Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | November 25, 2008

The Smell of Rain

Once there was a tiny child that was born before she should have been. The tiny-babyparents named her Dana. She was smaller than most dolls and had the tiniest feet and hands that you ever did see. The doctors warned the parents that she probably would not live and if she did survive she would probably have terrible health problems. Dana lay alone in a small incubator and was connected to many tubes and medical devices. For the parents the worst thing was that Dana’s nervous system had not had a chance to develop. This made the infant very sensitive to touch.tiny-feetHer parents were not even allowed to caress her or touch her in any way. In despair the parents would sit beside the plastic bubble that held their child and pray to God that since they couldn’t hold her would he please cradle her in His arms.

Dana did survive. Slowly she gained ounce after ounce. It was amazing to see her develope into a healthy little girl. The doctors had been wrong after all and she did not suffer any of the terrible things that they thought she would.

One day she was with her mother at a baseball game. A storm was approaching and the scent of the rain that was coming filled the air. (You know that smell…it’s a clean wonderful smell that makes you look forward to the cleansing of the earth that rain brings.) Dana looked up to her mother and said, “Mommy, do you smell that?” Dana’s mother smiled because she did smell it and it had always been one of her favorite scents. “Yes darling, that’s the smell of the rain.”  Dana looked up at the clouds and then at her mother. “Mommy, that smells just like Him. It smells like God when you put your head on his chest.”

tiny-handDana’s mother burst into tears for finally she knew that God had held her child when she couldn’t. God had cuddled Dana when her parents weren’t allowed to. The child remembered the scent and touch of God in those early days of her life.

I awoke to the sound of rain this morning. Ugh, I thought, not rain again! As I opened my eyes in the dark there was that fresh scent of rain filling the air. I don’t usually pray before I get out of bed. But, this morning the words of this story about Dana that Paw sent me via email last night filled my head along with that divine smell. I thanked God for watching over me and holding me in his loving arms. I thanked him for all the wonderful friends I’ve made through the years.

I don’t always understand why things have happened the way the have. But, this I do know. God has always known his plan for me and has held me in his warm embrace.tiny-drop



  1. aww

  2. My neighbors name is Dana but she’s really old so i doubt that it’s her.

  3. Ya thats the email i sent u 🙂 🙂

  4. *cries* thats beautiful 🙂

  5. aww! thats so nice to hear 🙂

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