Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | September 10, 2009

Puffle Paddle Cheat

Lol, It’s not often I post cheats, but here is one that I inventedpuffpad myself. Now, I’m aware that there’s already a cheat to get extra points when you play puffle paddle…but, well….it’s cheating so I would never do it. Here is my cheat and you are still playing the game without breaking the rules. It’s very simple too. Just keep that first blue puffle that comes down going. Don’t worry about paddling any other puffle that drops. After the second puffle drops down you will start getting 3 points each time you hit the blue puffle. If you just keep bouncing him gently it is so simple to get up to 300 tickets! 300 tickets will buy you anything you want in the non-member booth. So bouncy bouncy! Good Luck.



  1. lol thats what i do every time… if you do it just right you can also like put ur mouse in one spot and keep it there so the puff just keeps bouncing by itself and you dont have to move the mouse

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