Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | October 31, 2009

The Halloween Pandemic

imcordHi, my name is Cordially and I live on the the island of Club Penguin. Tonight is Halloween and I can hardly wait to dress up as a fairy and go trick-or-treating to get a huge bag of candy that will last the whole year. The terrible thing is that I woke up with a tickle in my throat and a bad cough. I’m going to try to hide it so I won’t miss out on trick-or-treating…

All over the island the penguins were waking up with a tickle in their throat and a cough. Each small penguin decided that they couldn’t miss the festivities of Halloween so they tried to cover up their coughs and sniffles and went about their preperations for the big night.

My fairy costume is almost ready I just have a few last minutefairycostume details to fix. The wings need a little more glitter and my wand needs a little more gold paint. Cough, Cough….

Evil Dr. Jeckle stood over the caldron and stirred more of his special pandemic flu virus into the green liquid. Mwhahaha! The children of Club Penguin would never see this Halloween night. They would be sooo sick, dying, or even dead before their flashlights could be turned on to walk the igloo neighborhoods for candy treats and he could have them all for himself!candy

I have a really big pumpkin to carve. I think I will put a cute puffle puffpumpface on it! But, as I fish the pumpkin seeds out of the orange globe I begin to feel weak and tired…It takes all my strength to get the cute face carved. When I walked outside to sit it on the steps of my iggy I notice that all the penguins walking about are sniffling, coughing, and moaning about their aches and pains.

Dr. Jeckle looks out the window of his labortory iggy and watchesoutthewindow as penguins colapse on the ground struggling to overcome their illness. His evil plan is working. He knew that the penguins would hide their terrible flu symptoms just so that they could go door to door and get their delicious treats. Little did they know that the more of them that went about their daily chores, the more they would infect other penguins, and the more penguins that got sick meant the more candy for him!

I was painting the wand when I ran out of paint. So, I bundled up in sickpengsmy hoodie and went to town to buy some more paint. What I saw was very alarming. Everywhere along the road to town penguins had collapsed and were groaning about their poor penguin bodies hurting so bad. They were coughing and sneezing. They were crying because it looked like Halloween wasn’t going to be happening this year.

What could I do? I had to try and save Club Penguin. Halloween must go on!!!! I felt so weak so I stopped at the haunted house ondrips the cliffs by the mine. Sitting inside the scary mansion I heard an evil laugh coming from beneath the floor boards. Being concerned I found a loose board in the floor and lifted it just enough to see Dr. Jeckle stirring a green liquid that dripped onto the floor and deep into the mine itself. He was snickering to himself how his deathly potion was going to kill all the little penguins! Falling back against the stairs I started to form a plan to save the island from the pandemic that would take us all to the great penguin iggy in the sky.

I gathered all the strength that I had and began to beat on the floor boards of the haunted house. Dr. Jeckle finally magically apeared right in front of me.

scientest“Dr, Jeckle please come quick! At the dojo the sensei is saying that he is giving all the penguins a new power where they can heal penguins! He wants you to be the first to receive it!” Dr. Jeckle looked alarmed for a moment and then grabbed my flipper and said we needed to hurry before the sensei changed his mind.

When we arrived at the dojo he went quickly into the secret ninja hide out. “Where is the sensei”, Dr. Jeckle yelled???

“Over there,” I said pointing towards the big hole in the floor. Dr. Jeckle ran to the hole and peared into it. Walking softly I came upoverhere behind him and pushed him into the endless depths. The volcano raged a violent burst of lava and it sent a hot steam across the island which began to kill the deadly virus. I started to feel better immediatly but I had to get rid of the big pot of killer germs too. No problem! It followed Dr. Jeckle into the caverness hole at the ninja hideout and another burst of steam followed from the volcano. No more sickness could be found anywhere.steam

Penguins everywhere suddenly felt their coughs and colds disappear. The steam from the volcano that mysteriously appeared must have taken care of  their illness. Halloween went on as usual. All over the island pirates, goblins, pumpkin heads, monsters, and faries went iggy to iggy collecting huge bags of sweetarts, snickers, candy corn, gummy worms, and all their favorite candies.

I knew that I had secretly saved one of our favorite holidays from ruin and protected many penguins from an early death. Best of all Dr. Jeckle could never put his evil spells over the island of Club Penguin again. I knew that hole in the ninja hideout was there for a reason! So, I guess the moral of the story is if you feel like you are getting sick you should just stay home????trickortreat



  1. :O you killed him!? lol well i suppose he had to be stopped somehow… that was an awesome story! love it!!! 😀 nice plot too!

  2. that was a great story

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