Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | November 27, 2008

Baby Dulce Arrives

Luna and Bryce had a big surprise yesterday around 5:45pm Texas time when Dulce made a surprise appearence. Yep, they had their baby! Of course I missed it….sniff. But, I got to hold her last night. She’s so beautiful. She’s a perfect lil infant with ten fingers and ten toes. She smells of that wonderful baby smell (minus the poopy diaper). She has a lil fluffy head and giggles when u tickle her nose. Idk how much she weighed but I’m sure it wasn’t much. I gave them a huge bag of Premie size Pampers. I know they r gonna need em. Then I gave Dulce a special engraved bracelet that I got from a craftsman in Williamsburg. They are worn by almost all the newborn girls around my area. If u look inside in tiny letters it says, “Dulce~Sweet as Sugar~ Born 11-26-08” Congrats to the loving couple. If u get a chance stop by cpbudsandme chat and mayb they will let u hold her!dulce-braclet



  1. Congrats to Luna and Bryce! Have fun with your bundle of joy!

  2. awww congrats! srry i missed it!

  3. and i got to babysit her yesterday!! I BOUGHT HER A BUNCH OF STUFF!
    sorry i shouldnt be bragging

  4. I got to hold her too she really is beautiful.
    and i forgot to get her a present. OOPSIES!

  5. *gives Dulce soft, pink blanket that reads “Dulce”* i havent seen her (i didnt even know luna got married) but she sounds cute and beautiful! i wanna hold her so badly!! congratz to the happy couple.

    happy thanksgiving,

    meridoll 🙂

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