Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | April 10, 2009

Eggs Galore and so Much More

Club Penguin has hidden eggs all around the island and it’s a lot of fun to find them so I won’t give you any hints…Just click on the egg at the top left of your screen and it will give you hints where to seek. Once you find them all you get the cutest pink bunny ears. Sorry guys no blue ones…just pink this year. I look so cute as a bunny! SEEEEEE!bunnycordThen you might have already found the chocolate Easter Bunny, that’s right chocolate! YES I SAID CHOCOLATE!!!! The new pin is a CHOCOLATE Easter Bunny. It’s hidden somewhere you might expect to find an Easter Bunny…hint hint. Then when you are done head over to the stage and have fun acting in the encore of Quest for the Golden Puffle. It’s got the coolest music. I call it tippy toe music. Try tippy toeing around to it…that’s fun!goldpuffplay



  1. is it the pet shop?

  2. lol tippy toe music and woo pink bunny ears!!!!

  3. No It Is Not At The Pet Shop But I Will Tell You Were Soon.

  4. wow the eggs were hard to find this year like u actually had to use ur brain lol i couldnt find the fuzzy hat one then i was like oh thats a hat???

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