Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | March 14, 2009

Happy National Pi Day

Happy National pi1Day! That’s right that mathematical symbol and long number has it’s own day. Be sure to eat pie! Measure it’s circumference and enjoy Albert Einstein’s legacy.nicksbandodinsraven

Yesterday was Nick’s Bday. I won’t tell u how old he was cuz u b like is he younger or older than u? Anyways Nick was born on Friday the 13th so there’s always been some mystery surroundin him. He plays drums. This is his old band. They were called Odin’s Raven. This pic is sorta creepy. Notice all the lil lights all over. They have no idea wat caused them. There’s another pic of his band that actually looks like a ghost in the bg. Anyways Nick is a cool brother.



  1. GO PIE!DOWN WITH CAKE!(that’s all)~Yodom
    (\__/) /

  2. national pie day… who makes these things up

  3. lolz flippy!! I ask the same q!! 😛 pi..yuck!! I only like choco pie tee hee


  5. Thaaaaat was discreet.

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