Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | February 4, 2009

Book is Pulled from the Shelf Again

paintbylettersAparently the new paint by letters book, Lime Green Dojo Clean,  was pulled from the shelf again yesterday. There was a post in the community section that it had been released. However, when I went to the book room to check it out there was no new book there! Did anybody see it? This morning the post in the community section has been deleted as well. Grrr… Like Dawn said in her quote from Mark Twain “The man that does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them.” Did anybody get to see it yesterday? If so, how was it? Lol, thanks to some beta testers (pawneeto4 and heatbolt) i have an exclusive pic of the new book. Not many have even had a chance to play it yet…not even mwa! so here u go….tada. Thanx paw!new_game



  1. It was cool

  2. I read it twice. It is really cool. I did it yesterday i will go check right now to see if it is on the self.


  3. Hey, nice post! It helped me a little. 😉


  4. i read it!! its cool, just a normal paint by letters book!! lol and cord i think its moi insted of mwa 😛

  5. yeah lolz. i got to read it too! it gave me 800 coins mwahahaha

  6. ur welcome cord!

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