Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 4, 2009

7 Days of Fun Start with 1

fundayClub Penguin is starting to gear up for lots of excitement in the next few days. First off tomorrow there will be a new pin hidden. So if u havent found the ice cream sunday yet you should try to find wherepreviewsketch2 its hidden for desert. Tomorrow a new Penguin Style Catalog comes out. The stupid blue wig will be in it. So don’t b surprised to see lotz of girls wearin it tomorro…mayb i might. idk. Looks like us girls r gonna get a cute blue dress too. The first 7 days of the 101 days of fun have been announced. You might wanna look in the Penguin Times to see some suggestions to make each day on CP a lil more interestin. The new card jitsu tracker is sorta cool especially if you’re still workin on bein a ninja. Check it out.cardjitsuecards



  1. wooo

  2. cool! lol you really hate that blue wig dont you?

  3. wowie! too bad my membership expires on sunday D’: and wowie rnt i lucky that i invented the green wig and not the blue one? lolzzzz

    Princess Dawn ❤

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