Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | January 6, 2009

Members Get More Stuff

memparty2Well, imagine that? There is a member party coming up on Club Penguin between January 15th to 18th. I have no idea wat a member party is but it sounds very unfair to me. The hint they give about it is this physcodelic piece of art work. Gotta b a 70’s party. Peace, Make Love and not War. Baby…



  1. woot lol

  2. they had one a couple of years ago and it was like in the dojo and if you werent a member you couldn’t go to the dojo for like 3 days until the “members only” party ended…

  3. I think the member parties are unfair (even though I am one) because your access to some areas are restricted for days at a time if you’re a nonmember. That’s just stupid. I’m sorry to all those poor people who can’t get somewhere during the party, and I don’t think member parties should be allowed. Members already get enough privileges as it is what with all the cool stuff in the catalogs. How about a NONMEMBER party?! THAT would rule.

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