Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | July 11, 2010

Frontierville Hints


As you know I’m loving Frontierville. The lovely Frontier has won me over. If you have a Facebook you really should give it a try…and I mean more than logging on clicking a few things, running out of energy, then quitting. The game has challenges that are really challenges. A lot of thier challenges make you rely on your friends and neighbors to accomplish them. But, even if you don’t have many neighbors there are ways to get around the different challenges. One I just discovered this morning.

I needed to feed one more of my neighbors horses. So luckily my friend had a hungry horse and I headed there to feed it. Wah La! I completed that challenge. Whenever, I complete a challenge I head home to see if there is a new challenge before I go clicking random things. So, I headed home and checked then headed back to my friends farm. Lol! The same horse needed to be fed again! Therefore, I now know if you have a challenge requiring to feed or harvest numerous items and they are few and far between you can get multiple hits off the same item! Woot!

I also learned early on to check out those rare animals and crops to see if they are ready when you head to your neighbors farm. For instance. The one poop that is hard to get is the one from a donkey and the one from a horse. To get a horse you have to get your first one through your email. Then you have to purchase them with tons of coins and horseshoes. So, There arn’t many horses around! But, there’s a horse and donkey collection so if you ever see a horse or donkey in need, click it! You need several clicks to get those rare items needed to complete your collections.

Here’s a couple more hints: Don’t get rid of all your trees, grass, thorns, or cactus. There are quest coming up that you will need them to complete the requirements. I was stupid and got rid of all my thorns and my son only needs one more to complete his mission. I found a suggestion online this morning that I’m going to try. Hope it works for real! I also suggest that you pay attention to what they are giving extra bonuses for each day. You can really make alot of progress on your collections if you concentrate on the extra bonus items. Good luck guys. Have fun farming and taming the wild wild west!



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