Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | June 1, 2009

I Didn’t Swear at the Puffles!


Last night I hung out with Gal and Whenn for a bit on Club Penguin. Whenn was making a new cpmv and I was helping her. Then I went to the beach and there was a lil drama there between a girl and two guys. So, I was just sittin hidden in the flowers watching. I never even said a word. Finally after laughing at them for awhile I decided to go make some coins. I played Puffle Roundup for about 4 minutes and went to log out of the game and I got the above message! I swear I didn’t do nothing to hurt those sweet lil puffles! I didn’t beat em, eat em, or mistreat em! What could CP be talking about? I’mma email them right now!



  1. […] Go here to see the original: I Didn’t Swear at the Puffles! […]

  2. omg y would they ban u if u didnt do anything … see thatts wat happened to me that one time! i hope u get unbanned … stupid cp

  3. Lol, smart ones. Why would you swear at puffles?! CP is not that bright.

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