Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | March 2, 2009

Google Loves Me

coloringpagerockhopperWoot! I was like noticin how many hits I’ve had the last few days and I was like huh??? So, I checked my blog stats and saw all these hits from google coloring pages. So, I was like wat the? and I clicked on the link. I was like in shock. Google has my I Love Rockhopper Coloring Page right there and I’m first! I was like omg I’m famousish! So, now I’m like so super inspired to draw some more coloring pages and enter the snow castle contest on Club Penguin! I LOVE YOU GOOGLE IMAGES!



  1. haha niiiice and anyone who hasnt seen my newly done blog come look at

  2. yay! thts soo cool!

  3. awesome I’d u enter yet?

  4. I meant did u enter yet. Typo sorry

  5. i cant get on chat!!! when i press it it says page cannot be found sniffle so i guess i cant go on chat anymore

  6. ok u kno what i hate about google? it never gives u what u ask for!!!! i type in this thing and then it brings up something completely different. its so annoying i mean y cant they just give me what im looking for lol

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