Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | September 26, 2009


whataretheseMysteries really get my brain spinning. Thewhatarethese1 mystery of the volcano is burning baltic lava flows down my shoulders. So I’m in the dojo hideout trying to find more clues and I notice these weird shapes under the sign. I don’t know what they are….Do You? All I can figure is they are like some kind of bellows??? Wish Club Penguin would hand out some more clues to the curiosity seakers likes me! No offense but they look like the blobs in the back of the ski boat, just a different color and upside down.



  1. lol thats interesting. maybe its a curtain where an old penguin is operating volcano making it seem real… like the widard of oz

  2. D< i think its a squash or stg. it looks liek it to me

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