Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | March 25, 2009

Badges of Honor

badgebannerClub Penguin has, updated our member badges to reflect how many months that we have badge0stripesigned up for membership. I noticed them last night and spent a great deal badge2stripe1of time makin pics of all the different badges (five in total) and trying to figure out exactly what they meant. My badge has 3 stripes without the star. So…I figured it was for how many years I had been a penguin and the star would mean that you were beta. WRONG! According to a Club Penguin update that will come out today the badges reflect how many months u have signed up for membership. The star must reflect if you have purchased a year or more. My memborship badge1striperenews every month. That way it can be held over my head as incentive to do good…cuz if I don’t boom no membership. Anyways when I thought it was for how many years badge3stripeu had been a penguin i thought it was a good thing cuz it was like a badge of honor. The star was for betas so now it could be somethin only betas could have and it wouldn’t be based on stuff. Of course there was still the issue of it bein a members only thing. But now that i found the post that will come out on community pages today bout it bein based on how much money we’ve spent on our membership im very disapointed in badge3starcp. Disney needs to get a grip that not all things revolve around money! Also, Club Penguin announced that on Thursday the fonts they use for our bubbles is going to change because apparently some people think that they are hard to read. Idk where they get that from…I’m half blind and i can read em fine. I’d also like to mention that CP took away the small/big screen function from the top of their site. This is already drivin me crzy. Now my screen is way too big and hangs off the sides. If i change the computer settings to accomidate it, everything else i do is way too small…grrr cp bring back the small/big button.



  1. thats cool… why would they bother changing the font?? its not hard to read unless weve got a blind person running around cp!

  2. the font is DEFINAETLY NOT hard to read. they’re going coco loco!! my mom says that if walt disney were still alive, or if he had had any children, that they would have been the richest persons in the world!!

    today i decided to eat healthy junk food snacks!! lol. u might b wonderin…healthy junkfood?? wuts wrong wit her? well i ate BAKED cheetos, the 1’s that come in 100 calorie bags. and coke ZERO. idk if it has lil fat or lil calories…but its ZERO so it had lil stg! and for dinner ill eat HEALTHY!! ill eat carrots, and celery with ranch dressing! n tomato juice!! lol jk bout the juice…but ill drink OJ!! =]

    3 cheers for healthy junk food snacks n healthy food!! =]

    healthy dolly <33

  3. dolly, wat does healthy junkfood have to do with this? ¬_¬;

    and for real.. the font? they loco….

  4. yeah!! My mom buys everything healthy! u get used to it… but still everything in the house is healthy!

  5. and I mean like EVERYTHING

  6. cord when u say ur half blind do u mean like u wear glasses or ur really blind?

  7. LOL dolly! Anyone who can read can read the font cp is takin more and more away from nonmembers! Cp is loco!

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