Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | March 30, 2009

Bedbug Featured Iggy is not a Hoax

featureediggyI was looking at the other day and reading some of the different Club Penguin Blogs. My blog was there at #44 and there were a lot of others. One of the big stories going around was about Club Penguin lying to us. There’s some speculation that Club Penguin made up the Igloo that is being featured in the Community Section. First off I don’t know why they would have falsified the iggy. There must be about a cazillion iggys for them to choose fromt o put there. Why take the time to make something up…especially when it’s as normal as this iggy? Apparently someone tried to get a penguin named Bedbug and CP came back with a comment that the Penguin name was not allowed. Well, duh, if a penguin was already named Bedbug it wouldn’t be allowed. I guess bed is one of the forbidden words on Club Penguin. We can’t say it and we can’t have them…I guess there might be a lot of hanky panky goin on in those beds and a lot of unwanted Penguins might be born. Anyways, I got to thinkin. I got a buddy named Bedbug08. So, that’s proof that a penguin with bed in it’s name would be allowed. I’m sure that Club Penguin puts some lies out there once and awhile. But what exactly would be the point of posting imaginary iggys?bedbug08



  1. its disney what do you expect… ever since walt disney died disney has become corrupt… if you watch some of the things they do in the animated and even non animated movies youll see so frankly im not suprised if they are lying but then again bedbug has been on cp for a while so maybe they just recently decided that the name wasnt acceptable… either way…

  2. but the other blogs are right… if the name has already been taken it would say this name has already been chosen try bedbug… and numbers or whatever something along those lines. as for the igloo itself, can the portholes even be opened?? i havent seen an igloo with an open porthole.. wow if cp is lying they sure messed up this time

  3. hmm i tried and it does say tht name has already been taken too weird………….. who knows

  4. This Information is useful thanks

  5. Wow! Disney ruined CP!!!!! 😦

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