Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | January 24, 2009

Mr and Miss Club Penguin 2009 Finalists and Surprise

Good day ladies and gentlemen. I am your hostess Cordially and we are almost to the end of the competition. The votes have been tallied and the finalists for the coveted crown are in. *Crowd cheers Tell us Tell us!* Okay so we won’t waste time. Could the contestents please return to the stage?

*All the contestents walk onto the stage smiling and waving. Everyone jumps to their feet and wave signs, applaud loudly, and scream. Cordially pushes earplugs into her ears.*

Aren’t they all beautiful and handsome? *whistles* The votes have been tallied by a the accounting firm of Tater and Tots and have been sealed in an envelope. Could I have the envelopes please? *Very stern penguin dressed in a bussiness suit brings out two envelopes* Which one should I open first? *Stern penguin whispers in my ear they are numbered. Start with envelope one then he walks away*

Here’s what we have been waiting for…*hushed silence* *Cordially rips envelope open and a smile lights her face* Ladies it looks like you get to find out first who the finalists are. Could you please step forward? *Ladies step forward*. Our first finalist is….Miss Pawneeto4! *Paw gasps, hugs Meridoll standing next to her and steps up to an x marked on the stage* The next name on my list is…..Miss Queen22Rocks! *Queen squeels, family cheers, she hugs Inky next to her and she advances to the next x on the stage.* I have one more name to call…Here is your last finalist for the title of Miss Club Penguin 2009….Miss Bdabda, Dancer Bri! *Bri puts her flippers over her face, applause from audience, and she takes her place by Paw and Queen*misscpfinalists1

There they are! Ladies please take a walk down the runway. *the finalists walk down the runway, each pauses at the end and throw kisses* Could the gentlemen step forward please? * The guys step forward. Cordially rips open the second envelope. * Hmmm, well, it looks like I have a surprise in store for you. According to Tater and Tot our elite accounting firm that has processed the votes there is one male penguin that has won the audience over. The competition for Mr Club Penguin 2009 has been decided! *audience gasps and applauds* *The guys look at each other and shake hands.* Our winner in the Mr Club Penguin 2009 pagent is….. Razortnt!!! Raz come on down…. *Raz goes to big x on stage. A pretty penguin comes out and puts crown on his head. Razortnt kisses her on the check. Another pretty penguin puts a cape on his shoulders and Raz proceeds down the runway. The crowd goes wild!*razform1
Congradulations Razortnt. But, remember the contest is still going on for our ladies. It’s up to you to vote for your favorite in the poll below. Who should represent Club Penguin for the next year?



  1. This is an awesome contest. I like all the finalists.

  2. hi i vote dancer and cord did u choose yet

  3. lol how did the sleeping in thing go cord?? haha

  4. i voted paw… lol i like the background thing it looks pretty…flippy what r u talking about???

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