Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | May 25, 2009

Purple Jr 15 Turns 1

pjroneHAPPY BIRTHDAY PURPLE JR! I can’t believe my first lil boy turns one today! My how time flies. I remember when he was born…The Midevil Party 2008 was in full swing. Purplelove15 and I had waited so long for Jr to hurry up and b born. Flippy and Purple were makin me walk cuz they said that it would speed things up and sure enough…We walked and walked and walked. When we got to the lighthouse my water broke. There was a messy in the floor. Purple picked me up and took me to the iggy. Flippy held my hand and Jr. came in no time. Now he’s turnin one. My how things have changed in the last year. Hugs Jr, mummy loves u.



  1. happy bday purple jr! ūüėÄ gives present… idk wat it is lol its watever u want it to be

  2. happy bday purple…guess i cant call u my bro anymore but happy bday! *gives present*

  3. =D haaaaaaaaaaaappy bday!! *gives present* its a… um.. its a cookie.. yeah lets go with a nice biiiiig cookie =P

    Princess Dawn ‚̧

  4. happy bday Purple Jr!!! yayy ur 1! *gives present* its a…nice fluffy teddy bear (:

    –dolly– <33

  5. Happy birthday *gives cake*

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