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Mr and Miss Club Penguin 2009 Pagent

Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to welcome you to the Mr and Miss Club Penguin Pagent 2009! *applause* I am your hostess, Cordially. This is our first Club Penguin Pagent and I know that it is an event that will go down in history. *more applause* All across Club Penguin girls and guys have been working hard on their entries for this historical pagent. The winner of each catagory will win a wonderful prize and move on to the semi-finals. Then the final winner of the pagent will represent our island of Club Penguin for the next year. So, let’s not waste any more time. Here are your finalist in their swimsuit entries. First let’s see the finalist in the Miss Club Penguin catagory….*applause*

Our first entry is Miss Bdabda who is also known as Dancer Bri. She is wearing a pink 2 piece swimsuit. It is highlighted by boy cut legs and she has added white sunglasses and matching pink flip-flops. *Bdabda walks with spunk down the runway and the crowd claps*ssdb

 Miss Brittany4386 joins us now wearing a unique swimsuit. She sports the unmbrella hat, snorkle gear, blue swimmies and her duckie float. She looks ready to jump right in the ocean and float away. *Britt swims her way down the runway and the spectators do the wave while clapping*brittany4386pj11

Next is Miss Inky23896. She is wearing another stylish 2-piece blue bikini. She shows us how to really be prepared for any water sport. Inky likes to snorkle as well as surf. Her bathing suit is accessorized with a sweet shell necklace and matching blue flip flops. Let’s hear it for Inky. *Inky grabs her surfboard and proceeds down the runway. At the end she strikes a pose and the audience applauds*ssinky

Miss Meridoll is proud to enter the Miss Club Penguin contest. She is wearing another bright blue bikini. Doll also likes to surf and she is carrying a rare silver surfboard. Her blond hair is fashioned into cute pig-tails. Blue sandles and the shell necklace highlight the blue swim suit. *Meridoll glides down the runway with a huge smile on her face. The audience claps very loud*ssdoll

Miss Pawneeto4 joins us now. Paw is an active girl. She enjoys splashing along the shore in her yellow bikini. She is tan and sporty. Paw accessorizes her bikini with a cute brown cap and golden pendent. Yellow sandles also compliment her outfit. *Pawneeto4 skips down the runway and when she reaches the end she tips her hat. The people in the crowd lol and applaud her*sspaw

Miss Queen22rocks is now taking the runway. Queen has choosen to wear a shocking pink bikini. She has tied her long blond hair in a sideways pony tail on the top of her head. Queen like to stay colorful by wearing bright green sandles and a whistle on green rope. She looks prepared to use her life gaurding skills to save lives while playing at the cove. Let’s give Queen a round of applause. *Queen bravely walks down the runway. She waves at her brothers in the audience. Family stands and cheers. Crowd applauses*ssqueen

Now for our last entry in the 2009 Miss Club Penguin Pagent. I’m proud to introduce Miss Sharpay597. Sharpay looks dreamy in her mermaid inspired swimsuit. The purple and light blue neck to feet suit is attractive as well as figure flattering. The bottom is formed into a useful fin and it allows you to look your best while swimming underwater. *Sharpay waddles down the runway. The lights reflect off of water droplets on her swim suit. The audience is amazed and claps loudly*sssharpay

*Sharpay returns to the stage and is joined by the other young ladies. They line up and strike poses, waving and smiling to the spectators. The stadium vibrates with loud cheers.*

So what do you think? Who stands out in the winner of the swimsuit contest? Aren’t they all fit and attractive. *The men whistle* Thank you ladies. Good luck to you all. The girls leave the stage*

Next our Mr Club Penguin 2009 contestants will be joining us. The guys were a bit shyer than the girls so the competition will be tight.

Our first brave guy is Mr Razortnt. Razor joins us wearing his red swim trunks. Raz accessorizes them with a red cape (to show his bravery), dark sunglasses, and the sparkling silver surfboard. *Raz puts on his hot attitude and struts down the runway, the girls in the audience sigh and there is applause*


Mr Stevie Time joins us now. Stevie is well known from cpbudsandme. Some think of him as a villen and some think of him as a hero. Stevie will enter the swimsuit contest wearing a red sailors cap, a talkative parrot, and pirate boots. He also accessorizes his skinny dipping outfit with a black eyepatch. *Stevie proudly walks down the runway displaying his swimsuit entry the crowd claps*sssteve

Our last guy to enter is Mr Victor Iktor. Victor is wearing a white sailors hat, shell belt, crazy glasses, shell necklace and japanese sandles. Vic also hightlights his look with the golden captains wheel. *Vic clicks his wooden soled sandles down the runway the spectators clap and cheer*ssvic

*Victor returns to the stage and the other guys join him. The stadium rocks with a standing ovation*

So what do you think penguins? Who should be our Mr Club Penguin 2009?

*The girls return to the stage and the guys join flippers with them. The entire crowd is now on their feet cheering, waving, and whistleing. Their appreciation is off the charts. Each contestent turns and shows their swimsuits from all angles.*

Voice your vote below in the comment section. The contestants with the most votes will be closer to winning the pagent. Good luck ladies and gents!

Join us tomorrow for the evening gown and formal wear competition. Good luck contestants. Thank you for your participation.

*Credits role up the screen and the Club Penguin Banner ends the Event.*cpcont



  1. dancer bri

  2. meridoll =)

  3. yay! cant wait for results!! anyways, ppl r going crazy with cp coins!!!!!!!! i went to toys r us today to buy a peng or puff and there were 4 puffs. i grabbed the 4 of them, but when i was about to pay…THERE WAS NO COIN!!!! the tag said Unlock items online. and there was no coin in the pouch where the coin is!! my mom reported this.. tsk tsk tsk….stealing just for a coin….

    meridoll ❤


  5. i vote for paw and razor

  6. Aww nobody voten for me. 😦 😦 😦 Can i vote for me?

  7. OH and i votre for Razor

  8. ight i vote for paw. You look awesome darling!!! But don’t worry, you all look fabulous lol. it was a tough decision, but im really diggin paws glasses and i love the way she matches. good luck everyone and queen, don’t worry hunny ur doin good lol. o and by the way… i think i should be miss ice palace becuz well im gorgeous! lol jk im not tryin to brag or anything cuz i dont like pplz like that, but im gorgeous so i think i should be miss ice palace!!! hahahaha ok im just gonna stop talkin now… cord told me to go vote so that’s what im doing and yeah……….

    BeLLa!!!! ?:^0 look its Elvis

    —-<#) and a lacrosse stick becuz i love lacrosse and its the best sport EVER!!!!!


  9. ok ok am i allowed to vote again? i wanna vote for queen, too cuz shes such a sweetie pie lol and i think she deserves some votes. lylas queen!


  10. I vote for my sis Queen, I vote for her because she is funny, a great sister, and her penguin looks gorgeous. Everyone looks great and good luck to everyone. And for the Mr. I vote for Razor he looks so cool, and has such a great attitude. again everyone looks great!


  11. I pick Raz and queen!

  12. i say….. Queen and Raz

  13. I also say….. Dont fart in math class 😦

  14. It doesnt look pretty

  15. i say queen should win


  17. inky13896…… WHATS THE NAME OF HER HAIR!!!!I WANT IT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. HEY MERIDOLL! i remember u! its me gracy81! i remember u! we used to be friends but then u deleted me! its okay and u remember pawneeto4! my friend hacked my account and got mad at her and then she deleted me! omg i go to the sleet! i have to meet u again! we were bffs! i remember you making me tea! lol BYE!

  19. sorry i made a mistake with my email! anyways its me again Gracy81.. i think pawneeto4 should win. not just cuz she was my bff but cuz she looks awesome! (so do u meridoll dont worry)

  20. HEY! i see heatbolt commented on here too! i used to be friends with him too! i miss him.. I go to the sleet, roxy star 16 got banned.. ROXY STAR 16! do u remember her???

  21. I like pawneetos.. meridoll is good to..

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