Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | February 27, 2010

Meet Tangelo

Hi, I bought my new orange puffle. Her name is Tangelo! Club Penguin wouldn’t let me have the name Tangejello like I wanted! Stupid CP! Of course I had to name her a food name in keeping with my other puffles names. I have Fishburger, Creamy, Lemon Pie, and now Tangelo. Poor Pizza head is still wondering around somewhere on the island because of a stupid glitch that happened a while back. If you ever see Pizzahead be nice to him. He was my first puffle! The new pin is hidden somewhere warm and cozy. It’s a wagon! Cute. There’s gonna be some cool things ahead on the island. Rockhopper is on his way. New catalogs coming out. And, of course we get to play with our new orange puffs! Hugs Tangelo, the poor puff without a capital T…My boo boo.



  1. Hey! You May Know Me From My 130,000 Hits Website, Club Penguin Galaxy. Well I Am Hosting A Party, And YOU’RE INVITED! Here Are The Details:
    When? TODAY!
    Time (Snow Fort Time): 11 AM
    Server: Sherbet
    Room: Dock
    Penguins Invited: 1,024
    During The Party, I Will Record, Take Pictures, Play Games With Fans, And May Give Away A Surprise To The Most Supportive Fan. I REALLY Hope You Can Come!

  2. tangelo is a cute name! orange puffs r funny looking. poor pizza head…

  3. WOA!!! when did cp get orange puffles?? thats insane. he looks mental LOL

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