Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | February 6, 2010

Fraud on Facebook

There was suspectious activity on my computer. I kept getting this screen whenever I tried to log onto Facebook. I googled Facebook security issues and sure enough I found out that Facebook was contacting some of their clients and asking them to change their passwords because they suspected fraudulant activity on their accounts. Well, I’m no dummy. This screen just didn’t look right to me so I no clicky!

I tried doing some other things like Photobucket and my blog and it appeared that no matter what I did this screen was going to pop up. I did find that if I was persistant and kept trying to get onto different sites I was eventually able to get past this screen.

Being the smart girl that I am I immediatly  ran a virus scan.  On the first try it didn’t recognize any threats. I ran it again the next morning. Still, no threats were recognized, but the screen continued to appear. I ran it again later that day and finally it found the virus and fixed it for me! I had a trojan horse and something called a SecurtiyToolFraud.

Never click on things like this that say you need to do something to your security settings. Even if it looks like it really is your anti-virus protection. If it looks suspicious it probably is. Go immediatly to your anti-virus software screen and run updates, and scans from there. If it doesn’t remove it on the first try just keep trying. I don’t know why it takes time sometimes to get rid of it. It just does.



  1. uh oh viruses are not good. good thing you got rid of it!

  2. i have a facebook too! lol
    add me! XD

  3. Wow, scary… >.<

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