Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | September 24, 2009

I Think We Are In For A Surprise

volcanorevealedI think that tomorrow penguins across the island will be in for a big surprise. I think that the volcano we have revealed is gonna blow! Just be prepared for something to do with the spewing mountain to change. Either there will be  a new room, a new game, or lava will be flowing down the streets of club penguin. There will be new igloo music released tomorrow and a  new pin will also be hidden somewhere on the island.



  1. :O its gonna explode!? thats wat youre predicting?! thanks but i dont want my penguin to burn to death. lol jk it would be cool if it did explode. but wat if penguins started going extinct like the dinosaurs… then it wouldnt be cool.

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