t seem to get it. She’s not lonely and confused or anything, she’s just trying to hang out with people who aren’t her type. I really don’t want to be mean but it’s just sooo hard and annoying to deal with this.

  336. kk so shes not loney or confused? i still think she is. u will just have to tell her to get lost. u can just say i know u like us but we really dont want u around???guess u gotta b mean.
    good luck,

  337. cord!!! theres a white puffle by the dojo! it comes out every 30 minutes!!

  338. Dear Cord,
    Cord, ur in ballet rite? have u seen the nutcracker? is it good???? ive never seen it but dol says its good. ๐Ÿ˜› do u think its good? do u like ballet? I used to b in ballet! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Hyper ballerina XD

  339. Dear hyper-tippy toes,
    I have not really seen the nutcracker, but i’ve seen some parts of it on television. i thought it was good…if u like that kind of thing. ive also seen parts of swan lake…another good ballet. i love ballet, especaillly at recital time!
    spins around,

  340. ok umm we watched the nutcracker in music like 5 years ago lol and it was BORING!!!!!!!! there’s like no talking! idk about u but i cant stand movies and stuff that have no talking. the whole thing is just background music and dancing. OH WAIT… mayb thats y its a ballet LOL
    yeah but ummm all of us are like afraid to tell her. well were not afraid but its like whos gonna do it none of us want to be mean but we kinda have to. ummm yeah so who are we supposed to have do it? lol

  341. just checking my name thing….

  342. ok it worked lol

  343. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look guys Cord’s icon is a C!!!!!!
    ha ha I never even noticed it!!!!
    Dear Cord,
    Do you think I’m blonde?

  344. kk so its like this if u want rid of her somebody has to b brave enough and mean enough to tell her to bug off. i sincerly think that writing it in a note is wrong but it is an option. then somebody can sneak it in her book bag or somethin. and yep my avvy is a c but its more than a c. u should find my post about my avitar the eye of horus. its part of the eye of horus that looks like a c. ha ha
    cord with a c

  345. yep i think ur blond.

  346. ooook whatever that’s supposed to mean lol. psh everybody thinks im blonde. is that a good thing or bad thing? and is blonde spelled blonde or blond? and i think saying it in a note is wrong too, even tho SHES RIGHT NEXT TO MY LOCKER! gosh lol

  347. dear blondy,
    i think that blond can be spelled either way, but the prefered way is without the e. it is supposed to mean that im blondish too so i know exactly where ur comin from…lol. and if the note isn’t a good idea then here’s my last suggestion. get a third party…someone not involved to tell her! lol. poor girl.
    blondishly beautiful cord

  348. thanks. its nice to talk to you. meet me on cp at 6 30 . pick a server. meet me at the iceberg. i would like to be your buddy again.

  349. dear lost buddie,
    i was late. got to iceberg on ice palace at 7:00. we will have to try again.

  350. cord,

    i know this is a random quesrtion…but do u have any interest in Twilight? Ever seen the movie, read the books?? Just a question XD


  351. Dear Twilighter fan,
    i can actually say yes i have seen the movie thanx to flip! Last saturday, and hopefully every saturday we had movie night on my chat. Flip was the director and film dudette who posted the movie for us. it was so much fun! she found the movie somewhere on the internet and posted it in appoximatly 10 minute sections. She did and excellent job keeping the whole thing straight and most of us watched the movie and talked about it as it was bein shown. i really enjoyed the night and the movie. i finally have the book from the library but i haven’t had a chance to start it yet because i havent finished the book im readin. im almost done though so mayb i will get to read it soon. i know ur not allowed to go to chat but anybody that can would really enjoy saturday movie night.
    a twilight movie watcher,

  352. Dear Cord…
    wat do you have to have to make a youtube video? like special software or anything?

    ~wantsa make vid

  353. dear wanna vid stuff,
    the easiest and cheapest way (free) to start video making is to download hypercam. just search hypercam and then download…it’s really fast. that’s wat u use to film ur scenes. read the help stuff on it and play with it some and u will learn to use it real fast. music is a lil harder to explain and takes some determination. there’s a cppl of things u will need to record music and some of that depends on ur computer. i had to buy a microphone to record my music. luckily i found a really nice one that was regularly like 50 dollars and it was on sale for 10. so i lucked out. u can buy microphones for around 10 though but the guy at staples told me they was crumby. anyways some computers have a mic already installed. then when u get all this stuff recorded and stuff u edit ur movies on windows movie maker. well i should do like a help thingy on this cuz its all complicated…but u can do it. have fun playin with it.
    inspired to make more vids,

  354. Hi tell everyone i said hi and hows everything fly

  355. Hugs Fly!
    We’ve missed you. Are you all moved? Please hurry back! I’ll let everybody know u checked in.
    Hugs tight,

  356. Lol there isnt a computer and we dont have internet but we are officially moved in. Awesome thanks fly

  357. hey awsomeness,
    i hope its goin kk. i cant wait till u got a computer and stuff. we all miss u.

  358. Cool ill try to keep in touch tell everyone i said hi and enjoy the saturday movie for me fly

  359. Cord, wen r u gonna make another contest?


  360. Dear Cord,
    You know I work for Clonez, right? Well, one of his workers is blaming me for editing out a comment. I swear that I didn’t do it, I am jnot even an editor on his blog! I think it was the new guy, Gumed, he’s an editor. Can you help?
    ~Jacknovozin but for now is, Guy who gets blamed for something he didn’t do and thinks the new huy named Guymed edited it our because he is an editor and I am notvozin

  361. cord, wen ru going to answer MY question, question mark


  362. Hugs Movie Misser,
    Everyone misses u. Hurry up and get an internet connection and stuff.

  363. Dear Competitor,
    I will try to make a new contest soon. When paint wasn’t workin I couldn’t take any pics…It would b kinda hard to have a contest with no pics! I think that we should have a new iggy contest. So I will try to start collectin some pics. Get ur iggys ready.
    Has a Restaurant but doesnt work

  364. Dear Un-Commented,
    I believe you. Y would it be so important that a comment was edited? Do you know wat it said? Mayb nobody edited it. It might have been some fluke. And if somebody knows wat it said…can they really b sure? Just keep writin…yes I did know. I read Clonez blog.
    Blog Commenter,

  365. My school isnt bad at all but i witnessed a fight in the hallways…. idk if i should tell…teachers didnt c it so idk i dont wanna b beat up

  366. Hey cord its kiki.

    Wut happened to that poem bout the girl and the boy and the girl fell through that thingy and so on…..WAT HAPPENED?!

  367. Dear Spectator,
    I think u should tell ur mom or dad. Let them decide if it’s something that should be reported to the school. Then they should tell the school what happened.
    hides from bullies…

  368. Dear Pumped for the partay!
    idk wat poem that is and besides im here for the party.

  369. i think she’s talking about luna’s poem. and cord, if u do an igloo contest can i enter mine??? haha im not a member but im not gonna lie i have a pretty sick igloo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  370. dear non-member,
    of course i will try to remember to visit it!
    not a realtor,

  371. Dear Cord,
    GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!! there’s an I love bella club!!! Want to be in it?!?! Peng said nobody love bella, but he obviously loves me. LOL!!!!

  372. Dear BellaBoo/Blondie/so long it takes up lot’s of spaces,
    Didn’t you know I was already in the I love Bella Club? lol, hugs, there’s obviously lot’s of love for u.
    cord has a i hate cord club

  373. Dear Cord,
    Im gonna b serious on this comment so even wen in whining or complaining, im serious. *puts on serious hat( ok.. its a white hat with the words serious..)*

    In my class theres a girl that sits at my table and shes a show off. and a rip off-er too.

    Shes a rip off-er cuz:
    she made these bows for ur hair and u know how much one costs? it used to b $2 but ppl said thats a rip off so she changed it to 1.25. still a rip off for one TINY BOW

    Shes an annoying show off cuz:
    Just cuz of evrything! Just cuz shes probably the only one in the class that has a great voice to sing, just cuz she thinks shes pretty, just cuz she thinks shes the only one in the class that can play a piano great (i can play it), and just cuz she thinks shes the only DARN PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD WHO CAN ACT AND SING AND PLAY THE GUITAR,RECORDER, AND PIANO AND B PRETTY AT THE SAME DARN TIME PERFECTLY! SHES A BIG FAT SHOW OFF WHO IN CLASS SINGS FOR NO REASON- JUST TO SHOW OFF! UR NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO SING IN CLASS! shes doign a stupid demo to audition for stg. tv. gosh! and she talks A LOT. god the teacher was like to me= ariadna have u had enough? maegan nodded and so did i! theres also a cheerleader in out table but i dont mind her ๐Ÿ˜› and two guys. annoying. thats another thing she is. UGH. and shes a show off in art too! just cuz her moms an artist. but i KNOW my grades and conduct r way better than hers ๐Ÿ˜› straight a’s. cept in stupid art he gave me B.

    sorry for bringing my anger to u but i had to use caps. ^^ tell me how to fix this problem. cuz shes making me feel like a loser.

    The Loser Club! ๐Ÿ˜€


    PS. the loser club thing was just stg from Fushigi Boshi No Futago Hime ๐Ÿ˜›

  374. Dear Honor Roll Student,
    Let’s start with the bows…She can charge whateva she wants for the bows cuz it’s her creation. People who make crafts like bows or otha stuff wanna make some money to put in their pocket. So…The ribbon and wateva else she uses to make the bows has to cost something. Let’s say it costs her 50 cents. Then she has to take her time to make it and her time is worth something too…lets say it takes her 15 minutes or 1/4 hour to make a bow. She wants to buy at least enough materials to make a new bow for every 2 that she makes so she needs 50 cents (remember the for materials). Now…if shes selling each bow for $1.25 it costs her 50 cents in materials and 15 minutes in labor…say she wants to make $1.00 per hour…labor = 50 cents. Now if she pays herself 50 cents the bow she just made cost 50 cents shes only got 25 cents left. so….shes got to make another bow and sell it just to make another 50 cents…so even if it seems like shes gettin rich at ur expense i dont call making $2.00 and hour getting rich. are her bows cute? well anyways u also have ur choice to buy them or try to make one for urself…and actually if u wanna really know if shes a rip off or not thats the best thing to do is see if u can make one and save 75 cents…grr… math!
    u know wat some people seem to get all the luck. they r talented, pretty, and smart…then some ppl seem to only get blessed with mayb bein smart or mayb bein pretty or mayb bein talented. the thing is nobody gets to chose bein pretty and talented…u might have some say in how smart u r cuz u can actually work really hard and study and improve ur brain. so u really shouldnt get mad at her for bein pretty or talented…those were just gifts that God gave her. and if shes smart thats somethin she will always have to work at to get smarter (just like u).
    Now all that said, she might b conceited bout how pretty, talented, or smart she is…which is a fault. so it just goes to show that nobody is perfect.
    So wat is the answer? my best sugestion is to start learning to appreciate people for wat they r. that doesnt mean that u gotta like everything bout them or agree with everything they do. if she sings good try to enjoy hearin a pretty song. if shes talented at makin ribbons for ur hair look at the pretty colors or how it makes someone actually look better. if shes stuck up and self centered learn from her mistakes and know that u have extrodinary things bout u too…straight a’s r somethin that not everybody can achieve.
    hugs, grabs dawn outta the loser club thing and puts her in the winners club,

  375. Ugh cord.. that was complicated. and u wouldnt stand her either. im tired of her voice ๐Ÿ˜›

  376. Dear cord whats up? wow there is alot going on whats up with the club things? Theres gonna be a party? Sounds awesome wish i could go how was the movie? Did you guys watch a movie saturday? Still dont have a computer or internet but ill check in on occasion tell everyone i said hi fly save some cake for me

  377. Dear Cord,

    I’m like, to the highest level of annoyance rite now. all those comments bout getting back together with him.. ur NOT going bak together rite? its really tiring me out of hearing all of this.
    okay, well bye!!! =^.^= nya~


  378. ugh cord dont even asnwer that cuz now im mad at u. never gonna want to type to u ever again.


  379. imma not gettin back with him. he said that not me. i will still b his friend. thats all.

  380. Don’t be mad at her dawn

  381. Oh Craz Applez

  382. ugh sum ppl could mind their own stuff cuz that comment isnt needed anymore. >=| so yeah… im not mad at her. and…


    lolz i wanted to try that out ^^

  383. 6k

  384. Dear Ta,
    People are just trying to help I think…
    Ta Ta,

  385. I was but u dont need it anymore i guess fly

  386. yeah u helped. made me feel like being less mean >=] lolz

  387. dear lolz,
    good, i try hard.

  388. >:l who else got the stupid april fool computer virus?

  389. dear virus sufferer,
    i ran a virus scan on tuesday night cuz i read that if it wasnt on ur computer then it wouldnt hurt u. so far everythin looks fine. good luck to u if uv got it.
    norton is notorious for savin my computer,

  390. lol btw tht was me ^^ i wasnt signed in

  391. dear cord,

    is it possible to lose furniture in cp??? like, u buy it one day, and then a month later u dont have it anymore?

    **^LoSt My Cp FuRnItUrE^**

  392. Dear Crime of the Century…CP Furniture Gone!,
    yes u can. i lost my some of my gardens and some of my fences one time and then i had to re-buy them. Also, u know that rugby shirt (orange and yellow) that they just brought bac. i lost that from my inventory a long time ago and had to re-purchase it too…
    There is a Thief Among US!

  393. yesh there is! i lost all my security cameras! now im camera-less!!

  394. Dear Needs a Body Gaurd,
    That is weird. I went to check my inventory and my cameras are still there. I only have 2 anyways. Isn’t that weird that the thief stold ur security cameras? Wats up with that?
    gives pepper spray,

  395. yesh it is! there is a thief among us! *grabs a metal bat* im not afraid to use htis thing u thief! whoevah chu r…. lalz

  396. yesh it is! there is a thief among us! *grabs a metal bat* im not afraid to use htis thing u thief! whoevah chu r…. loz

  397. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah repeated comment!

  398. Dear Cord,

    Do you know what u wanna b wen u grow up? lolz a really cheesy q. its cheesy but its hard. theres so many things i could be! chef,author,artist, person-that-plays-an-instrument,councelor,orthodontist,humain society person, actress,singer (neva gonna happen lolz X3 unless i take lessons), photographer,vet, computer person, animator,designer, accountants (sp?),maid, and web designer. the list goes on but i couldnt think anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  399. Dear xNekox,
    The possiblilities are endless arent they? I guess one of my dreams is a fashion designer. but, i kinda dont wanna b that cuz it would probably mean livin in a big city like new york or london and i really dont wanna live in a city. so, i think i really wanna b an art teacher. thats my goal.
    Mrs. Cord, Teacher

  400. double comment:

    doll: cord, i wish u could go to my blog and comment kuz i do =]

    dolly <33

    dawn: cord.. if we comment on ur blog practicly evryday, cant u do the same for me and doll? if ur gonna give me the excuse of not going to evryones blog evryday… i dont wanna hear it. *sighs* praticly all my hits r doll


  401. dear blog owner,
    i actually probably make it to all the blogs on my favorites (which is way longer than my blogroll) about every other day. i don’t always comment…but i like to comment when theres time or its somethin that i wanna comment on. i love ur blog and i love doll’s too. they both r so cool. i think that everybody should go there and take a look. everybody seems to have their own style and its fun lookin…i dont seem to have much time anymore though. its even gettin hard to play cp sometimes. theres just so much goin on and with the weather gettin nice i spend tons more time outside and i dont have a lap top. sighs.
    cord the blog surfer

  402. If you make a promise that you cant keep should you take it back? Is it a stupid thing to do when you know you cant but since you care about someone so much you offer to do it anyway?

  403. Dear CAP,
    Some promises are ment to b broken. but a promise is a promise. if u find u cant keep one then u cant. but whoever u made it to deserves and apology and an explaination. i hope that answers ur q.
    i promise to always do my best,

  404. o yeah,
    and some promises probaby should neva b made.

  405. Like what promises should never be made?

  406. Dear CAPS,
    promises that should never be made are ones you know you don’t plan on keeping. any unethical promises shouldnt be made. promises that dont hold conviction should b left unsaid. im sure there’s others that shouldnt ever b uttered. like ones issued to hurt someone.

  407. Oh so if someone makes a promise like that they shoul take it back?

  408. it would probably b a good thing i guess. but, do it with an explanation that u were wrong to make it cuz u didnt plan on keeping it or u werent thinkin bout it hurtin somebody.

  409. How would you explain that?

  410. cord! i just went on cp and pengs were invisible! if you want i could send you some screenshots.

  411. dear cord,

    i just noticed, and mayb im a bit blind or i made a mistake but how come doll isnt on ur blogroll no more?

  412. Dear Rolled Over by my roll,
    Meridoll is there. Look again. I did take a few off that people had deserted and not written on for some time. But, I added some new favorites too. Enjoy all the blogs!
    a frequent blog visitor,

  413. rawr i found out the cause of the random comp viruses tht ppl used to complain about having on chat… its the music tht we put on our playlists… i was adding music then just randomly its like you have like 4 viruses and now my comp isnt wrking properly sooo ya beware of the music

  414. Do true friends forget a friends birthday?

  415. im srry. frowns. i forget everything! but i dont think that u eva told me it was today. i need to make a calandar or somethin of everybodies bday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLY!
    from confetti for brains,

  416. cord, that walrus dude comes to cp blogs rite? wat does he do to them? like.. no more blogs? *gasps* omg.

    Princess Dawn โค

  417. dear omg is my blog gone,
    idk wat he does. the ones that he claimed to have attacked dont exist anymore. he apparently can do wateva he wants to.
    password protected for sure

  418. oh god cord im scared! =S i mean i dont write bout cp all the time but still! y r there ppl like those in the world!

  419. CORD!!! y dont u have a flag couner thing! hu hu hu!?!?!!? u should get one! its sooo interesting to see who visits u form where! and u have not commented on my 1000 word post ๐Ÿ˜ฆ plz comment!

    Princess Dawn โค

  420. hi your cool

  421. dear princess,
    i do not have a flag counter thingy cuz idk y. i do think is coold to see where pplz come from. so, it might b somethin that i get. i will thinks on it.

  422. Cord, i was just wondering, how come u dont reply to ur comments on ur posts? this mite be like the only place where u do answer to practically everyone. and bo is back ^^

    Clueless Snowflake โค

  423. Dear Clueless,
    I honestly don’t have a good answer. I have been tryin to answer some here and there. i guess im just sorta lazy. plus, there neva seems to b enough time to do everything. i will try to do better in the future. i saw bo on chat last night! i was so surprised and glad to see her. y is nobody eva on cp?
    lazy me

  424. lol idk but its bugging me >.> ppl should go on it like the old times

    Snowflake โค

  425. Dear cord,
    yay! 3 qs in one! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. how are you? are you feeling nice? hows it over there in where ya live? :3 we should make plans for a meeting in cp with some of our friends so we can have fun. maybe we should plan that another day wen ur not busy. 83

    2. UGGGGGGGHHH. im lazy. ;A; i dont wanna be lazy my whole life. help me not to be lazy!

    3. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ im sorta sad. idk y but sometimes i just get rlly lonely and sad and depressed. and i dont like it. i want it to stop. wen that happens no matter wat i try to get happy again it doesnt work. i want eet to stop! do u think maybe a vacation to somewhere sunny would help since im going to be going to st. augustine (sp?) in august. i hope it will help me.

    and uh… extra q!

    4. would u like a drawing? im considering putting meh drawins and all up on meh blog and i would love to make u one ^^ ur blonde rite? D: im not good at remembering things.

    Snowflake .> darn… i forgot wat i was gonna say

  426. Cord, remember that cp project thing that we had before to fix all the cp glitches? well do u think they mite bring it bak since theres so many glitches? and wen do u think cp is gonna fix the puffle round up thing? its irritating me cuz its the funnest and easiest (sp?) game ever?

    Snowflake โค

  427. ok cord i told you what happened to me on chat. what should i do?

  428. Dear Flakey Glitch Observer,
    It’s possible that we could all be green puffles agian. Who knows. Mayb we will get a blue hard hat this time. Idk when they plan to fix puffle round up. The best I can tell is you can play it as long as you don’t earn over 1100 coins per log on to cp. It’s really irritating me too!
    Wanna b rich,

  429. Dear Not so Sunny Bunny,
    I am no expert on love and romance. I think that u should follow ur heart. I have a nice waiting cordner on chat. Feel free to use it.
    Good Luck,
    Cloudy Cordy

  430. rawr ppl on chat HATE ME because ppl were cussing and i did something about it!!!!! they always think im at fault for following the rules. i got cussed out called names and told i was hated by everyone on chat… ugh i wont mention names but it was like EVERYONE except 2 ppl who were nice enough not to conform and call me names…

  431. Dear Bestie,
    Being owner of chat is not fun and games like pplz think it is. It’s a huge responsibility and was bestowed to you because i knew you would not take the responsibility lightly. I will never understand why people are so mean to others and it saddens me that we all can’t just get along. That group already knows that I have rules and that I expect them to be followed regardless of if I’m online or not. I’m sure the group is the group that already hates me. I’m sorry that they treated you bad, and I thank you for trying to keep chat clean and safe for me. You did nothing wrong! Be strong and try not to take it personally. Their anger is really directed towards not getting their own way and you are the person standing in the path to complete freedom. Which means you are the target.
    Hugs tightly,
    Cord is Concerned

  432. ๐Ÿ˜ y cuss wen u can have a nice and fun time with clean words with and ice cream cone :3 who can say NO to ice cream hu? and fun >3

  433. Dear Dawn,
    I think that almost everybody cusses eventually or sometimes. But, some places it’s just not appropiate to ever cuss. One is in public places. Chats are public places.

  434. i know rite :I unless the owner is fine with it. but since ur NOT okay with it, if they wanna cuss, they should go to a place where they can. its very unsophisticated to go cussing at ur chat if u ask me. wee~ big words 8D


  436. Happy happy bday! I hope ur birthday is as good as my vacation has been! Hugs, Cord


    go to my blog and look at my hits

  438. :3 cordy, i have several qs.

    1. Is middle skool hard? it seems nice and all now but is it gonna be RLLY hard? OTL i tend to over do it wne it comes to studying. last year for science i would study ALOT. like, all thruout the week wen we were learning, then on friday nite, then on saturday, and then on sunday nite again. and sumtimes i would wake up extra early JUST to reread the text! Oh mai… if its gonna be hard, ill be studying all the time! but i dont mind it. i love learning and reading! and for a weird reason, i love studying too! it makes me feel good wen i get a good grade ^^; i guess its a gifted thing to like studying.

    2. do u like football? lawl, idk much bout it, so i would answer no tee-hee

    3. do you ever compare urself to someone? i do it sometimes and well, >:I it feels yucky.

    4. lawl, do u like the oboe,trombone, or trumpet? lawl i love those! i hope i get one of those in music class : and thats awful. xD so is there a way i can ask u privately?

    7. >w< i procrastinate too much. AND i get bored alot, and im rlly lazy :I help

    ok, thats it, bye bye! ^^


  439. DOOD. MY COMMENT GOT MESSED UP ):: is there a way i can ask u privately?

  440. AGAIN??? wat is up with this! 5. i forgot lawl. 6. i have a q but im afraid to ask it publicly.can i tell u privately? (THIS COMENT BETTER WORK)

  441. Dear Middle Schooler,
    Middle School really isn’t any harder than Elementary School, but, things are a lot different there and there will probably be a lot more work, taught to you a lot faster, more homework, and more confusing things you might not have had before like lockers, gym, and clubs. So, although the work isn’t really that much harder , it might seem harder. But, don’t worry, there’s a lot more fun things to do in middle school. Don’t be afraid to do any of it. The more you participate in the extraciricular activities the more you’re gonna love middle and high school. There’s sports like football to enjoy and show your support for your team. Yes, I like football. It’s fun to sit in the bleachers on a chilly fall night and scream at the top of your lungs as the cute guys in tight pants run up and down the field. I love confetti too! If your school allows it make some confetti by using a hole punch. You can even make it in your school colors. You can throw it in the air everytime your team scores or your favorite player does good! I do compare myself to other people all the time. It’s usually in a negative way, so I don’t suggest doing it. You are you and nobody else is you so why try to compare yourself to someone who’s not you? Just be the best person YOU can be and YOU will be fine. I like music. I really like all instruments. I guess I like the trumpet over the trombone. And the oboe is weird to me. Procrastination is a really bad habit. I used to procrastinate really bad. I’ve worked really hard to overcome it though. (I still do sometimes) Try to set times to do certain tasks. Like I do my blog and stuff first thing in the morning. I almost crawled back in the bed this morning , but i just would have felt bad later. Also, finish what you start. The longer you put off completing something the harder it is to do. And last, but not least, participate in the after school activities, do your homework, and have fun and you won’t be bored!
    Hugs, I’m never bored!

  442. lawl… i dont think u answered the stupid #6 xD its ok anyways lawl. DOOD D: everyone wants to play the stupid flute and there r no trombone players. lawl i would have volunteered but i want my friend to play it too. OTL it scares me being different alone

  443. dear cordially,
    how do you get a letter on your wordpress? like… you have the C, and dawn has a person. plz help me… i know you will help thanks soooo much!

    – purplelove15

  444. on ur wordpress page go to the top left where it says my account. then go to edit gravatar. u should b able to figure it out from there. u just select wat u want to put there from ur computer or other option they let u use.
    hugs purple,
    i miss ya

  445. hiiiiii cord….. :3 ummmm… like…. uh…. D:

    i guess ill ask stg random :3 since i wanna talk to u :3

    D< its time to help the planet, r YOU going green???

    lawl… are YOU?

  446. Dear Green eyed girl,
    Sorry i’ve taken so long to respond, but i love my planet. I hate litter! That’s my biggest pet peve. I pick up trash when i see it. i save electricity and resources whenever possible. i plant gardens and take care of my planet. i guess im green!
    eco-friendly gal

  447. 8D thats great! i recycle :3 i rlly cant say i save electricity cuz im using energy like the whole time xD and i TRY to take shorter showers but OTL not possible. Actually, my eye is brown :3 but i thought it would looked prettier green. i have a q~

    1. what does anti-social and socially awkard mean? are they the same as shy? i dont think they are.

    2. do ppl label u? like, lets say u dont talk alot in class cuz u rather get ur work done and u dont feel comfortable sharing journal and stuff, and then ppl label u and ur friends the shy group. does it seem fair since they barely know ANYTHING about you?

    :3 and its ttly ok that u didnt respond soon. i know u have other things to do so i understand ^^ unlike me, u actually have a life! 8D

  448. cord, i think i just lost a friend… and dont tell me to apologize because i tried and she said no… im rlly sad now.

  449. Dear You-have-a life-too,
    I’m so srry i didn’t see ur previous q and now a new one so i will try to answer both and i apologize that my response is so late.
    1. anti-social and socially awkard are 2 ttly different things and you can be shy or not be shy and be either anti-social or socially awkward.
    anti-social means that u don’t like to be in social situations like parties, groups, or other gatherings of people. If you are socially awkward, you may not act appropiatly in those same groups. People may think that u r strange, weird, or they may enjoy u there because you’re different from everybody else.
    2. Idk y people label other people, but most of us are guilty of it. If we could learn not to judge people then perhaps we wouldnt label them.
    3. I apologize once again for not responding sooner. I do have a life, but so do u or u wouldnt b able to ask Cord.
    Next q:
    It’s horrible to loose friends. It happens sometimes though. If you think that u made a horrible mistake, giving the apology is a good thing to do. Not every apology is excepted when it’s first given. Wait a few days and and remind ur friend that u really are srry or say somethin like u will try harder. If ur friend still doesnt except the apology just try to b friendly when u see them and hopefully things will get better.
    And always remember hugs don’t need words,
    Your friend for life

  450. D: u were quick! lawl, i even forgot bout the other q. tee-hee i called her and apologized and were friends again! D< but ughhhhh. i dont wanna do the drawings i owe them

  451. cord ( this is the 3rd time i write this cuz wordpress keeps logging me out D: )

    has cp fixed the puffle round up thing yet? i dont wanna get logged out so im waiting for ur answer :3

  452. dear cord,

    wow its been a long time since saying that

    i have an important question

    do parents own kids?

    they tell us what to do they take care of us they can disown us

    are we slaves to our parents?

    we cant disobey them without getting punished we cant rebel without being broken down and placed somewhere different

    idk maybe its just me

  453. Dear Persistant Puffle Player,
    As far as I can tell Puffle Round Up is safe to play now. I have played it several times and have not been banned. Give it a try.
    Good Luck,
    Coiny Cord

  454. Dear Placed with Parents,
    It is true that sometimes we feel owned by our parents, but, that is not actually the case. Our parents were blessed with us (usually as tiny babies) and we own them. That’s right we own our parents. From the time we are tiny babies we cry when we want something. They buy us milk and they feed it to us. They make sure we have clothes, shelter and food. As we grow they teach us by their actions, and they continue to take care of us regardless of what stupid things we do. When we become old enough to leave home, they cry when they see us leave because suddenly they realize that they have been owned by you for only a short time, and they hope that they have done good by you and given you the things that you will need to be owned by children one day.
    Love bein owned,

  455. ohhh cordddddddd~

    I wanna start a little garden. the problem is, i dont have a backyard, OR a front one. all i have is this little cement pad on the back of our house D: and it doesnt even have a FENCE. D: wat should i do??

  456. corrrrd,

    it takes u long to answer D:>

    plus, wuts a disorder?

  457. Dear Decked by Lack of Space,
    Yesh, I am very sorry that I have been so lame about answering ask cord…I love gardening and have lots of space to do it. Unfortunatly too much garden space means too much work sometimes. So, little spaces are a great way to get your hands dirty and grow some edible veggies and fruits. I happen to know that you live where the climate is warm year round so you got somethin i dont have! You should b able to grow stuff in december when i gotta settle for treees with no leaves. First you will need some large pots and some potting soil. (i bet u could even find something like a lemon tree already potted and growin) Choose some veggies or fruits like green peppers, tomatoes, or cucumbers. (if you do cucumbers try to get them to crawl on a trellis or they will grow into ur neighbors cement pad) research wat will grow well in ur area during the time of year u wanna plant it. then just take care of it. water it, feed it, and pick ur harvest when it is ready. i know u will have fun doin it. don’t forget about herbs either. i nice herb garden can be grown right on ur window sill. they will make almost everything taste just a lil bit better! good luck farmer!
    cord the corn husker

  458. dear disorderly,
    i disorder is when something is out of order…lol, i guess that would mean that its just not working like it should. theres blood disorders, disorders of the brain and disorders of a business plan. im sure theres more…any thing can get out of order.
    dis cord erly

  459. 8D thank chu very much. lol. taking over my neighbors pad would be a bad idea >_> they have a doggie. and lawl, i meant like, obsessive complusive stuff and like.. behavior disorder. lawl nvm :3

  460. Hello cord. I just wanted to ask… i just broke up with my girlfriend…and wanted to know what could i do in life to make her happy as a friend?.. my name is Jonathan…

  461. Dear “Jon”,
    unfortunatly things will be awkward for a while. goin from lovers to friends isnt always easy. iv always wondered how ppl can go from lovin someone to hatin someone though…so if u still wanna b friends just talk like u did when u first met. have fun bein with mutual friends and bein friends together. love takes time…friendship takes time too…just continue to support each other with friendship and caring. remember that friends are there for u through good and bad. if you need to lean on them or tell them something they will b there for u too. dont b afraid to share with them. good luck to u and ur friend. hugs
    cordnered again

  462. (second time writing this cuz wp logged me out >:C )



    Lol okay… I haz a serious q for chu. at times dos it seem like online friends r bettah??? cuz like, i feel like my IRL friends dont like me much ._. and like, it makes me feel sad and rejected and lonely… but then, friends u make online r so much nicer :3

    like, they support me and r so nice to me it makes me feel better. and i like, can talk to them bout stuff i couldnt tell my IRL friends :U u understand rite?

    and then, my IRL friends r.. r sorta like, mean… they dont like talking to me much (or so it seems >.>), they DITCH me in the hallway, and they always find stg to criticize or say to fix in wat i make. :U like this RLLY AWESOME drawing i made. it took me a rllllllllyyyyy long time to make. and it was on paper. and i thought it had come out rlly nice, cuz i thought i drew the anatomy ( i think it means the body e.e im not sure) good. and then comes this friend and shes like, “oh.. its nice, but the face looks RLLY weird” (BTW i shall be posting the drawing soon :3 wen i get a chance). but that comment made me feel rlly sad. it made me feel like if she didnt like my drawings. also, another drawing, she said the hair was too “high” and that the pose was “weird”. .n. but then, i go to this online place where ppl share their art, and then, the comments that ppl leave that person (wich they r online friends) r so nice and supporting, and LOVING, that it makes me think of the friends ive made online and how sweet and nice they are. many of the times, i like being with online friends (ppl i DONT know) a lot more than IRL friends (ppl ive known for years). <: ( thats not selfish rite? im not being all stupid and mean rite? :< help. me.

  463. (second time writing this cuz wp logged me out >:C )



    Lol okay… I haz a serious q for chu. at times dos it seem like online friends r bettah??? cuz like, i feel like my IRL friends dont like me much ._. and like, it makes me feel sad and rejected and lonely… but then, friends u make online r so much nicer :3

    like, they support me and r so nice to me it makes me feel better. and i like, can talk to them bout stuff i couldnt tell my IRL friends :U u understand rite?

    and then, my IRL friends r.. r sorta like, mean… they dont like talking to me much (or so it seems >.>), they DITCH me in the hallway, and they always find stg to criticize or say to fix in wat i make. :U like this RLLY AWESOME drawing i made. it took me a rllllllllyyyyy long time to make. and it was on paper. and i thought it had come out rlly nice, cuz i thought i drew the anatomy ( i think it means the body e.e im not sure) good. and then comes this friend and shes like, “oh.. its nice, but the face looks RLLY weird” (BTW i shall be posting the drawing soon :3 wen i get a chance). but that comment made me feel rlly sad. it made me feel like if she didnt like my drawings. also, another drawing, she said the hair was too “high” and that the pose was “weird”. .n. but then, i go to this online place where ppl share their art, and then, the comments that ppl leave that person (wich they r online friends) r so nice and supporting, and LOVING, that it makes me think of the friends ive made online and how sweet and nice they are. many of the times, i like being with online friends (ppl i DONT know) a lot more than IRL friends (ppl ive known for years). <: ( thats not selfish rite? im not being all stupid and mean rite? :< help. me.

  464. D: and i am so sorry for such a long comment…


  465. Dear Friendly,
    All are friends are important. Old friends , new friends, real (notice we call them real) friends, and online friends. All of them can make us hurt sometimes. Sometimes, it’s just meaness that comes out in people and sometimes it just happens by accident. Just love em back and try to forgive them, for they won’t have a chance to become your best friends ever unless u do.
    Your friend,

  466. i was awake. wishin u would come back but it was too late

  467. Awww, I almost did but needed sleep!

  468. *sighh*

    : D Q Cord-chan~

    Okay, so >:U if theres a person that makes u happy and bubbly inside, wat does it mean? D:> and if ur too shy to talk to the person, wat can u do? >_>;;

  469. Dear Bubbly Sigher,
    Usually that bubbly feeling comes from a special feeling called strong like…Can’t be love yet, cuz love takes 2 and time to grow. Shyness is hard to overcome, but if someone makes you feel special it’s time to get over it and just say hi! Tell em how you like their handwriting or shoes or smile. It’s just words and if you can get em past your lips then they can do their job!
    Hugs, Bubbles Tickle

  470. : D lol… we dont write in that class D:<

    i said hi :3

    but… XD they didnt hearrr cuz i said it too late.. lol

  471. Dear Cord,

    its been four days into the new year and so far it hasnt been good
    Dec. 31 i made a friend of mine sad
    Jan. 1 my grandmothers best friend died
    Jan. 2 broke my new years resolution and fought with a friend who isnt my friend anymore
    Jan. 3 left my brother to finish school and now i miss him
    isnt new year supposed to be good times and new beginnings?

    new year more problems

  472. Dear person of 2010,
    New year’s is traditionally thought to be a time of new beginnings…and it is. You got to get into the habit of writing 10 instead of 09, it’s a chance to reflect on yourself and try to make improvements where you think you should…thus the resolutions. But, there’s never been any promises that the new year is gonna be easier or better than the last.
    If you break a resolution you try not to break it again. You also might want to try to resolve the breaking of the resolution and start over once again. Nobody says that resolutions are only for January 1.
    It’s sad that you are not going to have your brother there. He is a huge part of your life. Talk to him on the phone as often as possible…even if he really can’t talk much he knows who his sibling is and will love and miss you too. If you can’t talk on the phone mail him some pictures you draw or pictures of yourself he will love them.
    Remember that although we wished each other a happy new year, we celebrated the beginning of a new year, and we remembered and reflected on the past year, life does not offer any gaurantees. People will die, some will be old and have lived a long and full life, some will be young (like my friend Denny) it will always seem unfair that they left us so soon regardless of their age.
    All I know and believe is that things happen for a reason and in the end it all works out for the best. I believe God has a special plan for us and it is not for us to question why???But, to understand BECAUSE.
    Good luck my friend and Happy New Year,
    Cord in a new Decade

  473. Dear Cord,

    you know how sometimes at the end of a book or in some websites it says that people need to be more aware of these things to stop it from happening

    for example people think there should be more suicide awareness in school

    how would that work? would there be signs all around saying: Dont do it!!! Talk to someone first

    when you make someone aware of something does that really make them care? like everyone knows about pollution but no one picks up trash on the floor everyday or recycles

    aware enough to care

  474. Hi Cord :>

    On Country Life, I was watching my mom fix her stuff in it, and her trees had the apples but, she was like “These trees are useless >:C ” because apparently the apples won’t come off so she can sell them.. But maybe YOU know how ๐Ÿ˜€ So do you know how?

  475. I finally understand the trees! Yesh! I do. To move the trees use the “move” tool and click on the bottom, right at the base. The same to harvest…You need to click right at the base with the “harvest” tool and you will get a basket of apples.

  476. Dear Aware Enough to Care,
    If you weren’t aware that kids commited suicide would you care? If you didn’t know that people littered would you care? If we didn’t know problems existed we would have no way of caring. Not only that, but when we are aware that something exists signs and constant reminders are like commercials. They jog our memory that we need to do something about that!
    Hugs, (one reason I ask so many questions…is to be aware), Cord

  477. ๐Ÿ˜€ THANK YOU โค

  478. dear cord,

    if no one talks to you besides your parents
    does that mean you arent attractive? since you dont have friends in school

  479. dear cord,

    if no one talks to you besides your parents
    does that mean you arent attractive? since you dont have friends at school

  480. Dear Sitting in Silence,
    Conversations are a 2 way street. Being talked to is sometimes a result of talking to. Friends sometimes don’t talk because they are doing stuff…parents usually talk cuz they want you to do stuff. Being attractive doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes, it’s something that needs developing and tweeking. I know shyness overtakes a lot of people…I’m not one of those people. Be brave and talk!
    Needs a gag?

  481. so if a guy doesnt want to talk to you and he just talks to the people around you
    its because you dont talk to him?

  482. Dear Stuck in the Middle with You,
    Let’s just say with guys you never know. Boys are like another species. With them you never know. It wouldn’t hurt to talk to them if you want them to talk to you. Lord know I’m no expert on guys but sometimes they walk around with blinders on. I don’t have a clue what they are thinking or doing or why. What do you think guys? If you are in a group and talking to all but one person, what gives?
    Grrr, Why is the male species so complicated?

  483. Dear Cord,
    two maybe three questions

    how old were you when you first started dating? you dont have to answer that one
    what if it takes me longer than that, like till college?

    nervous before it happens

    and my mom asks me questions everyday like about school and how my day was but i dont question her about anything so is it good that shes asking questions or is it that shes worried that i dont do good? she says i give her attitude

    tired of interrogation

  484. Dear Curious,
    I was 16 before I was allowed to date. Then at first only daytime dates were allowed until they got to know my bf. Then night dates with a strict cerfew of 11:00 pm. Don’t try to rush dating. It only makes things complicated.
    It’s great that your mom asks you questions about your day. It shows she loves you and cares about what is going on in your life when she’s not around. What kind of attitude do you give her? Try to only give a good attitude and don’t think of her questions as an interrogation. Parents like to stay on top of their kids lives. They wanna be there to help you if you need them.
    with an attitude of peacefulness

  485. Is it wrong to set standards for yourself based on what other people expect from you? Ive grown up with my family- my mother especially-calling my all kinds of names ranging from ugly to many other things. I got in a fight with her earlier and went in my room so it would stop. I thought about how she judges me and what SHE expects from me based on what she wanted in her daughter…which obviously Im not. I cant live up to her expectation of being beautiful (since im assuming thats what she wants), so I try so hard to be perfect in other ways-such as my grades. I think I tend to get good grades…A’s and a few B’s here and there. But, again, here I am atteempting to live up to someone elses hopes and expectations of me. My grandma thought it would be great if I could get into honors society because of my grades. I thought so too. The other day they handed out the slips at school. I didn’t get one. Now I feel like ive disappointed someone else who had expectations for me to live up to. I also feel like I’ve disapointed myself for not living up to other peoples expectations for me. Its making me feel like amount to about nothing at all. I’ve failed everyone who had expectations for me. Idk what to do, but I know you can help.

  486. Dear And There’s more,
    It is not wrong to set standards for yourself based on what other people expect of you. After all we have to do this everyday. Our teachers expect a certain quality of work for an A and our parents expect other things from us. However, set standards for yourself based on what you want to see in yourself. I don’t mean to speak bad about your mother but it’s just wrong to call your child ugly. You are not ugly look in the mirror…you have great features from your head to your toe and you should seek them out and be thankful that God created you the way you are. I know I’m not beautiful and there’s things about my face and body I hate. But, I can pick out things that I really like…I have a nice smile, I am lucky I don’t have much problem with acne, my legs are nice and long, and my hair is very shiney. Overall, I’m not great but there are nice things about me. If you are disapointed in yourself there’s always room to improve. You will never reach perfection, just as I never will, but it never hurts to try. But, you’ve got to do things for yourself. Stop, judging yourself by others standards. Really judging should only be used to determine where improvements are needed. You do amount to something! Count your blessings and stop looking at all your faults…or precieved faults, or what others say. Just like on chat. I had a good look at why I felt sad and bad about myself. It was based on what others were saying and doing to me. I realized I had to remove them from the mix till I got my head straight. It didn’t take long before I found comfort in who I am and those people will never hurt me again. Find your blessings. They are many.

  487. hey cord umm i dont know if your remember me or if u still answer questions on your blog site but… my clubpenguin name is roxy star16 i used to be your friend on cllubpenguin but my computer broke down and got a virus sooo all my info on it was lost! including my cp friends soo i dont know if you still go on clubpenguin but i do and if you do then please contact me back so we can be buddies again on cp! hopefully you still go on! Please try to answer me back or email me!!

  488. Yesh! I remember you. I still go on CP but not as much as I used to. I’d love to be your frined again!

  489. dear cord?

    how do you add a poll to your blog?

    i have no idea how to do that but i made one it just wont show

  490. dear cord,

    can you add a game to your blog? do you know how?

    support isnt really helpful

  491. Dear Un-supported,
    I don’t think that you can add a game to your blog. You could put the link and the user could click the link. But that would mean they would get directed away from your site.
    Dang I wish we could play CP right on chat and our blogs

  492. Hi Cord! Long time no talk! Erm.. Lol..

    I was wondering if you could help me with this really disgusting bad habit I have. I bite my nails a lot. It really bothers me that I do. Any tips to help me stop?

  493. k. so i really don’t have many problems right now. except this guy i like who has had a girlfriend for a year or two. see, we’ve talked about liking each other, as in he liked me but he loves his girlfriend. his girlfriend is older than us both and is going to college soon, and i don’t know what to do. he told me a few months ago that he wanted to stay with his girlfriend but didn’t wanna hurt our friendship, and since then we’ve talked more about me liking him, and i think he still liked me too (this was maybe a month and a half ago). but i don’t know what to do. please help!

    –literally stabbed by cupid’s arrow

  494. Dear Nail biter,
    If you continue to bite your nails you are not gonna have any left! How disgusting would it be to have fingers without nails! You say it bothers you to bite your nails, so make it even more bothersome. Put some disgusting tasting stuff like vinager on them…ewww or mayb tabasco sauce! Then the next time you start to chew em up u will go yuck! Also, think how beautiful long painted nails would look on your hands! The other option would be to pull your teeth so u can’t bite a thing!
    Just cut my nails..
    Cord with cut nails

  495. Dear stabbed by arrows,
    It’s so hard when you really like someone and they don’t like u back. Seems like this dude is a lil confused though. Undecisive! Well, let me say this. This girl who is older might be playin him. She’s gonna leave and go to college, so she might sorta b outta the picture soon. Give your friend some time to see what he really wants to do. Be patient with him, sounds like u might have a chance at gettin cupid to send some arrows his way!
    Love, love, love,

  496. well thank you very much! I have a friend who has been telling me similar stuff, so I hope that things start looking up for me soon!!

    ~still most definitely stabbed by cupid’s stupid arrow ๐Ÿ˜‰

  497. dear cord,

    i took my drivers test online and i passed it! but now i have to take a test for a permit and have to go to the DMV place to get the vision test, hearing test, and other tests. what test did i pass? was it for restricted or something?

    confused with excitement ๐Ÿ˜€

  498. I think you passed the test to be able to get your learners. Yes, DMV wants to make sure you can see well enough to not plow over other cars and people!

  499. lol awesome. what happens if my vision isnt very good though?

  500. you will need to get glasses!

  501. i have glasses already but im asking like what would happen if i dont meet the minimum vision requirement? and without my glasses i cant see very well so what would happen if i cant see without them would i not be able to get the license?

  502. i want to no how club penguins do … on club penguin. i mean i no you no ppl wise buht i mean you can say something on there and it only will show on your screen. i dont really get it cuz im such a chicken. lol. all i know is one guy didnt even tell me what he was doning he was just like “leans in” and im like uhhhh yeahhh. LOL. ima goon.

  503. Hi Cord~ ! How’s life? Well, I hope it’s good! I haven’t talked to you in ages, and nowadays I don’t really go on Club Penguin anymore :c >n>;; Ehh.

    But I wanted to have your opinion on me relearning the piano :3 I mean, I know how to read the music and everything, but I mean like to really play it again. ;w; I was hoping on recording some songs on my laptop when I learn some. Ah, well, I just wanted your opinion and to say hello :> Bye~

  504. Dear driving a car,
    You will get a special notation on your liscense that you need to have your glasses on to drive. If you are caught driving without glasses on with this special notation you will get a ticket!
    Enjoy tearing up the roads

  505. Dear mullett can’t tell it,
    On Club Penguin your words go through special filters. There are certain things that will never show up on anybodies screen but your own. Such as, numbers (to prevent giving an address), cuss words (to keep cp clean and safe), and alot of names…(to help keep ur personal information for being revealed). Club Penguin does this to keep the kids there safe and prevent them from revealing information that might upset others or compromise their safety. Sometimes I think they take the filters too far. Like when “kk” stopped showing up. I mean I can think of nothing wrong with saying “kk” instead of “okay”.
    Now I just say “k”
    Hugs, Cord

  506. Hi Dawn!
    Dear Piano Pioneer,
    Learning to play better is a good thing. I play piano too, but, don’t play as much as I used to so I’m not as good as I used to be. If you want to record music, play, play, play!
    Pracitce makes perfect!

  507. dear cord,

    does it take a long time for a person to come out of a coma? my friend has been in a coma since monday

    scared and worried

  508. Dear, Watching the minutes tick by,
    Sadly, there’s no way to know how long a person will stay in a comma. Some people come out of them quickly, others might never come out…and then you hear miracle stories about people that have been in comas for years then suddenly come out of them. I don’t know a whole lot about medical stuff, but I have read that if you talk to the person in a comma like you normally would it helps them come out of them quicker. I hope your friend responds soon. I will pray for them.
    Hugs tight,
    (I will pray for you too)

  509. dear cord,

    i know you and a lot of other people don’t think i’m stupid but why do i think i am?

    is there a cure for arthritis?

    that’s it for now but thank you

  510. hey cord(: it’s meridoll. remember me? it’s been ages since we last talked. just wanted to stop by and say hi. hope you’re doing well. xo

  511. ๐Ÿ˜€ Hiii, What’s up??? I was wondering if you have a twitter by any chance o: & how have you been doing ??

  512. hiya cord i hve a question why did you delete me from my buddy list????!!!!

  513. I didn’t!!!! I even have some extra space…Stupid CP!

  514. Hello cord, its your old friend Jeremy ๐Ÿ˜€

  515. Hi Cord, it’s me Luna.. Or Sabrina.
    Doesn’t necessarily matter what you call me.

    I just thought I’d say hi.. I’ve been missing people/lonely lately. Really more than lately. Oh well.

    Umm. Now to think of a question!

    How long should you keep hoping for something that is unlikely to ever happen?

    Sabrina/Luna/LunaLooney/LunaLoony/Reezesluna/Lunareezes/whoareme..I can’t think of any other names.

  516. One should never give up hope.

  517. But, what if it’s hopeless? Or if I’m hopeless?

    I’m not sure why it’s letting my things go through under this name but I’ll take it..


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