Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | September 14, 2009


cardjisGrandma and Aunt Stella have been visiting and we have been playing a lot of cards. The games Rat Slap and Nertz have been our favorite to play. If you have never played them you should try them. I will try to explain Rat Slap to you because it reminds me of Card Jitsu.

You start by shuffling the cards and dealing out every card in the deck to the players.

Next each player, in turn,  begins by laying down the top card of their deck. This should be done quickly and without viewing the card first. (I have a terrible time not looking at my card before it hits the table).

You are trying to win the pile that is building on the table and you will need an ace, king, queen, or jack to win it. But…if you lay down one of these cards the following player gets a chance to win the pile by laying down cards. If your card is an ace they get to lay down one card to try to get an ace, king, queen, or jack. If you laid down a king they get 2 cards, a queen gets 3 cards, and a jack gets 4 cards to try to beat it. If they don’t lay down an ace, king, queen, or jack, then you get to pick the pile up and add it to the bottom of your draw pile. If they lay down an ace, king, queen, or jack, then the next player gets a chance to win the pile. The pile is won by whoever laid down the last winning card after the following player has had a chance to try to beat it.  Play continues by you putting your next top card on the table and continues (sort of like war) but only the ace, king, queen, or jack can beat your opponents cards.

Okay, that’s the basic rules, but this is where the game has a twist and gets really fun. You have to pay attention and watch the pile on the table because there is a second way to win the pile. If 2 cards of the same kind are put down consecquativly or a sandwhich (which is a card- a different card – then another card like the first card) is put down anybody can slap the pile and win it. My right hand has bruises from slapping the pile!

Play continues until one player has all the cards. If you run out of cards and there are at least 2 players still in the game don’t fear! You really aren’t out of the game yet. You can still slap the pile on the table if you see a double or a sandwhich and you can win the cards in the pile and get back into the game. Many games are won by the person who lost all their cards first because when you don’t have anything to do but to watch the way the cards in the center pile stack you have a better chance of winning them.

It’s really fun, and should be played sort of fast moving without hesitations. Take a look at wikipedia and they have the basic rules and some variations you can try.  They say it’s also called Egyptian War or Egyptian Ratscrew. It only takes 2 players to play but it’s more fun with more players. Have fun!



  1. thats cool it sounds sorta like slap jack lol and i always lose that game. I wanna try this game though!

  2. D: gah.. too much too read >n<

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