Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | July 11, 2009

IMAF Takes Over Ice Palace

impLast night on Ice Palace the IMAF army showed up and began an invasion of our quiet server. I don’t totally understand the concept of the Club Penguin armies, but it was entertaining. I can’t say that they chanted the phrase, because it never disappeared…but they always said “Search Impossible Mission Force”. Of course, I couldn’t resist. I Googled it and it led me to this blog: that is written by Slimeball2007 and the army is led by Flippy. Don’t exactly know who Dan Solo is, but he is their ambassador. Interesting, but I am still left confused. I’ve known that armies on CP exist for a long time. I was shocked when I first heard about an army against yellow penguins….which very well be the IMAF since they seem to be red penguins. I read a lot of the blog, but, I’m retarded so I can’t tell you exactly what their goal is. Owning a server seems impossible to me. If you are interested in joining IMAF take a look at their blog and sign up. I’m not supporting wars, armies, or conflict. It’s your choice. Their official badge is pretty awsome though.imafbadge



  1. gasp! different flippy!!! not me i swear! lol anyway that was weird. AND CORD U R NOT RETARTED!

  2. Hey Cord, I’m kind of a friend of Rrayray.

    What happened to your chatbox??? :S

    Anyway, your site rocks! 😀


  3. le gasp… i hate armies! they ruin the peace!

    Snowflake ❤

  4. gasps Flippy!!!! How could you??!!! lol I know it’s not u

  5. Hello, I am the IMAF leader. ROFLMAO. I was on the IMAF dashboard, and I saw this site as a “incoming link.” That was a patrol group lead by Trumpetdude. xDD. Anyways, thanks for the entertaining post. :mrgreen:

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