Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | December 8, 2009

This is Me

One thing that I’ve been requested to write about when I don’t know what to write is myself. So here goes…

My real name is Caroline. I am an over-achiever. That’s why I’m upset with myself for not attending to my blog and chat like I feel like I should. I’m really trying not to stress over it but so far it’s not working.

I’m an artist. I like painting, drawing, and crafts. I’m very good at portraits and that’s my favorite thing to draw. The picture is of my friend Adam on chat. He was on the web cam one day and it froze and I started drawing him on a scrap piece of paper. He said it was good but didn’t look like him. It does to me. But, everybody sees everybody different. Portraits are kind of weird anyways because you aren not used to seeing yourself like that. I like to do other things too. But, I’ll tell you about them later. So, anyways that’s me…More later. Have a good day. Love ya!



  1. 😀 hurray for over acheievers! 😛 ur a good artist!

  2. its good that you are over achieving 🙂 ….how is purple jr? reply back ASAP on YOUR wordpress. thanx 🙂 bye

  3. Hi Purplelove15!
    Miss you. Jr. is good. All our Jr’s miss you! You are not even on my buddy list anymore. It’s so sad.

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