Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | April 14, 2009

Nuqta ~ Is it Real or is it Fake

nuqta1Club Penguin has posted a new featured igloo on the Community Page. So is it real or is it fake? Nuqta’s iggy looks really cool. Could it be fake? They show penguins in the iggy this time. But, none of the penguins have names. Is it real or is it fake? I don’t know why but my favorite part of the iggy is the front door. I know I keep promising a new castle contest. I promise it will be soon. My paint program is still messing up and it makes it really hard to make more than one picture at a time because it freezes for about 2 minutes when I start making the 3rd picture. So, if I tried to take 20 pics of iggys it might take all day!



  1. hmm…make sure u tell me b4 u judge so i can decorate my iggy

  2. oooo no names… weird

  3. yeah! no names! hmm

  4. It’s probably just a privacy thing, so they blotted out the namez.

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