Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | February 1, 2009

Club Penguin Names

I think that Club Penguin is getting a little slack on their name approval process. I saw both these penguins in one day and really question why CP let these names be used. (Bs4eva is a friend of mine already with another penguin and says that the BS stands for something else and not what I think it does). Anyways you decide. Are these names that Club Penguin should allow to be used?bs



  1. Personally cord I think that a penguins name is a persons own choice. Blue fart isnt that bad and as long as swearing isnt obvious in a name, then I dont see why it shouldnt be used.

  2. weird

  3. rofl

  4. thats too weird…cp is like they wont let us talk like tht but we can in our names?? wow

  5. Honestly, I don’t think Blue Fart is a bad name…it’s just weird. And I agree with Flippy, if they’re going to let us use names like Bs4eva or whatever and not let us talk bad, it’s total hypocrisy (not that I support bad language or anything). And you know what else I hate? The fact that they’ve put those stupid gold badges next to the names of the members. Yes, they paid for memberships, and yes, they get more privileges, but we already KNOW that! And the login screen is all about members and how much ‘more’ you get when you are one. It’s like CP is rubbing all that in the nonmembers’ faces, and it’s sooooo stupid. I don’t really even like CP anymore, I just go on there to keep collecting all the free items. It really has lost its fun, I gotta say.

  6. I know the first one but I don’t understand text talk so what does the 2nd one say? And I saw how crazy everyonr is going on the whole member thing and I think that the econemy is REALLY BAD so they need money!!

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