Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 17, 2009

Degrassi Gal Met Rocky

When Rockhopper was here last Degrassi Gal finally got to meet him.degrassimeetsrocky Degrassi is 1125 days old today. She’s practically a beta penguin and up till just a couple of weeks ago she had never met Rockhopper. Just goes to show that younger penguins shouldn’t feel left out when they don’t have the things that older penguins have. Not everybody has everything. Degrassi Gal is close. She’s got really old items, but somewhere along the line the previous owner of her didn’t collect the new items coming out. So although she’s got really old pins, backgrounds, and even some rare member items in storage she didn’t get to meet Rockhopper till now!



  1. I am HoRRABLE at trying to find ppl I have been a member since cos friar year and I only met rocky once when I first starts cp ( Before I started DBI before I met Vos!!) and I met Aunt Artic 1 at the back stage! That all!

  2. iment cp

  3. cps first year their!

  4. wow shes old

  5. i never find anyone..and theres a new RH BACKGROUND!?!? i didnt know..i thought it would b the same old 1 so i didnt look for him…=(


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