Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | August 28, 2009

Sports and Koi

There is a new sports catalog out today. There are football uniforms for the guys and cheerleader uniforms for the girls. You can be on the red, blue or green team. I’m on the green team today. There’s also akoi couple other new items and one new background. Be sure to check it out. The new pin is hidden. Has anybody noticed that Club Penguin is only doing a ? mark in the newspaper where it shows the dates of the hidden pin? They used to give you an outline of it. But, I know of at least 3 occasions where the wrong pin was outlined there. I guess they got tired of making mistakes. With a question mark there they can’t go boxes lighthousewrong. If you head over to the lighthouse to check on Rockhopper’s progress towards the island you might be surprised to see the stacks of boxes. It won’t be long before they are unpacked for the Fall Fair. Enjoy your weekend. Hope, school is goin okay for those of you who are already back in science and math and english…grrr!



  1. thats a cool pin! one more dreadful day of school to get through today then the weekend… its about time.

  2. teehee, computers was boring today =/

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