Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | November 13, 2009

It’s a Snail’s World

firejitsuThere are new places to visit today on Club Penguin. Take a trip to the dojo and purchase your amulet. Then go to the top of the volcano. There’s a spot for the ninja, hot sauce, and paint there. A lil bit of construction tape is around the edge so we don’t jump off. I think that construction is still going on this morning because I could not find access to a new game and the sensei didn’t perch upon his pillow. Sometimes things really take time to develope on the island. You would think it’s a snail’s world instead of a penguins world.snailsworld

After you visit the top of CP you should take a trip underground. Head over to the stage and get zapped into a tiny critter and check out “Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed”. It’s tricky to get the penguins to stand on the x’s but worth the effort as things around the stage transform and then you can take the trip down the tunnel to the secret room below frozen Club Penguin. Have fun today and enjoy your friends.



  1. lol the play looks fun… and o no its friday the 13th!

  2. lol 😀

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