Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 25, 2010

I Got Married!

That’s right I got married! I’ve been playing a brand new game on Facebook that came out on June 9. It is called Frontierville. I was one of the very first pioneers and my spouse finally arrived and married me today!

Frontierville is a fun game. It’s similiar to the other farming games on Facebook but there are twists. You start out with a small plot of land that you need to clear and create a thriving town out of. Right away you realize that this isn’t Farmville because letters start to arrive from your true love and future spouse. There are tasks you must fulfill at different levels. You need to make special purchases at the market, plant different crops, and kill varmits! All while you are trying to build your cabin, barn, store, and chicken coop. A lot of this game is also dependent on your friends help. You pop over to their farms and help with their critters and crops.

Well now that my spouse has arrived I get to stand in the shade and yell, “Honey, it’s your turn to feed the chickens!” I wanna shoot him with the rifle when he yells back, “Yes, dear…gumble, grumble.”



  1. :O cord shooting people is a crime! lol how much stuff do you have to do after you build the general store? wow that man really doesnt wanna help with anything huh?! typical!

  2. hi. congrats i guess…well…im here to say that im not coming back onto wordpress…ever. sying my last good byes. so, bye

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