Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | July 18, 2009

Who? Iamthewalrus Them?

Wish I’d made some screen shots, wish I could remember the conversations word-for-word, but I didn’t and I can’t. So, what I am about to tell you is based on how I remember things, and just what I’ve been thinking.

It started weeks ago on Cpbudsandme chat. Nacho showed up. Nacho is a funny, nice, previously pink-haired guy from Caliafornia. He’s 17. I think it’s safe to say that he was instantly liked by the majority of people on chat, including me. I’ve learned to not totally trust anybody and I got to admit at first I thought he was DJ Stevie in disguise. There were numerous similarities, so many  that I had Luna interogate him. She decided he wasn’t so he has more or less become a permanent fixture on the chat. I look forward to seeing him because he makes me laugh, but, I always wonder how come he came there, why he stayed, and keep myself a bit cautious of him. I mean why does a 17 year old decide to randomly find a chat and picks a chat with mainly kids under 13?

With Nacho came his friends, arriving one-by-one. Jeremy, also 17, arrived and stayed. I like Jer too. He’s my project. I’m constantly offering advice and trying to help him. If all his stories are true he needs a friend. I wanna be there for him. I doubt I help much though. Well, once again I’m wondering why Jeremy choose to stay. He loves to cuss and gets banned often for swearing.

Then, others followed: Julia, Nessa, Mark, Nicole, and Huan. All around 16 to 18 years old. All used to swearing and talking about things that are innapropiate on my chat. This group visits often, especailly when Nacho or Jer are there. They keep the mods and owners busy trying to maintain order. Again, I wonder why they like it on my chat at all, what is up?, should I be alarmed or glad that new friends are arriving?

Then there’s DJ Stevie. He seems to rotate between chats. Right now Cpbudsandme seems to be his home. We talk occasionally. He’s always been nice to me other than a few occasions when…well I’ve reported on most of those where he’s caused me great grief. So about a week ago we were talking about all the new Nacho group and I told him that sometimes it felt like I was being raided again, but this time it was in slow motion. Stevie sort of chuckled to himself. Hmmm. Idk.

Then last night Stevie randomly pc me. He asked if I was still scared of Iamthewalrus? I was like duh…I’m concerned, but not fixated on if I’m his next target. Stevie was like well I’m here. *Shocked Face* I was like you ARE HIM aren’t you? He’s like HIM? Cord, Walrus isn’t a HIM it’s a THEM. So, I asked if I should be concerned? He told me that I should be. I was like but this chat is hardly a CP chat anymore and he told me that they targeted all chats and blogs now, focusing on the Nazi Penguin chats, but, expanding out. So, then we talked more bout the new group of people. He told me that Nacho was safe. But, Jeremy had come as a “troll”. The other’s he said were there to try to hurt me. Wow, maybe I’m trying to read between the lines, but, that seemed like a warning to be ubber careful of them, of Stevie, and of the Walrus.

So I researched some this morning. The Walrus is still very active. According to their blog they are targeting bigger things than Club Penguin chats. But, CP chats and blogs still top their lists of victims. There’s an ongoing raid of a CP chat going on right now. I don’t think it’s mine, but who am I to say. I’m only a naive girl who worries about the safety of my chat family. I really can’t believe that Nacho, Jer, or their friends want to do me harm. I hate liking people and considering them friends then having to question their credentials. The internet world doesn’t allow me to be but so trusting though.

So, I will stay alert to Iamthewalrus. I will keep my gaurd up. I will continue to make new friends and like them regardless of what they might do to me in the future. I hope this blog didn’t offend any of them if they happen to read it, but, that’s a chance you take when you post your feelings and thoughts to the world. And, if the walrus reads this. Just, please leave me alone.



  1. theyre never gonna stop are they? stevie seems to have calmed down again for the time being, and who knows abour nacho and jeremy, but its always good to keep ur guard up never the less…

  2. *applause* long speech

  3. LOve your site! Check out my favorite fan site at my favorite club penguin cheats! It’s not mine its my friends!


  4. wow. i just wonder y theres ppl out there who enjoying hurting ppl and all. >.> so much for a magical wonderful place hu.

    Snowflake ❤

  5. hmm to long! Anyways nice site still! I go all the way with u!

    comment back at:

  6. omg u spammer u dont care about there blogs U go to EVERY blog and spam!!!! Thats all u do!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi, do you remember me, im snowbo, from club penguin!

  8. hey, if #iamthewalrus prank calls you, please email me their phone number, I wantto try something on joes bday

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