Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | May 1, 2009

The 100/50 Rule

I thought that a cuss out for 1/2 hour a night would be a good way to let people cuss and get it out of their system so they wouldn’t disrupt the entire day on chat with their foul language and the first and last Cord’s Cussing Corner was last night on chat. The 100/50 rule says that we are 100% responsible and 50% to blame. I’m 100% responsible for allowing Cord’s Cussing Corner last night on chat. I feel like I’m 100% to blame too. But, as usual I listened to somebody else and thought their idea sounded like a good one. I probably would have never came up with the idea on my own. So, I will except 50% of the blame…unless you want to blame me for the whole thing. Go ahead, I deserve it. The best time to correct a mistake is right after you’ve made it. So, there will be no more cussing corners. The 1/2 hour that everybody had a free-for-all cuss out is never going to happen again. My chat was conceived to give us a clean and safe place to talk to each other and my actions last night didn’t reflect my goals at all. I may have lost at least one good friend, and maybe more. If you want to cuss, say dirty things, or be violent and mean to other people my chat is not for you. To those of you who I’ve hurt and offended all I have to offer is my apologies and to say I won’t let it happen again.

Power Cord is a new page replacing Cord’s Chicken Soup. Please check it out.



  1. stevies fault!!!

  2. They will never learn. Just do things your way. You’re doing a good job without anybody’s help.

  3. no comment… more like cuz i wasnt there oh well! byeee~ ill see if ill go on cp soon


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