Posted by: cordiallyakacaroline | November 15, 2008


Our dear friends Reezesluna and Peaceout6 were to be wed last night. It all started on chat and then moved to the iceberg for the rings and mwah and iobjectstuff. Well, I got my hypercam ready to video the beautiful occasion. Dressed in my finest and headed to the iceberg. The spectators all sat on the hill and watched in aww as the beautiful occasion began. Then Lemon had an objection!!! And the whole wedding got postponed. It seems that there are some secret love triangles going on. Luna loves Bryce and Peace. Byrce loves Luna and Viv. Peace loves Viv and Luna. OMG. What a mess. Needless to say there was much drama.



  1. sigh i was read to take pics at my first cp wedding

  2. i love it when that love stuff happens, cuz its like u love this boy but then its like u meet another 1 that u love even more and then u figure out u were meant to be…


  3. i actually hate it.. and to tell yooh the truth, like 20 mins passed and yooh got a comment. its really confusing wen yooh like two ppl but dont know wich yooh like the most so yeah….. awkard


    ps. yooh MUST tell me wen its postponed! i HAVE to go or i will DIE!!!!

  4. Hehe…I saw myself!
    Oh, and just to protect from any haters out there, I DID IT ‘CUZ I HAD TO! It wasn’t right to just let Luna get married when she wasn’t sure about what all she was gonna do with Bryce and whatnot.

  5. yeah ill try to make it to the next wedding

    p.s when 5 people object to a wedding then it is over

  6. um peace doesnt love viv

  7. does luna have a say in this? peace doesnt love viv. and luna isnt in a triangle. and it wasnt post-poned… it was…… canceled.

  8. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! i never get in time to the wedding! i missed it by an hour. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

  9. lol its funny how lemon just comes in and says “I OBJECT”

  10. hmm wow…

  11. Luna got married to bryce. I hate him now.

  12. Oh, PLEASE. Get over it. They’re plenty happy together. And you can’t really do anything about it, so just let it go.


  14. What is your PROBLEM?! I ask you to let your little prejudices go because we all know you can’t do anything about their love, and you blow up in my face?! Take a chill pill, dude.

  15. viv, you’re “secret person”, so don’t think that’s going to get you anywhere, and also you are taking this waaaaaay too hard. i mean, i feel bad for you and all, but come on, you shouldn’t hate bryce. it’s over now. done. have a nice day!


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