Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | July 2, 2009

Pizza Pwease

piz3Pizzatron 3000 is a fun game to play on Club Penguin. I used to b really good at it. My first puffle was bought with coins i earned playin piz1pizzatron so i named him pizzahead…the begininnin of namin my puffs after food. I MISS YOU PIZZAHEAD! Pizzahead disapeared durin a cp glitch and has neva returned…sobs. Well anyways, i decided to try playin pizzatron this mornin and i was terrible. U see i mostly play puffle roundup now cuz i can make the most coins the fastest there and im really goodpiz2 at it. Guess u can get good at all the games on cp if u just practice. Don’t forget Sensei comes tomorrow, there’s fireworks at the mountain and iceberg, a new pin is hidden tomorrow , and a new Penguin Style Catalog comes out. Have fun and try Pizzatron. Good luck! Hugs, Cordially



  1. EEP ITS ALMOST THE 4th!!!!!!!!!! cant wait!!

  2. Pizzatron weee. :3

  3. Nice DJ3K Update! I’m going to keep visiting and commenting!

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