Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | November 24, 2009

Card Jitsu Fire Has Ignited

Card Jitsu Fire is here. First off let me say that there is no instructions to tell you how it is played. So I will try to help explain what I learned about it. First you go talk to the sensei. (You can play on the mats at the volcano too) You will get an enhanced deck of cards similar to the regular card jitsu cards. Then tell the sensei that you want to earn your fire suit. I think it looks really explosive if it’s what the sensei is wearing. Well, earning it will take time and then we will find out exactly what that magic suit will do. Back to the game…You can play against up to 4 players…expect some to give up and drop out cuz like I said there’s no explaination of what to do. But here’s what you do;

1. On your turn you select a stone in the middle (it’s like a dail) It will give you a number burning in fire. (Beats me what the signifigance of that number is. I tried playing it not playing it and tried to figure it out. My pea brain couldn’t get it.

2. After you select the middle stone thingy a couple of spaces will light up on the outside ring. Jump on the one that you think you have the best card in.

3. After you jump on it you will select your best card in that element and the game preceeds like war. Whoever beats the other players with their card gets to keep their power.

I’m not all that good yet, but, I think I will have a fire suit in no time…yea right…I did come in first a few times.



  1. it sounds fun! why would they not give you instructions lol werid. is it like belts to earn just like regular card jitsu? or just the suit?

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