Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | December 12, 2009

Giftcards Rock!

I think Club Penguin finally did something right! Check out the new postcards. There is a gift card where you can actually give your friends a gift! Merry Christmas! I gave every single one of my buddies a gift today…unless you are too lame to empty your mailbox…in which case, you will have to go shopping without my cool giftcard. So, everybody I challenge you to go to Club Penguin and send everybody on YOUR list a gift! I love you guys!



  1. thats so cool! haha they should keep that feature!!!

  2. Hey! Wow your blog sure has flourished. Thanks for your postcard :P, thats what reminded me to come here. =)

  3. C’: Hallo~ lol, I’m glad they did that. C: I haz new post btw

  4. I hope they have Hanukkah stuff too. That would be pretty epic. 🙂

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