Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | April 29, 2009

The Soup is Spoiled

Don’t eat the soup! Somebody poisoned it. If you follow my daily inspirations on Cord’s Chicken Soup you may have noticed that it looks like a lot spilt out of the bowl. Yesterday I was copying and pasting a cool poem that I found onto the Chicken Soup page. When I did everything that I had written by hand disapeared off the page. All the dates, all the cute quotes, EVERYTHING! The pictures and things that I had copied and pasted there from other sites stayed. The poem that I was trying to paste there didn’t show up either. When I go to the edit page for Chicken Soup everything is still there but the font has changed. So, I just don’t know what to do but make more soup…or not. On May 1 I will start a new page if Campbell’s doesn’t come to the rescue. I won’t call it Chicken Soup. Cries. Eats a cracker and thinks.

4-29-09  Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts. ~ Winston Churchill.



  1. darn thats too bad that its still not wrking… wonder was caused it… thats so weird

  2. =( thats too bad. i liked drinking ur soup evryday!! it was so yummy =) hope it gets back soon

    dolly ❤

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