Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 14, 2009

A Meal of Snowballs

How Many Snowballs Does it Take to Feed a Snowball Plant?

sbpPick up a snowball and feed the plant,

Pick up another and start to chant,

Take that!




After about five snowballs,sbp1

The plant shudders and stalls,





The snowball eating plant grows,sbp2

Can it eat more, only the plant knows.

Let’s see.




Throw five more,sbp3

Throwing so many snowballs can be quite a chore,

The plant doubles in size!



Don’t be scared,sbp4

It wouldn’t eat penguins if you dared.

How many snowballs can it eat?



The snowball eater does get full,sbp5

It burps, and shrinks, that’s no bull.

Now it’s ready for another meal.



  1. lol!

  2. Oh nonmembers cant get up there

  3. lol it a hog!!!

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