Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 19, 2009

An Orbit of Plant Life

adboxSo, where do you think they are storing the party items after all the CP parties? Last night i decided to go to the box deminsion and i got quite a surprise. Just when i thought the adventure party was over i found that there were palms, flowers, and vines everywhere. Trees and flowers are flying through the air orbiting the room. So, then i’m like wat is up with this? I figure that Club Penguin must be storing all the party items in the boxes. I never thought to go there during the Adventure Party! Next party imma gonna have to remember that there are some secret rooms to explore too.

The new better igloo catalog is out. When i saw the ancient stone penguin statues i almost cried. Lohlabey used to have them in his iggy. It’s a rare item that some beta penguins are going to be very mad that it has made a comeback. i bought 2 for now. There’s also stone walls that r cool. The bamboo furniture has also returned. The new pin is a slice of watermelon. It’s balancing on a hand rail. Have fun trying to find it.



  1. ooo awesome a watermelon pin. And if the next party is the water party, theyre gonna have trouble storing the water in cardboard boxes ūüėÄ

  2. jaja flippy!! the watermelon pin sounds cute.


  3. lol flippy. WATERMELON! I :3 and maybe theyll… umm… *tries to think of how theyll store the water in the box dimension*… I KNOW! zip block (sp?) bags! if those even exist on cp *Sighs*

    Snowflake ‚̧

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