Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | December 1, 2008

I Hates Mondays

i dont like mondays, i neva will. they mark the end of days off to do mostly wat i wanna and the beginnin of days to do mostly wat i dont wanna. grrr. plus, they always make me realize how fast time goes by. cuz, wasn’t it just friday? grrr….or wednesday? u mean to tell me there were extra days off this weekend? well i hate mondays.



  1. me too. mondays are here just for the displeasure of the user of the body you are attached. otherwise known as mondays are here just to annoy you. i just hate them in the way of gettin back to work, i like them meaning i can see my friends from school again. well, thats all i got.

  2. Lol, I also hate mondays. the one day that annoys us most, as we crawl out of bed in the mornings just to endure boredom. But, we have to hate one day, bcuz if we had no monday, there would be tuesday, if we didn’t have tuesday, there would be wednesday…. until saturday becomes the worst day ever! *claps*

  3. ok here is a scary story about this girl who really hated mondays and this is a true story i swear!!! Ok so one monday this girl gets ready for school and when she gets on the bus she pulls out a gun and shots i think 6 kids and the cops asked why did you do it? she answerd i hate mondays

  4. hehe omg me tooo i hate mondays because in highschool we have all our classes on mondays! then we have different classes every other day i love french though its really fun…

    Tu est en francias au espanol et e`cole?

    haha i asked weather you were in french or spanish at skool

  5. dear cord,
    i miss you and i hope to see you soon. i should get off of the computer, eventhough here in california it is only about 3 30… gtg talk later bye!


  6. he he tomorrow is my b-day….mondays go off so quick!


  8. Flippers ur in highschool?!?

  9. yes im in high school…

  10. lol y


  12. umm ya… uhh tru… bak to sub anyway: i must hate mondays. no monday is a good day. end of discussion. buh bye.

  13. yes it’s a true story i swear

  14. wow

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