Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | March 16, 2009

Is Somebody Taking Care of U?

pizzaheadfeedI was feedin my puffs yesterday and I couldn’t find Pizza Head…I kept lookin and lookin to make sure she got fed too…then i remembered that dumb club penguin made my pizza head run away. i hope they r feedin her. she was a good puffle. can’t cp make the puffles that ran away in their stupid glitch return home? they r so lame! poor pizza head i hope u find a new family.



  1. awwws poor puff

  2. poor pizza head

  3. 😦 she must have been a good buddie…moment of silence for pizza head and cord…*silence*

  4. Sorry for your loss… and so you know im on right now and i miss you XD so come on (Time: 5:01)

  5. Nvm im going out side XD sorry cya

  6. awww poor pizza head and cord! I wounder where they go when they in away!

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