Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | March 6, 2009

Creamy is Dreamy

creamycard1The new Penguin Style catalog is out. It has some beautiful formal wear clothes. The pink boa is hidden on the Penguin Play Awards page. I always wanted that pink fuzzy thingy! Woot! So be sure to check out the pretty clothes that you can buy. It also has some awsome backgrounds. Some of the best I think that they have designed. Go Club Penguin!

Then head on ova to the pet shop and adopt your new white puffle. I adoped Creamy. I creamyadopt1wanted to name her Creamora but CP wouldn’t let me have that name. Sniff. Creamy is a sweet lil (smaller than normal) puff. She’s really cool. She is gentle and strong. She can breath on the floor and turn it to ice then skate on it. She likes chocolate chip cookies and enjoyed our long walk. She likes to dance too and when she does a snow cloud hovers ova her head and it snows on her! We look so good together. I’ll always miss Pizza Head though. Poor Pizza Head ran away when CP had that dumb glitch when the puffs started playin with their stuff. Sighs. Well Creamy is now part of my family. Hugs the lil white puff.creamypc1



  1. aww thats so sweet. I hope you two have a fun time together

  2. cool! 😀

  3. cute! I named mine Elphaba =^_^= hope u hae tons of cute, white puffle time together (that didnt make sense..haha)

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