Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | December 9, 2008

Party Peek

christmaspeekRockhopper is gettin close. The migrator is approachin quickly. It’s lookin all festive and i can hardly wait to see how pretty the decorations must look. The art team has posted a pic of wat we can expect for the christmas party thats due to start December 19. grrr 10 more days!

i remember last years party it was really cool. i especially liked the picture takin area at the cove. unfortunatly im also rememberin how hard it was to find ur buddies. ur buddies would not show up until u logged onto a server. endless hours were spent hoppin around diff servers until u found ur friends. the cp staff was enjoyin a long holiday break too. so the gliche lasted for weeks. grrr. thats when i decided to make ice palace my home. when id finally find a buddy id tell em to check ice palace first and thats where id b. ….thats where iv been ever since.



  1. WOO-HOO!

  2. Great post and nice info

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