Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 18, 2010

Piercing~The Right of Passage

Alyssa (sis) got her ears pierced yesterday. She turned 13! When I turned 13 I got my ears pierced too. I think it’s a right of passage in our household. So what’s a right of passage? It sorta means that your parents or community consider you old enough to enter the next phase of your life. It also shows that you are leaving part of your life behind…Other rights of passage we are familiar with are weddings and graduations. Both of these celebrate an end to an era and a beginning of a new one. The apache tribes had a ritual for girls when they became women that includes painting their bodies and performing different dances and prayers for a long period of time. In Africa a right of passage for girls is a horrible thing…ewww…don’t wanna think about that!

So…I saw this dude named 10gdurr on Club Penguin with a strange earring type object in his penguin ear? Idk what it was but I thought perhaps the next cool thing for penguins will be precious jeweled earrings…or a piercing to show our right of passage into a new phase of our status. Perhaps, this strange ear jewelry is achieved through one of the missions. Hmph! I will probably never know since I hate missions.



  1. theyre in the field mission! everytime you complete a field mission (WHICH ARE NOTHING LIKE REAL MISSIONS) you get a medal and you can buy something with it. you need to go try it lol

  2. Hmm, perhaps I will try them if they don’t drive me crazy.

  3. test comment

  4. thats an earpiece. i got one 🙂 members can buy other stuff though

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