Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 25, 2009

Sink the Berg, Glitch, Sensei Session & Encores

pinlaternThe new Penguin Times is on that newstands. I think that I found a mistake in it. It shows a latern pin hidden? There should be the outline of a slice of watermelon here. I think that somebody at CP is losin it. There iscards some cool news about the Sensei. He will make an appearance at the Dojo hideout from July 3-5. If you are not a ninja yet work hard this week to get your belts so you can have a chance to meet him. Maybe he will give us a cool bg. Ruby and the Ruby will be starting an encore on July 10. I love the scenery in this movie and the secret gem hidden in the safe! There’s a new update for the 101 days of summer too. LOL! They finally tell us how to sink the iceberg! They say to get icetipall your friends together for an iceberg party and turn light blue. Then it will look like the iceberg is covered with water…Who knows though maybe there is some secret here about how to really sink the berg! Also, tomorrow check out the new igloo upgrades. Hug, I love u guys! Cord



  1. !!!! I WANNA TIP THE ICEBERG!!!!! lol and yes i would have to agree that the cp ppl are losing it… they should also make a new play

  2. go here:

  3. see? i told u i knew it.old play has come back. I WANNA TIP THE ICEBURG!! I WANT TO TIP EET!!!

    Snowflake ❤

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