Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | July 3, 2009

Update Advisor

The new Penguin Style Catalog is out. There are some cool clothes for recordsus to get ready for the Music Festival that Club Penguin is having in a couple of weeks. There are several new hairstyles for guys and girls. I like the new blond look they have. (of course). Check out the night club and pick up some tunes for your iggy they aren’t expensive so buy em all. The glitch that happened with the latern pin showing up in The Penguin Times before it was released has been revealed today. I think it is a cool pin. Have fun finding it. Don’t forget the Sensei will be in the Ninja Hideout. He was still sleeping this morning when I visited. Oh yeah, The plants thatlaternpi Rockhopper left  seem to have grown some more. I need to find my puffles and I can’t even see them in my iggy now! Don’t forget the crazy costume contest coming up. Get crzy! I’m looking for you!



  1. cool lots of new stuff!

  2. I like the new wigs. and the outfits. I bought it all at 1:00 AM cuz i was still awake

    Snowflake ❤

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