Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | July 12, 2010

Thorny Situation Solved!

OMG! It worked! Yesterday I commented that my boy Bubba Lee needed one more thorn to complete his mission. Well, He is done! I cleared the top right corner of my Frontier and not just one thorn appeared, but many thorns. I’m gonna save some of them there for anybody that is on the thorn clearing neighbors mission. Have at em! Woot!



  1. finally! they take forever to grow back lol

  2. Yeah, but this is a simple trick. You just clear that corner of everything (about 2 fence lengths) and they magically appear.

  3. i have so many mission right now its crazy! i have the stupid groundhogs mission which is taking me forever, i have the expansion mission (part II), I have the teacher mission (part III), I have varmint cannon (part I), Back to School (Part I), and another one that i cant remember

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