Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | December 7, 2008

The Pre-Ninja’s

xmascordjr1The children are competing for Ninja. They all have managed to get their white belts. Of course Zac and I are very proud of their accomplishments. But, now they are constantly fighting about who is going to get their black belts and become Ninja first.xmaszac1 xmaspurp1




Cordy Jr. thinks that girls rock and she is going to be ninja first. Zac Jr. thinks that cuz he’s the spittin imagae of his doddy that he is gonna be ninja first. Purple Jr. thinks that cuz he’s three , and the oldest that he will be ninja first. I’m so tired of hearin them argue. What should i do???? Do i forbid them to compete? Do i spank them and send them to their rooms? I just don’t know wat to do! I think that their daddy gets unbanned today. Maybe he can knock some sense in their heads.



  1. maybe u should talk with them.

  2. Dont worry I can help

  3. oh yah and can you get on Cp soon

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